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HeyTutor is a company that offers tutoring services. The difference of this service is that it offers bilateral assistance. Students can find a tutor, and teachers can get basic or additional income. This idea is not new in the market, however, HeyTutor claims high guarantees and safety. Besides, the service has two tariff plans, which encouraged me to make a comparison.

Recently, HeyTutor has begun to gain momentum and gain popularity. However, many of you have not yet had time to try the services of the service, because you doubt its quality. I decided to review the reviews and conclude on the quality of company services. However, I was interested in that customer reviews were divided into sharply negative and excellent. This has led to a full review of the service and quality of the site.

HeyTutor: what is it?

HeyTutor is a service for receiving and providing tutoring services. You can find a tutor online or make an appointment offline. The company is constantly evolving, and you can hire a tutor in any subject. Depending on your needs, you can use the standard version or buy the Pro version. This will allow you to find a suitable tutor much faster and effortlessly.

If you are a tutor and want to use the site to earn money, you have come to the right place. The creators declare the wide possibilities of earning and work time managing. You can set the price that you consider fair and appropriate to your skills. Moreover, the service allows tutors to choose hours of work and change the schedule.

Services you can buy using HeyTutor

HeyTutor offers a full range of student training and skills development services. You can hire an expert to practice online or find a tutor in your area. For students, the company offers assistance in:

  • Exact sciences. You can hire a tutor in mathematics, algebra or geometry, statistics;
  • Natural sciences. The company promises to improve understanding of biology, chemistry, and physics. Besides, there are specialists in narrow areas, such as organic chemistry or biochemistry. Also, you can study nursing or medicine;
  • Preparing to write tests. Of the most popular, GRE, MCAT, and SAT;
  • Humanitarian subjects. The tutor will improve your speaking and writing skills. Also, you can learn oratory and presentation in front of an audience;
  • Computer disciplines. You will learn programming languages ​​and data optimization.

To cut a long story short, with HeyTutor you can improve your understanding of any subject or topic. Let’s check how good their services are.

Level of tutors’ quality

The quality of services pleasantly surprised us. You can find a tutor in any subject in a few minutes. Judging by the reviews, the site even has experts in the field of culinary, geography and molecular physics. Many students or their parents bought the Pro version because they began to use the site constantly. After several months of classes, children become leaders in the class and can not only solve any task but also explain it. Students who are well-versed in the subject appreciate HeyTutor tutors.

The company helps with account management or curriculum design. This frees up time for undergraduate and graduate students. Besides, even working professionals use the service. Many people took lessons in graphic design or planning, which optimized their work time. Also, customers note the convenience of setting a class schedule so that it does not interfere with daily business. In terms of quality, the company receives 10/10.

Appearance and convenience of website

The site design is nice and modern. All items are placed in categories and sequentially. The page is made in white with a blue font that does not irritate the eyes. On the main page, you can find tutors nearby or use the search. I was pleased with the transparency of the service because you can see real photos and pages of teachers. The design is not overloaded with unnecessary information and looks minimalistic.

The service is convenient to use. During my work, I did not notice a service freeze or a long page load. At the top of the page, the student selects the subject and index of his city, and the service selects tutors. Also here are buttons with information about the service and registration. However, to become a tutor, you will have to look for a button next to registration. It is easy to find, but it was better to create a backlight. A score of 9/10 is fair.

How to order HeyTutor services?

As soon as you open the site, a button for searching for tutors appears before your eyes. First, you must enter the name of the subject and the city index. I was surprised by the number of items that pop up when searching. When you specify the details and click the search button, the service gives a list of possible teachers. I like that you have the opportunity to view reviews and understand or feel whether a tutor is right for you.

However, the service does not allow you to choose the best specialist. Therefore, many customers eventually switch to the Premium version. This saves time and nerves because you do not have to look for a mentor yourself. However, the company could offer a trial version. Convenience and Speed ​​of ordering process I rated at 8 points.

