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There are many students who need academic assistance. This concerns writing articles, essays, term papers, dissertations and many other types of papers. Therefore, the Internet has a large number of popular websites offering assistance to students with these types of papers. I want to describe one of them in my article. I made an order on Homeworkforyou and made my full impression to share homeworkforyou review with you. Read on and you will find out the whole truth about this site.

What is Homeworkforyou?

Homeworkforyou is another such platform on the Internet. In fact, there are a lot of similar websites today. It’s not always possible to understand what are their key differences. For example, this site offers students to cope with any homework, essays or other types of paper. Just like a dozen other sites. Therefore, on the main page, you will not find any features and can not make a truly extraordinary impression that will force you to continue to use the services of this site. It seems to me that the creators of the platform should have found some unique features that would help them to stand out among competitors.

Otherwise, you can only get to this site by reading a positive review or by hearing such a review from your friend. I checked different websites so I ended up on this page and now I can share my experience and answer the questions, e.g. is homeworkforyou legit.

Types of assignments or services company provides

When studying the main page, you cannot understand exactly what types of student assignments this service works with and if the homeworkforyou safe. The only word you come across is homework. You won’t know whether authors can write term papers or a dissertation for you, any poems or other types of papers required at colleges and universities. You only need to contact customer support to get an answer to your question. You can also try to place an order and pay for the services of the website and only then find out that the company does not undertake this homework.

Therefore, if you are a schoolboy or a schoolgirl and you need to complete your homework in chemistry or mathematics, you can surely contact the creators of this website and ask them to find a professional teacher who will help you cope with this assignment. But if you are a student and you are faced with the task of writing a large volume dissertation with good and high-quality research and correct quoting of sources, it is probably better to find another website where they immediately talk about the possibility of such a service. Otherwise, you’ll simply lose your time and not get the desired result. And after all, they will be right because they did not promise anything on the main page of the website.

Quality of writers

By ordering my homework in chemistry on this website, I can say that I am more likely satisfied with the result than dissatisfied. I was provided with a competent paper in which all my tasks were solved. It looked as though I wrote this paper myself only without any serious errors. Of course, I had questions about the quality that were related to additional features. For example, a homeworkforyou tutor who has a degree could make it better. He did it as if he were a schoolboy.

Perhaps this is the whole idea because the teacher should not guess that this work was not written by a schoolboy, but by a real professional and even his colleague. But it seems to me that this paper could be made more detailed and more informative. I got an B grade, but of course, I was counting on A +. I cannot say that I am unhappy with the result, but there is something to strive for.

Separately, I want to mention the level of English. I was promised that all the authors will have an excellent command of the English language as this is their native language. In fact, there were a few errors in my text. They were not serious, but neutral speakers do not say that. It was not difficult for me to correct them, but keep this in mind if you order a voluminous essay. Perhaps for literary works, they use other authors who are better versed in the language.

Website’s design & usability

It seems to me that the design of a website today is the most important thing for a page on the Internet. Visual content is of great importance for people who choose the site that will be used for some purpose. And this platform is definitely not a leader here. At first glance, you understand that it is very difficult to find any necessary information here. The website is overloaded with text and does not have a clear section where you can find all the answers to your questions. Therefore, from this point of view, I can only evaluate the design negatively. but the creators use popular colors that are not striking and not annoying. Perhaps someone may like this presentation of information.

Ordering process

To make your order, you first need to register at Homeworkforyou. The registering process took about half an hour. I can’t say that it was the best experience of my life, but I can’t call it bad either. You need to fill out a form in which you will indicate a brief description of your assignment. If I understand correctly, it’s better to write here not briefly but in fact in detail, that is, tell them what you need to do, what are the nuances of work, what are the requirements of your teacher and your personal wishes as well.

You can choose a category from the list, indicate your deadline and payment method. If you have any files, for example, materials from the teacher of your draft pictures and any other data, you can upload them to the website in the same order form.

Prices & payment options

What did not suit me on this website was the lack of transparent and understandable homeworkforyou prices. You simply indicate how much you are willing to pay for completing your homework and expect that some of the authors will take your work. Initially, you don’t know if your price is too low or too high. You just expect some writer to agree to this, so you can cheapen and find a very bad homeworkforyou tutor or find a real expert, but to overpay for this homework. Nobody will tell you that you indicated a too large amount of money. They will just agree to complete your essay and get your money at the same time. Then you find out everything on other sites there is an opportunity to make this paper much cheaper.

Therefore, from this point of view, the site is not the best. It does not offer you a price list so that you can make your choice in advance and evaluate your budget capabilities. On the one hand, this is a good point, since you simply set the budget yourself and look for a suitable machine. Come on, you can’t be sure that the price will be adequate for your order for sure. After all, how does the student know how much homework in mathematics or voluminous essay costs. only professionals can develop in this, but for some reason, they do not share this information with us, clients.

Discounts & special offers

Since there is no price list here, there are no discounts. Therefore, even if you order a large number of works you will not receive any advantageous offer. Unless you can lower your price yourself, but in this case, you have no guarantee that you will find a good author. Perhaps you are lucky and you will find a professional writer for little money, but this cannot be considered a real discount. This is just luck.

Content quality

The Homeworkforyou itself does not create content. All content on the site is written by a homeworkforyou tutor who is looking for work and wants to attract the attention of customers. Therefore, you cannot be sure that your paper will be of the same quality as the content presented on the platform. The author could write a terrific article once, or also order it from another writer and then provide it on this site under his own name. Despite the fact that there are a large number of articles on various topics, this is not a guarantee that your paper will be just as good. I haven’t faced homeworkforyou plagiarism and this is a good point.

Timely delivery

My paper was ready exactly by the deadline, so I can’t say that I am dissatisfied with the deadlines for completing the order. In fact, this is very important and I do not think that it is worth making serious mistakes. After all, if you have overdue an order, most likely the customer requires a refund. You can provide not completely quality paper, possibly with a small level of plagiarism, but on time. Sometimes it is much more important than a student can pass his work even if he gets a mediocre grade.

Customer support

Customer support is what works really well. But I can’t be sure as I wrote my questions only during working hours. I read reviews on the Internet that Homeworkforyou did not respond at night. I always got the answers to my questions during the workday. Of course, I didn’t ask any difficult questions, I was just interested in the terms of my order. But the communication with the manager was favorable and left me with a good impression.

Extra features

No additional benefits could be found. The website has a small amount of information about students’ papers. But is not truly unique. therefore, I can’t say that this site is first-class or very high quality. Most likely this is another platform for school homework.

Reputation & guarantees

I did not have a definite impression about the reputation of this site, on the one hand, my personal assessment is quite subjective. but there is no objective opinion here. The website itself offers a high level of service. but there are quite a lot of bad reviews on the Internet. Such Homeworkforyou rating can never be said to be true, you don’t know until you have your own experience. Therefore, you can try to order paper yourself on this website or find another platform with better reviews.


Summing up, I cannot recommend Homeworkforyou to everyone. If you need a little homework for some school subjects you can use the services. For the dissertation or similar challenging tasks, I would most likely get another company. Use my table of rating of the best essay writing services for your convenience. Therefore, my average rating for Homeworkforyou is 6.7 from 10. I hope they will fix all their issues in the future and I can make their score higher.

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