Can You Pay Someone to Write Your College Essay?

Need to write an essay? Entrust this task to professionals! I have prepared the most detailed guide with very valuable information for each student. Hope my reviews of popular essay companies help you to pick up a writing website with real experts and competitive prices easily.

Why do students turn to essay writing websites?

The period of study at a college or university is one of the most interesting in life. Moreover, it can be called quite heavy. And all because students are constantly faced with various types of tasks. And essay writing is one of the most popular. Each teacher wants students to write essays on a variety of topics. Therefore, it is not surprising that the online writing services are gaining more and more popularity. They have some pros and cons for sure.

On the one hand, it is very important to write such papers yourself. Writing develops many useful skills: creativity, analytical and logical thinking, imagination, the ability to argue your point of view. In addition, there are different essay formats, each of which has its own characteristics. A literary analysis essay will help the philologist in one’s work with books. And the future politician should master the essays of comparison and contrast.

But it is important to understand that student life is saturated or diverse. Students not only study, but many of them also work and even have families. And it takes a lot of time and effort. You can be a good mathematician or physicist but not a writer. Therefore, sometimes it’s better to focus on the tasks that you do best and choose the best essay writing service for your needs.

General requirements in evaluation of an academic writing service

If you decide to order paper, the most important thing is to find a professional writing company. There are a lot of services on the Internet today, but not all of them really deserve attention. I offer you several criteria that will help determine the best essay writing website.

Quality of writers

A worthy writer is as good as gold. This is the person who will work on your paper and he or she must be a true professional. It is important that the author is fluent in English, has higher education, experience with essays in different formats. You must trust your author, expect that you will receive the first-class paper.

Therefore, the main asset of such websites is professional writers. You can study the reviews to see if the promises are true. Also, check to see if there are biographies of authors on the site and the ability to choose the right one.

Website’s design & usability

The next important point is website design and usability. Just imagine: you open the page and cannot find the information you need. Most likely you will be disappointed and just go in search of another site. And you’ll do it right. After all, if the creators of the website did not think about its quality, most likely they are not able to offer a good writing service. Plus, you’re here to save your time. Do not spend it on searches of necessary functions. But this does not mean that an attractive appearance is a guarantee of quality. It is important to consider other criteria.

Ordering process

Each top rated essay writing serviceis customer-oriented. So, the creators of the website are thinking about how to make your experience as convenient as possible. When choosing a site, focus on one where the ordering process is as simple and straightforward as possible for you. You should easily find the terms and conditions of cooperation, a confidentiality document, and other papers. Before placing an order, make sure that you understand everything. The design process itself should consist of a minimum number of steps. If it seems to you that the service is too bureaucratic, choose another.

Prices & payment options

It is obvious that websites offering writers services are paid. But remember that you are a student. Even if you work, most likely you have a lot of priority costs. The creators of the site know this. Therefore, a good platform offers an affordable cost of services. You have to be sure that writing will be worth the money. Sometimes you can pay a lot when it is a top-notch paper, which is very challenging, with numerous details and formatting conditions. But if your order is a simple short essay, it should be cheap.

Discounts & special offers

Good platforms also offer loyalty systems for regular customers. This means that the more often you use the service, the more profitable it is for you.

Check what loyalty programs the service offers. If none, you should give preference to another. Good service takes care of its customers. If you make the right choice, after a few orders you will receive a pleasant discount. Also, keep an eye out for special offers. Sometimes companies offer certain types of essays or other papers at special prices. Discounts can be before holidays, vacations, timed to coincide with Student Day, etc.

Content quality

This is just as important as website design. If you analyze the most popular services, you will see that they offer users their own content. Typically, these are articles that are designed to attract attention and encourage the user to place an order. There is nothing wrong with the quality content. Perhaps after reading several such articles, you will be inspired, get new information, write an essay or other paper yourself. At the same time, you will remember which website was useful to you and visit it when you really need help. Content for services is often written by their authors, and this is another opportunity to understand their level, writing style, and mastery of English.

