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TutorMe Review [9.2/10]: Is It Legit and Helpful?


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Service highlights

  • first-class tutors
  • video chats
  • simple ordering process
  • friendly support
  • crystal-clear reputation
  • no discounts or promotions

What is TutorMe?

TutorMe is an online tutoring service, which concentrates on immediate help 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Unlike websites with long-term tutors, TutorMe allows finding a corresponding tutor in a matter of seconds.

Students get access to text and audio chats, video conferences, common whiteboard space, and can share files and documents. Asking yourself ‘is tutorme legit?’ Then continue reading my review because I have a few juicy details to share with you!

Types of services company provides

Tutorme help is extremely diverse – this company covers around 300 subjects on all academic levels: whether it’s a high school French or college-level chemistry. Actually, Tutorme has one of the broadest amounts of services including basic subjects like English, literature, foreign languages, math, and science.

Apart from regular classes, there are also tutors, who help with humanities, computer science, professions, engineering, psychology, and hundreds of other subjects. To get familiar with the types of works these guys provide, just go to their website and open a list of available subjects.

However, even if you can’t find the necessary subject – don’t panic. When placing an order, students can indicate the topic and the system will automatically match you with a corresponding tutor. This means that Tutorme can deal with any subject on earth!

Quality of tutors

When reading tutorme tutor reviews I was amazed at how many positive comments their teachers have. At first, I thought that those comments were pre-paid but after conducting thorough research and hiring a tutor I realized that the company really hires only the best teachers.

Tutorme has harsh criteria for selecting candidates and less than 4% of applications are accepted. This means that TutorMe hires only the best of the best. At first, applicants must prove previous teaching or tutoring experience and mastery of the tutored subject. They should also have a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in an accredited university.

When visiting their website, you can see a long list of universities their tutors come from. And it is rather impressive: Berkeley, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Princeton, and others.

When reviewing Tutorme researches I couldn’t find anyone, who would have an equally strict and demanding approach, which means that here tutors are surely more experienced and educated, which is a great plus. Especially for those, who need flawless tutoring help.

Website’s design & usability

Tutorme reviews praise the website saying that it’s one of the best they have ever seen. I was rather skeptical but after opening the home page had to agree that Tutorme official website is rather appealing. It is stylish, simple, and uses modern fonts and colors. A beautiful building on the background reminds students of the oldest and the most reputable universities in the world.

However, Tutorme website is not only beautiful and easy to navigate but also delivers outstanding usability. Considering that it’s a platform for online learning, usability is one of the most important features when evaluating a website.

Luckily, Tutorme software and systems have exceeded all of my expectations. It is designed specifically for learning: all data is displayed in a clear and simple way, buttons are clickable and responsive, and all the necessary elements are in place.

Even if you’re new to online tutoring, it will be rather simple to place a request, match with a tutor and start a lesson. Great job, Tutorme!

Ordering process

Tutorme com has a simple and straightforward order form, which consists of three steps:

  • Making a request. After creating an account, students are asked to provide details about the type of help they need. Don’t worry, these stages don’t take much time – students need to indicate their name, insert details of a debit/credit card, and choose a subject from a drop-down menu. There’s also a bar, where you can type in additional features or leave comments. The more data you provide, the easier it will be for a matching system to connect you with a corresponding tutor. Tutorme claim that this process takes not more than 30 seconds;
  • Learning. Once a student is connected with a tutor, he or she is given a one-on-one lesson space that contains all the necessary elements: a whiteboard, screen sharing, audio and video chat, a text editor, and much more;
  • Reviewing. Once the lesson is finished, a student and a tutor have a chance to rate each other.

Prices & payment options

Tutorme pricing is market average and is divided into several packages:

  1. One hour monthly. This package includes all the 300 subjects, a 24/7 support, top-rated tutors. The price is $39 per month, additional minute costs 65 cents;
  2. Two hours monthly cost $69 and 58 cents for every additional minute;
  3. $119 for four hours monthly with 50 cents for every next minute.

There’s also a chance to ‘pay as you go’ – without paying for a subscription, students will need to deposit $1 for one tutoring minute. There’s also a free trial period available.

