Is EssayTyper Legit? Can It Be Considered as Cheating Tool? Review [8.5/10]: Not an Ordinary Writing Tool [2021]


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Essaytyper: get its main objective

When at some point in the studying process an assignment to compose an essay becomes paramount, you start quickly searching for the services to accomplish the task. There is an abundance of online platforms to provide you with what you need. However, today I am going to perform a deep and profound essaytyper review.

First and foremost, you need to get the idea of the writing platform. has been developed to help you manage the task, find the information you need and structure it properly. Therefore, don’t be too overwhelmed with high expectations.

Assignments to be accomplished by

Students are usually staggered with the tasks given by the professors. Generally, the types of assignments vary tremendously. However, the difference between them is usually in detail, i.e. in some technical writing features. Though, can suggest its services for almost any kind of an essay.

However, there is one paramount thing to remember. This platform does not provide you with finished work. Therefore, whether it is an essay on biology or chemistry, you will not come up with a complete and ready-to-submit paper. The thing is the service enables you to simply benefit from the information. You do not have to search for the facts or care about the structure. It will definitely help if you lack some inspiration, but it will never write an essay for you.

Now, you are more or less familiar with its writing policy and don’t have to ask “How does essaytyper works” question. So, you can give the platform almost any essay writing task and simply observe how it does its particular job.

Essaytyper writers’ skills

Frankly speaking, EssayTyper is not the service to focus merely on its writers. You need to understand that it is an online platform with a set working mechanism. It suggests some help for those students who really struggle with a writing task. Various services of the essaytyper free your head a little and help with brainstorming. Thus, you can mush easier come up with a decent writing paper on your own.

Actually, you are the only writer who deals with the text directly. It is you who decide on the definitive choice of the words and phrases and corrects the stylistic mistakes. Therefore, you are the only person who bears responsibility for the final result. The service suggests the material and tries to frame it in accordance with the set requirements, and you simply follow the suit.

If you wonder “Is Essaytyper mobile in terms of style of writing?”, we can answer. It is rather a tool that can encourage you to move forward with your text, but, unfortunately, it fails to suggest a bunch of solutions for the text.

Online platform exterior

As it was mentioned previously, Essaytyper is not a usual site to help you write an essay. It does not have a regular set of services that you can expect from writing services. Therefore, the technical framework of the platform differs as well. When you open the site, you accidentally transfer to a so-called Wordpad. However, the application does not function as it is supposed to. The features you can see are out there with no purpose. They simply do not perform their particular job, most of them.

A particular advantage Essaytyper gives you is a possibility to check for the needed information right there, on the platform. You can benefit from various data sources to obtain the knowledge about a particular subject. However, there is a considerable drawback, as Wikipedia is the main information source. Thus, the material suggested by the service cannot be credible. However, if it is a simple essay and not, for example, a term paper, it will be enough.

How you can order an essay

Has essaytyper unblocked access to all its users? For sure! You can get your order any time of the day because online service is ready to give its helping hand to all who need it.  If you continue comparing this online service with other essay writing helpers, stop doing it. It was mentioned several times that Essaytyper works mostly as a tool to help its users figure out some general issues.

Therefore, there is no step-by-step guide on how to make an order. The procedure is simplified. The service gives you an edge in the ordering process as you don’t have to care much about it. Just a few clicks and you find yourself on a platform ready to manage with the task.

Payment policy

If you are a regular student who suffers sometimes from the scope of assignments given by the professors, you have probably tried various writing services. It is not the time for denying obvious things, because when it comes to some additional help, we all turn to it.

Thus, if you are a so-called experienced user of such services, you are familiar with the payment policy of such sites. There are different tariffs to take into account. The service calculates the final price of the paper focusing on the whole working process. Therefore, the writer’s background, the type of the task and the timing are usually taking into account. So, the price for a text is sometimes top-ceiling and, unfortunately, unjustifiable.

However, that is not the case for an essaytyper service. Is essaytyper free? It is definitely free of charge service. It means there are no hidden fees, and you can easily use it without harming your wallet.

Additional discounts to benefit from

Essaytyper is a free-of-charge tool. It is used by users all over the world without a need to pay for anything. In contrast to essaytyper, various writing services can offer different discounts to appeal to its users. These are special offers you can benefit from to increase the final pay. It can be a special discount or an additional service performed by a writer completely free. Such services have the opportunity to engineer occasional surprises for its clients as there is a set payment for each work. However, that is not the solution when it comes to Essaytyper.

This platform is a free tool. Therefore, you cannot have additional discounts of any kind. These are not covered by the policy of the program. That is why you enjoy open service functioning at its full capacity completely free.

