Studypool Pricing, Quality of Content, and Extras

What is StudyPool?

It’s quite difficult to surprise students with unique writing assistance: there are so many writing and bidding companies that they can hardly offer anything new. However, after reading this studypool review you’ll change your mind because these guys have a database with over 20 million homework assignments and papers, which makes them one of the biggest writing companies on the market.

Types of assignments and services company provides

Studypool assists students with all sorts of services and here are only some of the subjects their tutors cover:

  • Programming;
  • Mathematics;
  • Social science;
  • Business-related courses;
  • Health and medical sciences;
  • Foreign languages;
  • Engineering.

According to studypool reddit comments, their writers can also complete essays, articles, resumes, blog posts, and even dissertations. And a bidding system allows matching your order with a perfect tutor or writer, which has the necessary skills and knowledge.

This means that no matter how difficult or urgent the assignment is, students can find an appropriate writer that has a degree in the field. Even if your paper is not on the list, there is a broad database of millions of assignments and a chance to search for a writer that has experience in your specific field. Actually, that’s one of the biggest advantages of a bidding system and a reason why so many students choose such companies over traditional writing services.

Quality of Tutors

Every studypool tutor completes a series of tests and interviews that prove his or her experience and knowledge. Thus, customers can be sure that a chosen tutor or writer can cover the topic with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

In addition, you can always read comments, ratings, and reviews of students, who have already received a paper at Studypool. In such a way you can choose a good writer over a bad one.

However, there are still rare comments, when students were unsatisfied with the result. But they say that eventually, writers fixed all the mistakes.

I have also made an order at Studypool and were quite satisfied with the order: the delivery was timely and the topic was thoroughly researched. There were a few misprints but the writer corrected them in a matter of hours. If they continue improving, soon this company may have one of the most professional tutors and writers I have ever seen on the market.

Website’s design & usability

I came across a few comments that studypool scam customers, so I decided to analyze the company from the very beginning. And their website turned to be very effective and user-friendly.

It’s simple to place an order, so even if you’re new to a bidding system or to ordering assignments, it won’t be a problem. Only a few steps distinguish students from creating an account and finding a tutor or writer. The color scheme is plain and appealing: blue and purple text on a white background. It doesn’t distract you from the main goal but still makes the process rather stylish and comfortable.

Another thing I liked about the Studypool website is that it uses the latest encrypting software and protocols, so even after logging in, customers remain anonymous and don’t have to worry about safety. All the buttons are in place and visible, so you can visit any page in a few clicks.

Ordering process

Studypool reddit comments proved that to make order students need to follow only a few simple steps. I tested the system ourselves and are happy to confirm that it’s not time-consuming and doesn’t require any specific skills.

Here is how the ordering process looks like:

  • Create an account and post the question you have. Then set a deadline and choose a price range. You can choose whether your username can be seen or to make it anonymous. There is also an option to make the issue private. And if the question is urgent, simply choose ‘study emergency’;
  • Wait for the bids to arrive. Then you can choose the most suitable writer or tutor by comparing reviews, profiles, and statistics. In addition, there’s a Studypool auto-match service, which will introduce you to the most suitable writers based on the moderator’s opinion. This may greatly save your time;
  • When the tutor is selected, you can enjoy free time and wait while the tutor will answer your question. There is a messenger feature, which can be used to communicate with the writer for discussing the order or for getting further explanations.

Prices & payment options

Studypool pricing is what distinguishes them from many bidding writings services. Their prices are reasonable and carefully moderated. The final cost of the order depends on two factors: its urgency and the academic level of the question. For example, questions of a Masters’s or Ph.D. level are more expensive than undergraduate ones.

In addition, questions with shorter deadlines cost more. The lowest price for a question (for example, a high school level and 20 days of the deadline) will cost $10, while an urgent one (that must be answered within hours) may cost $35.

When it comes to payment methods, many students ask ‘is studypool legit?’ They don’t want to be tricked out of money and prefer searching for a safe writing company. I have thoroughly analyzed Studypool and have made an order without any problems.

Their payment methods include Visa and MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. The last one, by the way, has a money-back guarantee and only reliable writing companies offer this payment method. They have nothing to hide and bear responsibility for the result.

