PaperSmart – to Ask or Not to Ask for Help?

PaperSmart Review [6.3/10]: Is The Service Worth Your Attention? [2021]


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Service highlights

  • blog with useful information
  • good support
  • high prices
  • unreliable reputation
  • missing deadlines
  • lack of discounts

There are too many papersmart reviews on the Internet. They are both negative and positive, and it’s really so difficult to understand what this service looks like. In this article, you will get the truthful information about the PaperSmart.

PaperSmart: what is it?

PaperSmart is an online service where the students can order different types of academic papers. By the way, the authors, who work there, can write both the simplest school essays as well as the complicated coursework, which requires a lot of attention and research. The client just gives the instructions from the teacher to the author, and at the end of the determined term gets the written paper.

Which types of papers can be written?

It seems that some of the reviewers wrote about the papersmart scam, still, it is not true from the first point of view. The service presents itself as a serious and reliable one, where only professional writers work.

The students can ask for help, and the kind of the needed paper doesn’t depend. When you are on the main webpage of the service, you will see the list of all the papers which the authors deal with. Just click on that one you need and you will be able to read the short description of this paper. The authors will help in situations when the students need:

  • texts for presentations
  • reposts
  • coursework
  • different essays
  • research papers
  • movie/book reviews
  • texts for personal or commercial blogs.

There are too many kinds of different papers. The students can also order diploma projects, descriptions of some historical events, interesting advertisements and many other types of papers.

The professionalism of the authors

It is clear that the quality of the papers is directly depended on the authors’ professionalism. If you are on the main page of the service, you see that there are approximately 340 authors who work to help students.

From the list of the advantages of PaperSmart, you can find out that all the authors are Masters or have a Ph.D. degree. If you are interested in, you can click on the section, which is for authors. Here you will see that all the people, who want to work here, must complete the English language exam, which lasts 4 hours. Of course, it means that only professional and skilled authors will pass it. Moreover, according to the information on the webpage, the authors’ works are checked two times in a month.

Answering the question ‘Is papersmart legit?’,I probably will answer Yes. In many ways, it is thanks to the professionalism of the authors, who are good not only in the language knowledge but also have deep knowledge of a certain subject.

Is it convenient to use the website?

As for the interface of the website, it is rather simple and clear. The colored icons please the eyes. Not bright blue and black tones make it serious and not playful. The pieces of information are grouped, and it is quick and easy to find what you need.

When you are on the main page of the Internet resource, you immediately see how and where to place an order. Useful features are the following ones:

  • section for the credit cards
  • free quote
  • to make an order right now.

There is no need to click everywhere to find what you want. Everything on this website is easy to see and to understand. As for the conclusion, I can say that the usability of the website is one of the main advantages of this writing service.

It is also important that some students haven’t to register if you don’t want to. The quicker you make an order, the quicker you will get the ready paper. So if you are short in time, and know, that you will never make orders in the future, just find the button “Order now” and start cooperating.

Steps for making an order

There are some websites where the bidding system is. It has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as websites with fixed prices. PaperSmart is the service with the fixed prices, and the students really appreciate this.

All the authors and students see the table with the prices, which depend on the deadline, number of the pages, and even the number of words on every page. But still, if you are a customer, you needn’t have much time to make an order. It will take a few minutes.

Your task as the customer is to place an order, and some of the authors will take it. While placing the order, you must write as many details as possible. If you have some notes from your college or school; the teacher, you have to give them to the potential author. The more comments and details will be given by you, the quicker you will find the author. It happens so because the author will clearly know what he/she has to do.

Financial operations: how and how many to pay?

Speaking about the papersmart prices,it should be said that they are not so affordable for everyone. Prepare to pay about $12 per page for the simple essay for school, and at least $50 for one page for the dissertation.

Prices are fixed, but they can vary. It is depended on the deadline, number of words or pages, academic level and, of course, the type of paper. There is a convenient function on the website. Everyone can calculate the price online, entering the data about the order. The most important advantage is that you will pay only that price, which you will see in the online calculator. There are no hidden fees as well as some percent or commissions.

As for the payment system, it is as easy as making an order. If you want to become a customer, you should have a PayPal account, Visa, Discover, MasterCard and etc. Have some doubts about the payment system? In this case, the customer support is always available.

Special offers

As it was said above, the prices can vary depending on some factors. But there are also some special bonuses, which can be so attractive to the customers.

First of all, the service offers a free title page. All writers also will do the page with references for free. Free formatting and free list of the bibliography are also available for every customer.

The administration regularly conducts sales to attract the attention of new clients. Pay attention to this, because all the information about the discounts is published on the main webpage. But still, there is no papersmart discount if you share the information about the service among your friends. You will not also have a discount on the period of your birthday.

The important point here is the high price. In the PaperSmart prices are higher than the average ones. So even with the discount, the paper will be expensive enough. It will be excellent if the paper will be as qualitative as expensive.

What about quality?

Unfortunately, the absence of the testimonials on the landing page attracts the attention of the users. Of course, there is a link on the page with the reviews, but there is nothing. Moreover, it should be taking into account that PaperSmart offers its services for 8 or even 10 years. Let’s agree that any feedback looks really strange.

