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Skooli Review [7.8/10]: My Personal Experience with the Online-School


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Service highlights

  • live lessons
  • friendly support
  • tutors verified by government ID
  • high prices
  • no personal lessons with a tutor
  • complicated website

What is Skooli?

Skooli is an online school for pupils and students. Regardless of whether you are in college or your child only goes to kindergarten, here, you can get a qualified help from a skooli tutor. According to the founders of the school, this online company offers a wide selection of different tools for active learning. Here around the clock, you can access the programs in all existing subjects. Moreover, it does not matter what level of training you require. The school collaborates with qualified teachers to guarantee a good result. One of its advantages is free registration. But prices for additional services may raise some questions. Therefore, I decided to personally test this website and its features to provide an objective assessment.

Types of assignments and services provide by company

Skooli inc offers tutorials in the following subjects. Among them:

  • Maths;
  • Statistics;
  • Foreign languages: such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
  • Items for elementary school: reading, writing;
  • History;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics;
  • Biology;
  • Computer science;
  • Subjects for college: marketing, accounting, finance.

This means that if your child attends kindergarten, and you want to grow a young genius out of it, you can always choose the initial preparation for school. Teenagers can enhance their knowledge, and college or university students can gain even more expertise.

So many programs seemed to be quite diverse. But there are also disadvantages. All classes are held in an online format, and therefore you can’t talk about some individual approaches. Although many students love online learning, some like personal lessons more. Many platforms today offer both options.

Quality of tutors

Skooli has strict requirements for every tutor. All specialists wishing to cooperate with the service are required to confirm their profile. To do this, they provide a government photo ID. The company also verifies that each tutor has a university degree. To do this, the potential skooli tutor must attach a copy of their highest completed degree or transcript and copies of any training licenses. Applicants also provide a criminal record application so that the profile is even more complete and professional. But it’s not enough just to fill out a questionnaire. Skooli inc tests everybody to ensure that students achieve high results and the professionalism of teachers.

I am also delighted that there are teachers for every taste. Each student needs a different approach. You can find a theorist or practitioner, a student yesterday, or an experienced professor. The choice is really great. You can study reviews or try some tutors to make your impression.

Website’s design & usability

I cannot call this website intuitive enough. Of course, it has a beautiful design, but some points raise questions. For example, you need to spend time finding this or that information. Some fields and sections are relatively illogical. Someone may say that you need to get used to it, but I believe that a good website should be adapted for user convenience. Is skooli a good service? The site doesn’t define it. But people can just close the page if they don’t like it visually. I hope developers will consider that one day and change their approach.

Ordering process

The ordering process is quite simple. It seems to me that even a schoolboy will cope with it. You need to indicate the subject for which you need help, as well as attach additional files. For example, you were given specific homework, lab, or essay. After that, you will find out the time when you can talk with the teacher and the exact cost of this service. The longer your lesson lasts, the more expensive it will be.

The order form is simple, but it seems to me that it lacks some details. If I have requirements for a teacher, I would like to voice them right away. Or if I had a negative experience and I want to ask not to appoint me this skooli tutor.

Prices & payment options

Is skooli free? Of course, not! Can’t you just imagine a free school or a tutor? It is impossible these days.

The cheapest tuition in Skoli starts at $ 39 per hour. I analyzed the market and realized that it is quite expensive. If you study at the university and earn extra money, maybe you can pay for these services. Moreover, a tutor will help you learn skills and make even more. But parents of schoolchildren will have to spend a lot of money to pay for such training. So, skooli prices are high enough, and you should be ready for that. But this service may be worth it.

You can pay here online. This process is very convenient since I would not want to go to the bank to transfer the payment. After placing the order, you pay the required amount with a card. A receipt of payment arrives in the mail. Everything is official, and inspiring confidence. There were no problems with my payment.

Discounts & special offers

At first glance, it might seem that Skooli does not offer any discounts. Initially, this fact upset me. Still, the services here are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Therefore, it would be great if they would give discounts at least for regular customers. Or those who invite their friends to the website. I could ask a few of my friends and get a free lesson. This is a common practice today, and I like it.

But I searched the Internet and found out that you can find a variety of discount coupons. I don’t know if they are official and under what conditions it works. But this is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the online school.

Content quality

I found a lot of useful information on this website. Quality content is king today. You can also find tutoring data on the Internet. Many of them maintain their blogs and personal pages. These are professionals who are passionate about their work. Therefore, concerning the content, here I have absolutely no complaints. Most likely, it was written by professional authors and editors. This immediately inspires confidence. You understand that your homework will be done by a person who has a lot of experience and useful skills. Then your work will receive A-grade.

Timely delivery

Tutors of this online school are available at any time. There are students from all over the world, with different time zones. Therefore, even if you have a busy schedule, you can get expert help immediately. I appreciated this advantage. I just connected from my smartphone, and they helped me with my math problems. This is very convenient if you need to write a paper, but you do not have time to wait for a professional writer to do it. Just take a consultation and do it yourself using the advice of a tutor.

Customer support

Another point that I was impressed with is excellent customer support. I could not immediately find the tutor I needed, so I turned to the managers. They stayed in touch with me until the right solution was found. The manager showed patience and sincere concern. Therefore, I concluded that this school takes care of its students.

Extra features

Not all students are equally easy to learn online. It is much more convenient for me when I communicate with the teacher 1-1. This school presents a wide variety of additional tools that facilitate online communication. And on the one hand, this can be called a plus, on the other – I would like them to think through the issue of individual lessons. In the meantime, according to the creators of the website, students can use text and audio chat, video conferencing, a standard board for lessons and assignments. There is also the opportunity to share files with teachers. If this format of classes suits you, most likely, it will be very convenient for you to use these additional functions.

Reputation & guarantees

Obviously, the site values ​​its reputation. The selection of teachers takes place on reasonably strict criteria. At least that’s what they say about it. There is also a guarantee of satisfaction. This means that students who do not like the lesson can agree on the conditions for a refund or other compensation. I did not have such experience, so I can’t say more accurately. But I know that many websites only promise a reward. I hope that here they really pay for it or at least do not allow such situations. I don’t know if can I trust skooli for sure, but I hope I can. This company seems officially registered; that’s why maybe they follow the relevant legislation.


To summarize, I can say that Skooli is a pretty good online school. Among it clients, there are many schoolchildren and students. This means that the creators of the website are guided by a diverse target audience and strive to make their products better. In general, my overall rating was 7.8 out of 10. I scored a few points for not very user-friendly website design, as well as for high prices. I also took a little account of the lack of the possibility of personal lessons with a tutor. But probably if you open such a platform, you expect that you will work with a teacher online. I’ve read a lot of skooli reviewsfor now, and I understand that people really need an online platform. A lot of them live in countries without such services. Or they work and don’t have enough time for a personal meeting with a tutor.

This is not a site where you can send your task and get a ready-made solution in half an hour. But you can always get expert help and competent advice from a professional. I am glad that such platforms exist in our time. They make life easier for students and help improve their academic performance.

For whom, who is looking for company that provides any assignments written from scratch I’ve done a table with rating of best writing websites and detailed review of each.

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