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Asking for help in writing the tasks has become a routine both for students and for business people. It is convenient and saves lots of time. Moreover, writing tasks are allocated to a professional team of writers, so you can be sure of the result. is a platform you can entrust your assignments to if you need a good text. However, even from the name of the company, I can guess it does not perform unique papers. The company’s policy is aimed at providing rewritten texts of already existent academic works.

Decent rewriting on your request

Every field of life predetermines the writing activity, whether it be a school, a university or any workspace. Today the world is overfilled with the information, and it needs to be sorted out somehow. For this purpose, the writing tasks have been created.

However, even with a well-developed imagination and a good understanding of the topic, it is sometimes highly difficult to compose a good text. Therefore, the need to ask for some help becomes clear. is a service that can address your question.

It is focused on re-writing the papers on a certain topic. There is a great number of texts on the Internet, and sometimes you find already known ideas appealing. is your way around the plagiarism detector. The writers form the platform to make use of the materials on the Internet to present a good text with the same core message but in other words.

Various academic papers, such as essays, term papers, dissertations, as well as simple articles or posts can be re-written with the help of

Writers’ background

For the students who turn to the quality of the papers is the decisive criterion. They need a top-notch copy so that the professor can accept it and evaluate it adequately. Therefore, when choosing between various online services, the customer focuses their attention on the writers. Rephraser reviews show there is an uncertain situation concerning the writing staff.

Some users agree the quality of the papers is quite acceptable, while others are completely dissatisfied with the obtained works. They claim the texts contain already known ideas, but it is not the main concern.

The users complain about the language the texts are written in. It was said there are lots of obvious and even ridiculous mistakes. It suggests that the writers can be not the native English speakers, as the language used in the texts is not merely full of mistakes, but sounds unnatural too. Therefore, the issue regarding the proficiency of the writers is a double-edged sword.

Website interface and usability uses an online platform. It is simple to use, but quite an adorable site. There are not lots of pages, as the main activity is engaged in is re-writing.

You can make use of the homepage where there is the main information about the company and the services it provides to the customers. On the main page, you can also find the icons to make an order or find out additional information.

In general, the website is not intricate. It attracts the users as a few steps are needed to order a text.

Moreover, you can benefit from a so-called rephraser tool. It is a separate section on the website where you can find the illustrations of the previously done works. It can demonstrate to you the level of proficiency the writers possess.

However, some users claim the website is incoherent. The information is present in a poor manner, and there are also lots of spelling mistakes.

The issue of making an order

On the websites that suggest assistance in writing the texts, the ordering procedure is quite similar. There cannot be lots of differences in the process of making an order, as it will do harm to the user. Therefore, each site presents almost the same step-by-step guide.

At you need to fill in the form where there are the fields for the requirements. The procedure is simple. You need to provide a text or a link to the site so that the writer knows where to take the material from.

If you failed to mention all the needed information for the order, make sure to contact the support team. There is the staff responsible for answering the questions and tackling the issues a customer needs to solve.

What is the price?

Do not think you can find free rephraser options on the website. Every offer can be executed only if you pay a sum of money. The users claim rephraser prices are higher than the average cost on the market. However, the prices are not justified, as the quality of the texts is contentious.

You can find the relevant list of prices on the site, but I want to warn you: be ready that the final cost will be dependent upon various extra options. It means you will have to pay an extra fee for the desired writer who will be able to accomplish a decent re-writing.

Moreover, there is a need to pay more if the timing is short or the length of the text is considerable.

Furthermore, there is a tendency you can be disappointed with. The stricter the time frames, the worse the quality of the finished work. Thus, if you need to rewrite a text, and there are a few days till the deadline, do not procrastinate. Order the text in advance, so that you do not overpay.

Benefit from extra options

When you enter the site and decide to order a text, the price becomes essential for you. is not the cheapest service for the students. The cost of the works is not competitive; however, the quality is sometimes poor as well.

Therefore, in order to save some money, I tried to find a discount code. Frankly speaking, it was not difficult at all. To be true, a discount code is used as a part of a promotion campaign. It is displayed in big and bright letters so that the user can easily notice it.

Thus, more prospective customers are attracted to the website. However, it is too early to get excited about an advantageous offer. I mentioned the prices for the services are high, so the discount code can only reduce them to the average index.

The level of papers works with the writers who can perform a text on different topics and for different purposes. The writers are supposed to have a degree to work here. However, when I covered an abundance of rephraser reviews, I found the customers were mostly unsatisfied with the papers given to them in the end.

The main complaint was about the language. It was said the texts were written in a simple language. For some, the texts looked quite primitive and not appropriate even for a high school, not to mention college or university.

Moreover, a bunch of mistakes in the finished texts confused the users. In the feedbacks, they suggested that the copies were not even proofread or checked for the mistakes.

Moreover, in some cases, clear signs of plagiarism were detected. Therefore, the question “is rephraser legit?” arises. Probably, these complaints do not constitute the majority of the reviews, but they still slur the reputation of the site.

Accordance with the deadlines

If a student asks for a helping hand in rewriting the text, it is clear that he or she is pressed for time. Therefore, an online service is supposed to accomplish the task on time to meet the needs of the customer.

For most services the deadline issues become paramount, however, it does not play in the hands of the users sometimes. Trying to meet the strict timing and satisfy the customer with timely delivery, the writers forget about the quality of the works. The same situation happens when is given the tasks.

It’s users complain about the poorly composed works, and even strict adherence to the time frames cannot save the situation.

Therefore, do not oblige the service with unrealistic deadlines. Try to give at least 10 hours for an assignment, so that the quality is not lost.

Contact with the team

When working with online services, there are risks to be deceived. Thus, the users need some great guarantees and have the question “is rephraser safe?” answered before they can order a paper.

With the rephraser online help, you can contact the support team any time of the day and night. Moreover, there is a chat. You can go there and ask an assistant what you are concerned about. It can touch upon the order issues or other additional matters regarding the platform in general.

Nevertheless, the site suggests almost all possible ways of communication with the team, it does not work well. There is no unique approach to each customer, as the answers are standardized. Furthermore, they simply follow the pattern of those presented in the FAQ section.

Bonuses for a client is a regular site, and there are no distinctive features it can be really proud of. However, some of the available options are worth mentioning.

  • Plagiarism detector. When the task is done, the writer checks if the finished work can pass the plagiarism detector, so that the customer can be sure of the uniqueness of the copy.
  • Discounts. With the rephraser, free offers can hardly be expected. Nevertheless, the prices are really high, it is beneficial for a student to make use of the discount codes.
  • Information storage. There are vivid illustrations of the texts so that you can get familiar with the style of the writers.

Company’s image

On the Internet, there are lots of reviews the reputation of is built upon. The feedback from real clients is quite controversial. Some of them are positive, but a considerable amount of users felt dissatisfied with the services.

Actually, the site is safe, and the phone number for contacting the team is proof of it. However, you cannot get a refund for the work that was poorly made. Therefore, you can only hope that the quality will be more or less acceptable.

Moreover, users are concerned about plagiarism. As the works are re-written, the copyrights can be violated.

Another point is the price that is extremely high, especially for paraphrasing.

Let’s sum it up

In general, performs its basic functions in a proper manner. It’s writers help the clients modify the texts and come up with mostly original texts. However, there are significant drawbacks regarding the prices, the quality of the content and the connection with the team. Therefore, think thoroughly before working with the company or looking for another company will be wiser. The list of best writing and editing companies is ready to save your time and efforts.