So it’s clear that it’s too difficult to determine the quality of the written papers. By the way, independent specialists, who wanted to know more about the quality, ordered papers on their own. As a result, they got proper papers, which were unique and correct in grammar. Is papersmart reliable?Mentioned fact allows answering positively.

It should be also said that the essay was written properly without spelling mistakes. The author’s language was perfect and there were no reasons to complain. But who knows what authors work there now. The absence of the page with the review is the important and serious mistake of the administration.

What is the deadline?

It was mentioned in the previous paragraphs, that there are not many reviews on the Internet. But those ones, which exist, say that there are some problems with meeting deadlines. So the customers didn’t get their orders in time. It could cause some problems in school, college or even at the university.

The prices are high. And even when the customer is ready to pay big money for the paper, he/she is at risk and she/he isn’t able to receive the paper in time.

In some reviews, people said that they had no time to send the paperback for editing or proofreading. In such situations, they had to read the text by themselves and make changes. But the statistics are not known. Maybe such cases were ones to the thousands. No one knows it exactly. But the service has not so high rate (a little bit higher than a half), and this is because of the organizational moments.

How customers can be supported?

When the customer needs help, the online chat is always available to him/her. People, who work as the operators, are usually open-mind and friendly. They will help with everything you should to deal with. Of course, this is appropriate when you have enough time.

If the situation is urgent, and you need help just immediately, you can contact the operator with the help of the phone call. The number is 1-866-396-5593.

According to some existed reviews, people were satisfied enough with customer support. You can write to the operator, if you have changed in the instruction, or want to change the number of pages. The connection is good everywhere. Live chat and phone calls will usually help in any situation.

Customer support is useful if you have financial problems if you can’t make an order if you can’t write to the author who works with your paper and etc. Describe the problem as detailed as possible, and the operator will write what to do.

Extra bonuses

Looking at the website, you can see the list of the extra features. They include the meeting deadline, revision policy, and the blog, where some tips and guides are published. As I have known already, the deadline is not always met.

In a similar website, the page with the testimonials is always present. Moreover, this is always considered one of the most interesting parts of the webpage. But in the PaperSmart there is no page with the review. Even if you want to make feedback, and if you have something to say, you are not able to do it directly on the website.

So the only interesting feature is the blog. Here some tips, recommendations, and instructions are published. But if you are on such a service, and need to get help, I consider such a blog not so sensible. If the student is short of time, and he/she needs to get the paper as fast as possible, it doesn’t matter what blog tells.

What is guaranteed?

Thinking about the question ‘is papersmart fraud?’,don’t forget that the company promises to give the money back if the paper is not so good.

Not every service has such a function, and this is one of the most important advantages that make this website more valuable. There are also a few other guarantees:

  • the company will not give your personal information to other companies
  • making an order, the customer will enter his/her e-mail, be sure that these e-mails will be kept away from others
  • after getting the paper, you should not be afraid that this paper will be used by someone else.

Such a point is considered to be the most serious and useful one. Of course, the service is far from the ideal one, and it reserves its rate. But these guarantees make it better. Some customers can’t get the paper in time, and they become angry. But the other ones can reject the paper, and with this website, they will get their money back.


PaperSmart is one of the big amounts of similar websites. Even it has a guaranty to give money it is not a good idea to cooperate with the service. And first of all, this is because of the high prices. The second important minus is the absence of reviews. It is a really strange sight and it isn’t understandable, why so many satisfied customers didn’t write even a few words of gratitude.  Taking into consideration previously listed aspects, I cannot advise this company to students, scholars and, even, pupils.  To keep your money safe and your nerves in peace, select another writing service from table of top-rated paper writing websites.


Find out everything you might be interested in about Papersmart on the list of the following questions and answers. Be aware of all the peculiarities before using the service and spending money. 

What is Papersmart?

Papersmart is a paper writing service for students that offers to help with all kinds of writing assignments. If you are struggling with your paper, essay, coursework, lab report, or any other paper, you can order some help with it here. 

Is Papersmart legit?

The service claims to be legit, but in fact, it doesn’t look like that. You should keep your money safe, but with this service, you may lose it. They miss deadlines, provide poor quality, and have non-responsive customer support. 

How much does Papersmart cost?

The lowest cost you can expect is $12 per page. This is not the lowest price in the market, unfortunately. They offer some special offers from time to time but still, the quality provided is not worth its money. 

Is Papersmart a scam?

In general, it is a legitimate website that has its devoted and loyal users; however, the quality of its services, high costs, and very low response rate doesn’t show they are not a scam. It looks like this website does not care about its reputation. 

Is Papersmart safe?

The website doesn’t deliver papers on time. This is not a very good sign. Moreover, they lack customers’ reviews. This is a very strange factor because it claims to exist for some time now, and none of their customers (although they have some testimonials on their website) didn’t leave any reviews online. 

Are there Papersmart discounts?

No, they do not offer any discounts for their new or returning customers. The only goodies you can enjoy for free are the title page and reference list. However, almost all services offer the same free features. 

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