Level of prices and payment methods

Most customers are satisfied with the prices and consider them appropriate. Heytutors pricing starts at $ 17 per hour, and complex items can cost up to $ 40. The average cost of HeyTutor is $ 34 per hour, and customers are happy with the training for the money. Judging from the HeyTutor reviews, in just a few classes the student goes to a new level and ceases to be afraid of the subject. A lot of customers noted that they now only use this platform.

To transgress to classes, you must pay 10 to 30 hours with a tutor. This is the deposit that you use during training. To put it another way, you pay for a package of services and observe how long you have that number of hours. If you need to skip a lesson, you can cancel it, saving money. However, it depends on the teacher and his cancellation policy, which complicates the process. In this regard, I decided to put 7 points for the characteristic of payment.

Ways to save and discounts

I did not find discount programs, but I can not say that they are not. Of the special offers, you can select the Pro mode. With it, you can:

  • Set the skills and tutor level you need. HeyTutor specialists will analyze and offer a list of teachers with the highest rating.
  • Relax and relax. You no longer need to read reviews and look for teachers in your area. You will receive a notification when the service selects a mentor.
  • Forget about worries. You can ask for support at any time.

Quality for its money

The quality of tutoring services is high. Student reviews are mostly positive and constantly updated. HeyTutor teachers can improve your understanding in a month, and prepare for an exam in two. You will find a qualified specialist because the site has a lot of competition between teachers. Students note that they began to do the task faster, and pulled up their level of knowledge. Is HeyTutor good? Well, it is much better than some other services.

Customers note the courtesy of tutors and their willingness to go to a meeting. In general, trusting relationships are established between them over several sessions. If you do not like the tutor, you can contact support and find another. At this term, it deserves the highest rating.

Order completion speed

All actions take place directly on the HeyTutor online platform. You find a tutor, buy a certain number of classes and set a schedule. This is enough to start training with a mentor. Users note a quick teacher selection process. If you notice a delay when downloading the service, check the quality of the Internet connection and update the site.

Support and consultation service

Customer support is commendable. On the site, you can find a hotline phone, email and social networks for quick communication. I checked the quality and speed of support, and it deserves a 10/10 rating. Consultants quickly respond to answers and provide detailed explanations. If you have questions about the payment or the procedure, check the rubric of questions. The advantage of the service is the separation of questions for students and tutors.

Additional Features

If you are satisfied with the HeyTutor services and want to expand your capabilities, feel free to purchase the Pro version. This will optimize the time of selecting a tutor and get rid of stress. To apply the Pro method, you need to find the “HeyTutor Pro” button. Fill out the form with your first name, last name, and email address. If you have questions, next to the form you will see a hotline phone.

Customers note that HeyTutor has become their favorite service and they have become friends with tutors. The consultants communicate politely and respect each user.

Guarantee and clients’ feedback

The service has a huge number of positive reviews. Most users stopped looking for more professional services and became regular customers of HeyTutor. Students say the platform selects qualified mentors even in the regular version. Concerning employment, tutors are happy to be able to work for themselves and manage their schedule and workload. You can work remotely and have a part-time job. The average bid is $ 40, so many teachers choose HeyTutor as their main job.

The creators guarantee quality teaching of the subject. If you are not satisfied with the tutor, you will be picked up another. You can learn more about the HeyTutor refund policy on the website. All payments are made on the site, so your data is safe. Is HeyTutor legit? Yes, it is. Users rate the service 9/10.

Final thoughts

HeyTutor is a platform for receiving tutoring services on any topic or subject. Besides, teachers can use it to communicate with students and find employment. The service has ample opportunities for selecting a tutor and Pro version, which simplifies the use. I praised the level of customer support, quality of service and usability. Be calm about the speed and security of the site. I give a rating of 8.5/10 and recommend that you try and rate the HeyTutor. To get more information not only about tutoring services but also about writing companies reach my list of top-rated services with all ratings and detailed reviews.

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