Discounts & special offers

Being a unique service, tutorme com allows itself not to offer any discounts or promotions. It’s rather sad considering that not all students will find $1 per minute affordable. However, such an approach is easily explained by the quality of provided services and the academic level of tutors.

But I hope that TutorMe will reconsider their discount policy and will add a few promotions or perks not only for new customers but also for those, who remain loyal and turn to tutors on a regular basis.

Content quality

I have attentively examined hundreds of tutorme tutor reviews and there were almost no complaints on the quality of their work. And it’s not surprising: as I have already discussed, this company hires only experienced tutors from over 800 best universities in the world. So, if you’re looking for a place with outstanding staff and first-class knowledge, Tutorme is surely an option.

It doesn’t matter whether you are willing to take GRE, ACT or any other course, there are always tutors with corresponding knowledge. Tutorme also has a blog, where they share useful tips and skills, give free advice, and help students improve their knowledge.

To make my review complete, I have also hired a tutor to help me with literature. He was very professional and friendly, and it was a truly unique experience teaming up with a tutor across the country, using a video chat and making notes on a whiteboard.

Tutorme has outstanding content quality and this service is definitely one of the best I have ever worked with.

Timely delivery

There is no such thing as deadlines at Tutorme because everything is happening in a live mode – once the request is placed, the system matches you with a suitable tutor and you are invited to a chat room. Thus, you can spend as much time as you want to discuss the topic with the tutor.

This is a great advantage over regular writing services because you not only get urgent help but can also ask all the necessary questions and clarifications on the place. In such a way you’ll never miss the deadlines and will be prepared for the class.

Customer support

Tutorme help team is one of the company’s biggest advantages and it was a real pleasure dealing with them. While most of the writing services and bidding systems only have an email for communication, at Tutorme you can find all the necessary channels: a live chat, social media accounts (including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter), and a phone number.

There is also a broad FAQ section, where students can find answers to the most popular questions. I decided to contact the support team via live chat and the answer came in a few seconds. Their manager was highly professional, gave answers to all of my questions, and explained how the system works. I was rather surprised that the same manager approached me when the tutoring session was over and asked whether I was satisfied with the services.

Considering that customer support is a weak spot for the majority of writing companies, TutorMe definitely stands out and makes customers feel appreciated and important.

Extra features

After carefully examining other tutorme reviews I couldn’t find any information on additional services and extra features they provide. Along with the absence of promotions and bonuses, this was a disappointment.

However, they still have a free trial period. When creating an account and indicating your credit/debit details, you can try out the system for free to decide whether it’s worth your money or not. I’ll keep tracking any changes in Tutorme policies and offered services, and if they add extra features, I will gladly update my review. Don’t forget to follow my news and posts to keep track of the latest news.

Reputation & guarantees

Still, asking yourself is tutorme legit? I bet that after reading my review you won’t have to worry that this company is a scam. And after reading hundreds of comments and official reviews I am happy to say that Tutorme has a crystal-clear reputation and the most reputable mediums mention it in their sources. For example, Inside Higher Ed, Huffington Post, EdSurge, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and many others.

TutorMe also has an Honor Code, which can be found at the bottom of the home page. It states that all of the services they provide are honest and transparent. Their mission is to connect tutors and students and to help the last to master a particular subject. TutorMe doesn’t complete tests and assignments. It’s not a service to exchange answers or already written papers.

Apart from such a new feature, there is a regular set of guarantees including safe storage of personal and banking details (provided by the latest encrypting systems) and confidentiality guarantee. All of these features ensure that the process of hiring a tutor and having a personal lesson will be safe and transparent.


Tutorme com is one of the brightest representatives of the modern online tutoring society. It’s not a place, where students can get a plagiarized paper for a low fee. It is a unique system, where scholars can team up with first-class tutors to get new knowledge and skills, to master a subject and to get answers to the most challenging questions.

Tutorme has an honor code, the latest software, and a unique one-on-one system with video chats, text editors, and whiteboards. If you are looking for a degree-holding tutor and don’t have time to wait, Tutorme is surely a great service to turn to. However, some other companies can offer a wider range of useful services; check my in-depth reviews about them.

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