Is SpeedyPaper com legit? Can you trust it?

SpeedyPaper Review [5.1/10]: Is Speedypaper Legit or Fraud? [2021]


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Service highlights

  • 6 hours deadline
  • good customer support
  • low quality of papers
  • non-English native writers
  • average prices
  • difficult to get a revision

This speedypaper review is aimed to give you a better idea of that paper writing service and, hopefully, help you make the right choice when ordering your paper that is so important for your studies and graduation in case you lack time and special knowledge to write it on your own.

What is SpeedyPaper?

SpeedyPaper is one of those paper writing services that conquered the market and popularity among students very quickly. Each of such services has its peculiarities and special features to attract customers. And such a business card of this service, according to SpeedyPaper, is their fast delivery.

They claim to deliver your paper within 6 hours only. And they really do. However, does this speed affect the quality of their work? Let’s see below.

Types of assignments company provides

SpeedyPaper doesn’t offer such a wide range of services as other services do. The assignments they promise to perform are quite limited. Thus, if you need help with paraphrasing and rewriting, homework, resume, proofreading or editing, essay writing, dissertation, or problem-solving, you can apply for help to that service.

They also provide help with grading and marking if you want to make sure your essay is good. And that’s probably it. If you want to get a poem written or a lab report, you will need to skip and find a better service specializing in those tasks.

The service helps at different levels, as they say, i.e. undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students. The range of subjects is not wide though. For example, you cannot choose a specific subject, such as subcategories of history or other sciences.

And it is not very good because there are experts in ancient history and history of different countries which are quite different from each other. It means they provide only one general expert in a subject who doesn’t know it very deeply.

Quality of writers

If you want to check the quality of the services to be delivered, you should look at the site itself. The site of the SpeedyPaper service doesn’t contain any information about their writers, nothing at all. It means I cannot check their professionalism, degree, or anything else.

The only thing I could do is to look at how the site is organized and how the text on the site is written. And what I have seen is not very different from what real customers say – the quality of writing is far from being perfect. Their texts seem to be written not by English speaking professionals.

It looks like their writers are hired freelancers from all over the globe who speak English and need to earn some extra money for writing speedy papers. Lots of customers complain that their papers were delivered on time but still contained lots of grammar and punctuation errors. It means only that the quality of their writers is not the best one.

Website’s design & usability

The design of the SpeedyPaper’s site is something that deserves special attention. I must say it is pretty good. The interface seems to be very student-friendly and attractive.

The site is well-navigated and you can easily switch from one page to another and find what you need. At the bottom of their landing page, there is a list of very tricky articles. It becomes very clear they have used lots of keywords to catch the eye of an average student.

Students who did not even plan to ask for help to pass their tests will be seduced to click those sections and make such an order. It is pretty tricky but still, very user-friendly.

There is also the section where you can leave your phone number and get a call back within 30 minutes from their contact agent. I am not sure what this function is for but it is very clear they need more and more customers.

Ordering process

Making an order with SpeedyPaper is not too difficult. You will see a green “Order Now” button in the right upper corner on their site. By clicking to it, you will immediately go to the ordering page.

The ordering form is one of the easiest I have ever seen. It requires you to state the type of your paper, subject, topic (this feature is optional), and paper details. You can also upload some materials to use for your paper.

After choosing the desired format, you can already calculate the price of your paper. Everything is easy. After you get the price, you can also state some extra features if you need them and wish. As a “speedy” service and the one that takes care of its rate, SpeedyPaper made the ordering process also as quick as possible.

But let’s see what their prices are and whether the price/quality ratio is good or not.

Prices & payment options

Is speedypaper legit?If you wonder this too, here is a reply. SpeedyPaper is a legal paper writing service and offers legal payment options. They accept the following payment options:

  • MasterCard;
  • VISA;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.

The range of their payment methods doesn’t seem to be different from that of other paper writing services and is pretty acceptable and available for any British or American student.

SpeedyPaper prices are quite affordable for students and are not excessive. Here is the range of prices for different types of papers:

  • High school paper – $9/page;
  • Urgent admission essay – $88/page. 

The price of the rest of the papers varies in that range – from 9 to 88 USD per page. Yes, almost one hundred dollars per one page sounds extremely high, however, it is a bit lower than on other paper writing sites, taking into account this is an urgent essay.

So, I can conclude that their prices are not the highest on the market; they are pretty affordable as they claimed on their site. Remember that the shortest deadline claimed is only 6 hours!

And, of course, the higher your academic level and the shorter your deadline is, the higher the price of your paper will be.

Discounts & special offers

Like any other paper writing service, SpeedyPaper wants to attract more customers to their site and offers some special offers. And it is not a speedypaper scam,they really offer some good promotions.

You can easily get a 10% discount by using your speedypaper discount code or a coupon. To get it, you should be a registered user and log in to your account on their site by entering your email, phone number, and password.

They claim not to collect that information; however, they still use cookies which may mean the opposite. But that discount code is the only special offer they can grant you with. There are no discount systems as, for example, on other similar sites.

Unfortunately, the fact that you order a lot of pages doesn’t mean you will have a discount one day. Maybe for that reason, they do not have many returning customers. People who use someone’s services constantly, want to have certain rewards, and it is natural they will go to a service that can offer it.

Content quality

This is a topic deserving a separate paragraph while speedypaper plagiarism is terrible. Yes, fast and speedy delivery doesn’t guarantee any quality. Unfortunately, it is true. A low price is a sign of low quality. Really the lowest papers ever.

I believe that it doesn’t even matter that you get your paper really fast and even within 6 hours. No one pays attention to its quality. Their papers are not unique, full of plagiarism, contain grammar and punctuation errors and no one even cares to improve that.

