EssayPro Review: Is It Really Worth the Money? Can It Be Trusted?

EssayPro Review [4.6/10]: Truth About This Essay Service [2021]


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Service highlights

  • convenient site
  • unverified authors
  • lack of discounts
  • low quality of papers
  • unreliable support
  • no bonus system

If for some reason you cannot complete the student task yourself and plan to seek the help of expert writers, you need to find a reliable company that offers such services. Is the famous resource for writing student works Essaypro real or fake – here I’ll talk about this and whether you need to pay your attention to it.

What is Essaypro?

As you might guess from the name, Essaypro is a company specializing in creating student works. It’s a freelance resource that draws certain disadvantages. This means that most writers are students like you. So, there is no guarantee that you’ll get qualified paper.

Of course, this may sound like a prejudice, so I decided not to worry about it and take note of more significant things. So, let’s move on to them.

What papers do they write?

If you take a look at the list of services that they offer, you’ll see that they carry out almost all types of student tasks, both for schools and colleges – from standard papers to scientific articles and thesis works.

In fact, Essaypro offers you any type of paper. But at the same time, it is not proven that you’ll get this paper made. More’s the pity, not every order gets enough bids (sometimes there are none at all).

This is how the system works. The client places an order and waits until one of the writers responds and offers his price. To choose a proper writer, you need to wait for new bids, check out the portfolio of all authors and only then opt for one of them. As a rule, it takes a lot of time. And if you have complex paper, you are unlikely to obtain many offers. No one wants to take the trouble.

Essaypro writers

Essaypro wants its users to believe that all the writers on this site are Ph.D.’s/Masters, that they all are real (they all have photos and detailed profiles), and of course, that they all are native English speakers. But is it really so?

Long story short, it isn’t. I can’t safely say that I have real evidence on Essaypro cheating its customers, but if you think about it logically, it becomes very clear. First, their photos and names are not real – google their photos and you’ll see it. Second, they are students, not Masters and Ph.Ds. It’s all about the quality of work and about the level of papers they write – it’s very hard to find an author who can write a Ph.D. thesis here, not to mention a master’s thesis. And third, some of the writers don’t even look like native English speakers – they have perfect portfolios and all that, but when it comes to the essays, it’s a trash. Again, not all of them look like ESL, but do you really have time for 50/50 chances when it comes to an important paper?

Design. Is their site good?

When you look at their site for the first time, there are no signs of Essaypro scam. In many reviews, people wrote that they are located in the United States. But in fact, I didn’t find anything about this on their website. And this is strange, why should they hide this data? When a firm hides its actual location, it makes one cast doubt on its reliability. The rest of the site is quite functional. There are a few sections where you can find services and guide on how to order.

One more drawback is that I didn’t immediately find information about Essaypro price. For some reason, the pricing is at the very bottom of the page and I have to scroll through and read a lot of text before seeing how much I’ll have to pay in the end. And this is what I want to see first. I didn’t like it, but, in general, they deserve a score for their website design.

Is it easy to place an order?

The placement of an order is a standard procedure. What is more, as I said in the previous section, on the site, they have a detailed guide on how to do this.

In short, you need to create an account. Of course, this is not as convenient as simply placing an order without signing up and waiting for you to be contacted, but I’m talking about a freelance site.

You can place your order and wait for bids from the writers, or you can directly write to the author you like and ask if he can fulfill the order. But you can’t be sure, of course, that he will answer you. You can also attach additional information, such as requirements, volume, etc. to speed up the response time for an order. When the paper is done, you get a note and you can check out the work before paying.

It is easy to place an order, but it will take time to register and wait for an answer.

Price of the services. Payment methods

Here is one of the main pitfalls. This company doesn’t have a fixed price for each student paper, so you never know how much money you’ll pay. Prices, as a rule, start at $ 11 per page.

However, they can be higher if your paper is complex or very voluminous. The faster you want to get your work done, the higher the cost. Writers who submit bids for your order can set the desired prices themselves, and you just have to accept their conditions or refuse services at all.

Payment methods are limited to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. This means you cannot pay via PayPal or bitcoins (the latter matters if you want to remain anonymous). This is a serious gap.

What I also don’t like is that your payment will be listed as “Writing Help” on your statement. That’s not what you want, right? We all want to stay anonymous when we order papers, and it makes sense that you don’t want anyone else to know that you use an essay service.