Content characteristics

When we find something on the internet, we want to use it for some purpose. When we are in a search for an online platform to compose an essay, we have some expectations. For example, we need a good, even top-notch paper with no mistakes in terms of grammar or stylistic. We are ready to pay for additional services if the urge for decent work is huge. However, if you turn to Essaytyper you can be disappointed a bit. There are a few things to think about before using it.

  • Plagiarism.

The main source of the information is Wikipedia. Therefore, the text can be a little different from what you find on the official site of the web encyclopedia, so with essaytyper plagiarism can be detected.

  • Poor information content.

If you want to completely rely on the service, you can end up with not the best structured and informative work, as the data from Wikipedia is not globally approved as the most credible. Therefore, additional amendments will be needed.

  • Feasibility.

When working with essaytyper you don’t even have to research the information by yourself, however, sometimes it is obligatory.

Delivery process

We have defined essaytyper as a tool. Therefore, no timing can be found here at all. The process of using the app is simple and it is dependent mostly on you.

Your task is to open up an icon on your computer screen and then imitate the process of typing. The system will do your job and perform the text it chose for you.

When the material is collected, you are left with the final touch. The existing paragraphs should be structured properly, so the text is readable.

That is it.

Support you can get from the platform

Is Essaytyper not working well? It is a wrong assumption. This platform has been developed to help students and meet their needs. Therefore, the designers took measures to make the system work at its full capacity.

The creators of the program gave the main consideration to the basic features directly related to the text creation. Therefore, occasional mistakes may have happened. It corresponds to the clients’ support.

Unfortunately, you cannot benefit from a separate page dedicated to the customer’s support.

How does essaytyper work? It is a tool. Therefore, you cannot benefit from a real person’s help. There are no contacts to turn to in case you have trouble with the system.

The only option consists in the possibility to tweet to a company’s account and complain. Not the best support, but at least some assistance.

The uniqueness of the service

The platform is unique for sure, but there are also some drawbacks.

  • You can have your essay structured well. It helps if you do not possess enough time to figure out such things.
  • Whereas most writing services ask for extra payment for their work, this platform is absolutely free. Therefore, you can turn to it whenever you want.
  • There is a great concern about essaytyper plagiarism issue. As the information is taken from Wikipedia, you can be disappointed with the final result. The text can be simply copied from another site and presented in the form of a brand-new text. Thus, you cannot expect your work to be completely credible.

What place takes on the market

The purpose of using such services is obvious and even clear-cut. A student does not want to waste him or her time by searching for the information needed to submit a paper. Therefore, the need to ask for help becomes evident.

Most platforms offer strong guarantees to their clients. However, essaytyper is not an ordinary writing service.

The working concept lies in the process of copying the text and pasting it to another document.

Thus, you have to understand that no guarantees can be applied to a file, completely copied from another source.

Moreover, there is doubt whether the service is legal. Actually, the platform takes material from the Internet and chances are it injures someone’s copyrights.

It cannot be considered as an illicit activity, but you are the person responsible for the consequences.

The conclusion is clear

Using various writing services can be funny, and is a proof to this statement. If you want to try something new or need to start the ball rolling, feel free to use the tool.

However, be careful with serious academic papers. The platform can fail to provide a decent result, as it is aimed at a simple search for the information. To get your paper professionally written it’s better to turn to one of essay writing services from my top list.


You have probably not received enough information about the popular online service The FAQ section will definitely help you find more valuable data about the specifics of its work.

Is EssayTyper legal?

EssayTyper is considered legal today. This means that its activities are registered, and services are provided within the framework of the law. However, despite the legality of the service, clients sometimes receive papers of poor quality and low readability.

Is EssayTyper legit?

According to customer reviews of the online tool EssayTyper, it cannot be considered legit. A proprietary combination of algorithms along with Wikipedia is used to complete essays. But this is a direct violation of copyright.

How much does Essay Typer cost?

The online writing company has developed Essay Typer to help students write essays on a variety of topics for free. Therefore, you can use the tool at any time you want; no payment is required.

Is Essay Typer safe?

Essay Typer is safe enough. The data of customers who use the tool is securely encrypted and is not transferred to third parties. However, it does not provide for the provision of customer support services, which can cause difficulties in solving problems that arise during the operation of the service.

Is EssayTyper com safe?

EssayTyper com is considered safe today. It is a tool that was designed not for the sake of getting money but for supporting students in essay writing. The service ensures complete confidentiality of customer data.

Is essay typer plagiarized?

Essay typer creates plagiarized papers. This is explained by the fact that for writing essays on various topics, material from Wikipedia is widely used along with the proprietary combination of algorithms.

Why is essay typer blocked?

Due to the fact that the online essay typer essay generator is available for use completely free of charge, it requires continuous, uninterrupted use. A blockage occurs when a dormancy in its use takes place.

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