Low price is good but it is not that low if you take into account that you will never get a high grade for that paper. It is a total waste of money as I can see. Despite a good price, SpeedyPaper will hardly meet your expectations and requirements.

The quality of papers doesn’t relate to the academic level you order them for. It means only that they sell one and the same rewritten papers to everyone, for each academic paper and at different costs.

Timely delivery

SpeedyPaper is really speedy, as I already know. 6 hours deadline is the shortest ever probably. And they really mean it. However, some students complained that the service failed to deliver the ordered paper on time and the deadline was completely missed. It looks like they do not always stick to their main motto – speedy papers.

But let’s not forget that the quality of these papers is far from being perfect, so you may need multiple revisions. They are claimed to be free, however, they are not eager to do it for free. And that is the main reason for missing your deadline. Yes, you get your paper due to the stated deadline, however, if its quality is not acceptable (and that’s often the case), you will miss the deadline just because of a very slow revision.

Missing the deadline because someone didn’t manage to meet your requirements and their own promises is not the best perspective.

Customer support

Customer support of SpeedyPaper is claimed to be available 24/7. You can reach them on the phone or via a live chat. You might be surprised but, on the phone, stated on the site, there is really a person in the office answering it. It means that customer support works.

I can say that the quality of their customer support is pretty acceptable and deserves some good evaluation. Your claims concerning the low quality of the paper written will hardly be heard and taken into account at once, but at least, there is someone who replies to you in their office.

Apart from SpeedyPaper live chat and phone, you can reach them by email or in their social media. These contacts are also stated on their site. By the way, they are also responsive in social media. Their response rate is very high on Facebook. So, more than 3 thousand of their followers can be sure to get a speedy reply on messenger.

Extra features

There are not so many extra features offered by SpeedyPaper. They include:

  • Free bibliography;
  • Free outline;
  • Free title page;
  • Free formatting;
  • Free revisions.

These are additional features that will not cost you anything. However, I all understand well each paper cost includes those features already. But anyway, it is pleasant to get at least those features for free.

Free revisions are a separate topic. You know well that a free revision is never done quickly. Taking into account that the quality of their papers is one of the lowest, revisions are simply necessary. But getting free revisions instead of good quality is not a dream of every student. Anyone would prefer a good quality at once rather than endless and long revisions that may lead to missing your deadline.

It is necessary to admit these extra features offered by SpeedyPaper are not different from those of other writing services.

Reputation & guarantees

The site of the SpeedyPaper’s service claims to give a guarantee of on-time delivery, individual approach, 100% unique papers, and free revisions. As I have made sure, it is not true. Yes, they can manage to deliver your paper within 6 hours and give you free revisions. But those revisions may last forever and you will fail to meet the deadline.

There is even no need to talk about plagiarism-free papers while most of them are simply rewritten one from another meaning that their claims do not match with what you get in reality and are even far from that.

However, SpeedyPaper is one of the paper writing services that have an office based in the United States. It means that they are legit and have all the necessary licenses and documents. Your private and banking information is also protected while the site uses DMCA protection, as well as most of other writing services.


SpeedyPaper justifies its name and delivers really speedy papers, within 6 hours deadline the fastest. They have good customer support and are one of the few US-based paper writing services. But these are probably all their benefits and features you can enjoy.

The SpeedyPaper prices are not the highest on the market and are pretty affordable but the main criteria for every student are the quality of the paper they get. And that is the weakest side of SpeedyPaper. Their quality is one of the lowest on the market and their writers are not qualified and non-English speakers. Papers written by them will bring you lots of headaches while they require multiple revisions that may make you fail to submit your paper on time. Turning to better essay writing service will be the best decision you can make. For this reason, I prepared a list of essay writing services checked on all necessary aspects of their reliability to ease your choice.

FAQ Speedypaper

This brief summary of answers to the most important questions about Speedypaper will help you with identifying whether this service works well for you. The most important info and warnings you may find here swiftly.

What is Speedypaper?

Speedypaper is an online existing writing service that creates upon the customer’s request different study papers, like essays (most common), research and term papers, etc. It also can arrange editing and proofreading if a customer needs those. The service can likely be helpful to all students: undergraduate, bachelor, master’s, Ph.D. The range of writing offers this service promises to provide is wide. But, the quality of final versions of papers delivered to customers suffers in most cases.

Is Speedypaper Legit?

That is a serious point to doubt as the website lacks enough details about its registration and legal address. Its policies are too rough. They may fail to provide answers to important questions for customers. The service provides services to customers, so it is likely an existing one. But, it doesn’t care too much about proving its legitimacy to customers. So, referring for help to this one service is risky now.

Is Speedypaper safe?

If a matter of security is taken into consideration, we can say the service fails to apply all required measures for guaranteeing maximum security to all users. There was no publicly available info about previous data leaks and hacker attacks this service could face. But, this risk is real here. If we take a matter of quality, it is not entirely safe to work with this service as it is more than possible to waste money on poor-quality papers.

What is Speedypaper progressive delivery?

This online service positions oneself as one that can deliver ready papers extremely fast. And it does so, in fact. But, fast doesn’t mean to be good in this case. The final quality of study papers provided to its users suffers a lot. Many previous customers say so in their comments on different public platforms. There are other writing options in the market that manage to ensure the quality and speed of delivery well.

Is Speedypaper a good service?

If the service fails to ensure at least basic quality for the papers sent to users, it is not possible for us to claim it as a good one. This service should operate well and guarantee better standards of performance and quality and prevent new negative comments from customers. Now, the service is far from a good one because of the poor quality of writings it delivers.

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