However, I have analyzed other reviews and it seems that Studypool keeps their promises and even if unpleasant issues and complaints arise, they are ready to provide a free revision or even a refund.

Discounts & special offers

As I have discussed above, studypool pricing is affordable and if you place an order in advance, there won’t be a need to spend a fortune. However, students are always looking for better deals and offers, and I couldn’t find any discounts at Studypool.

You can only negotiate the final price with the tutor and try to ask for free pages like a bibliography. But it’s only up to the tutor to decide whether to agree on such terms or not. I wish there were sign up bonuses and discounts for regular customers. Hopefully, in the future, they’ll fix this drawback thus attracting even more customers and orders. We’ll keep you updated on this matter.

Content quality

Now, when you know the answer to the ‘is studypool legit?’ question, let’s have a closer look at the quality of delivered content. Yes, there may be a user-friendly interface, fast customer support and lots of extra features but if the content is poor, nothing will help.

This is the only issue that students don’t compromise with. Luckily, Studypool seems to have a rather strict plagiarism policy and tutors, who don’t meet the requirements will quickly be suspended.

The company doesn’t check papers on plagiarism software but it has a built-in content checker, which students can use to detect whether the answer is original or not. If some parts are plagiarized, students can report and have everything fixed.

I have placed an order of my own and were satisfied with the result. The chosen tutor had a deep understanding of the question, conducted additional research, and met all the deadlines. Yes, there were minor typos but they were fixed rather quickly without any reminders.

Timely delivery

My studypool review would be incomplete if I didn’t write about the delivery of the answers. When leaving a question or ordering a paper, students can choose from multiple deadlines: the more urgent it is, the more you’ll have to pay.

Luckily, it seems that Studypool doesn’t have trouble meeting the deadlines and there were only a few comments, which stated that tutors were late with their answers. However, these complaints were solved.

My own order was completed on time and I even had a few days to communicate with the writer and get all the necessary comments and clarifications. It’s obvious that Studypool places its customers first and does everything to satisfy the needs of the students.

I recommend turning for help in advance because this will not only make the risk of delays much lower but also will save lots of money.

Customer support

There were a few studypool reddit complaints, which stated that the customer support could be better. After leaving my own request, I had to wait for almost 30 minutes to get an answer. And it came in the form of a step-by-step guide and not as a detailed answer on the question.

I can’t say that half an hour is a lot but still when you need to clarify details of making an order and want to place it at once, it’s quite annoying that no one is answering. Another issue that concerned me was that the reply wasn’t very useful and if students have more serious problems, such assistance will be of no use.

However, there are still more positive than negative comments on the quality of the Studypool support team and I have a hope that it was only a bad exception and the next time I decide placing an order there, we’ll have a completely different experience.

Extra features

Does studypool scam its customers? Surely not. Does it provide outstanding services? Not really. I tried to find any additional features that would make the process of ordering a paper or asking a question even simpler and cheaper.

However, there are not many extra features that customers can choose from: a chance to select the academic level of the assignment (and experience of the writer accordingly) and an ability to communicate with the tutor directly. The last greatly simplifies the process and allows understanding the topic better because students can ask additional questions and opt for clarifications.

Reputation & guarantees

Studypool has an outstanding reputation and was mentioned in the Huffington Post, Forbes, and TechCrunch. Isn’t it a great achievement? Moreover, most of the comments online are rather positive, so when asking a question, you won’t have to worry about fairness and quality. In addition, Studypool uses SSL encryption and protects personal and banking details. Another feature is a chance to make the question private and no one except the customer and the tutor will be able to see it.

Studypool refund policy is also rather effective and students, who don’t like the result and don’t want to wait for revisions, can ask for their money back. And you can always choose PayPal as a payment method, which is an additional guarantee that the money is returned if you don’t like the result.


Is studypool legit? I confirm that this bidding system with a unique approach is a safe and secure place for getting answers on any arising academic question. They have a convenient website, the prices are affordable, and the hired tutors seem to be experienced and professional.

I didn’t like the absence of bonuses and slow customer support but in general, the experience was positive and I liked the result. In any case, you can look into other essay writing services review to choose the company that matches all your demands.