Special discounts

The discount system is disappointing. The only bonus you can get is a 30% discount if your paper contains more than one page. This bonus is calculated automatically during the ordering process.

Of course, you have the chance to discuss possible discounts with your chosen writer in a private chat when you agree on the terms of work. But bear in mind that although Essaypro is plagiarism-free, the low price can lead to plagiarism in your paper.

There is no other way to lower the price. This is a significant drawback as most competing writing companies have a good bonus system that helps encourage clients to buy essays from them. So, in order to attract more clients, the company could develop a wider system of discounts, at least for loyal clients who regularly place orders. Said enough that they didn’t do this.

Do they write good papers?

To test the quality of the services provided, I placed an order for an essay, so I can share my impressions with you and give an objective assessment. The paper by Essaypro is not good actually.

It was quite a mediocre essay that would simply allow you not to get a bad grade from not the most demanding teacher. It was written in simple language without any significant conclusions but with grammatical errors. I already talked about the problem of ESL writers. And the paper I received was clearly written by a non-English writer. At the same time, I did not choose the most expensive or cheapest author; I chose the average price ($ 16 per page). The essay turned out to be a disappointment, even though the author’s portfolio was great at first glance. There was no plagiarism in the paper, that’s something at least. This is not what you expect when you pay for a service.

Delivery time

This is probably the only great thing about this site. They work fast and it doesn’t matter what deadline you set – if you want your 3-page paper to be done in 7 days, they’ll do it; if you want your 20-page thesis to be done in 1 day, they’ll do it, too. It’s only about the price – the faster you need your paper to be done, the more you will have to pay. Well, that’s how all such sites work. So, yes: I haven’t found many negative reviews in regard to the speed of their work, and I haven’t noticed any problems with it, either. Essaypro is a fast essay site – yes, sometimes the writers ask to extend the deadline, but it’s usually not more than 1-2 days. If you want to be 100% sure that your paper will be done in time, just don’t wait until things get tight to the deadline.

Customer service

Even if you’ve never needed help from a customer support team, it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. It’s very important, actually – because if you have problems with your paper, you will need this help to come asap. That’s why a good essay site must have a live chat and a professional support team – and that’s why Essaypro only gets less than average rating for its support.

Here’s how it works: there is a live chat here, and you can use it to get help. The support specialists respond fast, so everything is ok with that. But that’s the only advantage of the customer support of this site.

The thing is: they just don’t help. I needed a revision of our paper, but the support couldn’t help me at all. I needed to add some citations, and they didn’t help. They respond fast, yes, but it’s not only about speed – according to our test (and to Essaypro Reddit thread), their customer support team just doesn’t work as expected.


All the essay sites offer lots of extras, and this one is not an exception. I can’t say that there are lots of extra features here, of course, but still, there are some. Here they are:

  • Email and SMS notifications – when your paper is done, you will get an email or an SMS.
  • Free chat with a writer.
  • Detailed profiles of the writers.

Notifications, chat, detailed profiles – that sounds like a good site. But as I’ve just told you, it looks like all the writers here are not who they claim to be – some of them are ESL amateurs, all of them have fake photos and names, and of course they are not Ph.D.’s or Masters in their respective subjects. So, I can’t say that it’s an advantage, really. Yes, the profiles are detailed, but what’s the point if they are all fake?

Essaypro reputation

At first glance, the online reputation of this site is quite stable. But it doesn’t mean that it’s really that good. The thing is, I’ve found lots of fake reviews that look fake, and that’s what I call a red flag. There are many 5-star Essaypro reviews, but if you read between the lines, you’ll notice that they don’t mention any details and sound like ads.

As I’ve just told you, this site has lots of problems. Fake ESL writers, expired deadlines, poor quality of papers – I don’t want to say that it’s the worst service in the world, but I must say that it’s very far from good. It makes a lot of sense that such a poor service just can’t have good reviews – and if you find what the real users of this site say about it, you’ll see that the reputation of Essaypro is very far from perfect. Well, that’s the reputation it deserves.


Doubt is Essaypro legit? I can’t say for sure. This site has many shortcomings: unverified authors, lack of discounts and, the most important thing, low quality of papers which are not covered by their advantages – convenient site, fast order performance. In other words, you cannot be sure that you’ll get a worthy essay that won’t be just a waste of money. Essaypro is your choice if you need a very mediocre paper. My average score of service is 3.5/10, so turn to other writing service. I hope my list of top-rated essay writing websites helps to find the best for you!

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