Timely delivery

The most common reason students turn to other people to write a paper is a lack of time. Most likely you are very busy and just cannot write an essay yourself. Therefore, your author must have enough time. If you said that you need work on December 5th, you should get it on December 5th, and not 7. At the same time, try to stick to time management. You should have time for proofreading, making any changes. Better make an order in advance so that there is additional time. Of course, everyone has mistaken. Sometimes companies may delay delivery of an order. In this case, they must compensate you for the payment.

Customer support

Using the services for writing papers, you become a customer. So, you can count on support. A good website is easily recognized by its level of customer support. You will not feel alone and lost. You will always know who you can ask questions in order to get competent answers. Complex and conflict situations will be decided in your favor, taking into account all the details.

Extra features

The best paper writing serviceshould have something that sets it apart from the competition. Then it really will be the best. It can be the best prices, a huge staff of professional authors, native English speakers. Or a large database of training materials for the client. If you are comparing two companies, you will choose the one that has more interesting offers for you. Therefore, carefully analyze the list of services. You can even ask the manager directly if they have additional features that you should be aware of.


Before making a final decision, be sure to consider the essay writing service reviews. Each site can have a beautiful picture, interesting content, affordable prices, but completely dissatisfied customers. After reading the reviews, you will understand how the situation is in reality and you can make an impartial choice.

Make sure that you can find not only positive but also negative reviews. The situation when a company has 100% good reviews is simply impossible. After all, all people are unique, which means there are always reasons for discontent. The main thing is for the website to pay attention to feedback, work with it, acknowledge its mistakes and suggest ways to correct the situation.


When buying and paying for a service, you want to have certain guarantees. For example, you will receive a refund if the service is of inadequate quality. Or that the paper will be 100% unique. If the platform makes any promises, it should also provide guarantees. Before starting a partnership, you should familiarize yourself with them in order to understand what you can count on. If you don’t feel safe, choose a different service, with more convincing and reliable guarantees. Then you will know that in a critical situation you will receive support.

Is it legal to get writing help from essay companies?

Of course, such services are legal, otherwise, you simply could not use their services. On each website, you can find a page with legal details. Read the official name of the company, where it is registered, for how long. If you have any suspicion, request more legal data. Of course, today on the Internet many scammers do not have official registration. You should not cooperate with them. These may be the same students who want to make money, but do not want to be responsible for the quality of the paper. Choose proven legal essay writing service and then you will not have problems with the law. The main thing is that the paper is 100% free from plagiarism.

What about ethical aspects of using writing services?

There is no consensus on this issue today. Of course, ideally, you should study on your own and pass all written work on your own. Teachers expect you to write each paper in person. But what if you have a lack of time or skills? You can drop off a bad essay and worsen your academic performance. Or order finished paper that will help you get an A-grade. The choice is yours. If you want to remain ethical, use such services only when you really need help. At the same time, do not wait until the author does all the work, but take part in the process. You can share your draft, initiate a discussion, offer your own options for writing text. Then this essay will be really yours. You will feel your involvement in its creation.

Why is each testimonial from students highly important?

This is the only criterion that can determine the quality of service. A company can prepare a team of professional authors and high-quality content. But if students are unhappy, the situation is no longer easy to rectify. Therefore, every good company carefully monitors the feedback, listens to recommendations, makes changes to its business processes. Make sure that your opinion is important, that they listen to you, ask questions. Then you can count on productive cooperation.

Why is students afraid of sharing their experience of using essay writing websites?

In fact, it all depends on the particular student. Someone is proud and tells everyone that he bought an essay. Another considers it unethical. If you usually write papers yourself, it is better to refrain from such conversations. Then your reputation will remain crystal clear. But you can share recommendations with friends and some students who also need help. If you have already found good service, tell us about it so that more people get a high-quality top-notch paper.

How to find the top essay writing service?

Thus, choosing a professional online service may not be the easiest task. Make sure you have enough time and you’re in no hurry. In this case, you will have to make an urgent choice and it may turn out to be wrong. Learn the rating of all companies, reviews. Follow the previously written points and check carefully our list of best writing services. Also, listen to your intuition. You will understand what service is really yours. I wish you success in your studies!