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Edubirdie Review [4.4/10]: Is it Worth Your Time and Money? [2021]


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  • low-quality assignments
  • non-unique content
  • unreliable reputation
  • useless support
  • missing deadlines
  • no referral program

If you are a student, most likely you know about the need to write a large number of essays, term papers, and other papers. There are many websites for this where you can order a ready-made document. One of them is I carefully studied this platform and decided to share my opinion. In short, it is negative. You should choose a different platform. Below you will find a more detailed edubirdie review that will help you understand why I made such a conclusion.

What is Edubirdie?

EduBirdie offers abstracts, essays and scientific papers written from scratch by experts on various topics. This is an online platform where you can leave your application and get the ready-made paper. But what quality will this text be?

Which assignments does company provide?

In fact, such websites are very popular today. Students hope that with their help they will receive a guaranteed passing score and cope with the emotional stress.

But only offers some academic work. If you spend time exploring their site, you will find out what you can order here:

  • essay;
  • research paper;
  • coursework;
  • case study;
  • dissertation.

Other services are presented on the website, but they are available in the drop-down list that you need to find. Here you will see a variety of laboratory reports, business plans, literature reviews.

But even that is not enough. Each student needs much more services than this platform offers. For example, on other websites you can order a personal statement, proofreading, editing your papers, preparing the perfect resume. Why doesn’t Edubirdie have such features? Their authors are not qualified enough for these tasks. Of course, visiting the page, it is difficult not to fall in love with a cute bluebird, but upon closer inspection, it is the only cute nuance of the site.

Please also note that the company offers to place an order and clarifies that you will not be charged. But this is a paid service! At one stage of the order, you will need to pay. Is this not an edubirdie cheating?

Quality of authors

The lack of a large selection of papers is a significant minus. But not the same as the lack of professionalism of the authors. To check which writers, work for Edubirdie, I placed my order. I pretended that I needed an essay of comparison and contrast. As an ideal client, I provided a large amount of information and hoped that the author would take this into account. As a result, I got an absolutely boilerplate text with obvious similarities and differences. Not a single wish was taken into account in the text.

However, I did not have the opportunity to track the process of writing an essay, so I did not know at what stage it is now. As a result, I had to completely rewrite the paper, make changes there. I spent the time and money that I wanted to save. Therefore, I definitely can’t say that Edubirdie writers are professionals.

After reading my essay, I had doubts that it was written by a native speaker. The essay contained several grammatical errors, as well as words that only foreigners can use. I have nothing against foreigners, but Edubirdie promised a text written by a native speaker! By the way, the paper was not 100% unique. I had to modify it personally and format the list of references in order to get the correct quotation. This is not what I wanted to get for my money.

Design & usability of website

Speaking of appearance, I can call this site fashionable enough. The blue color looks very attractive, and the bird looks pretty cute. But the creators of the site apparently hoped that the design would be enough for users. They did not take good usability into account.

I can call myself a confident user of the computer and the Internet, but it was not easy for me to understand how to find a particular function. All buttons were created not to facilitate navigation, but rather to place an order. The website is also overloaded with information, pop-ups, and drop-down lists. All this complicates the use process.

How to make an order

At first glance, the ordering process is really very simple. There are only 3 steps to order paper. But they are not needed for your convenience, but for you to quickly choose the author and make the payment. The company offers to choose a writer even before meeting your specifications. In this case, the rush gives a rather negative result. If I quickly place an order and receive the first author I come across, most likely I should not be surprised that my paper will be of poor quality.

Prices & payment

I wanted to know in advance how much a professional writer would cost to plan my budget. But there is no such opportunity on this website. Only when you place an order, you can find out the edubirdie price list. Besides, you need to register and provide your email address or a link to Facebook. The issue of data anonymity remains open.

I tried to place an order for different types of securities. And always the price was the same. The impression was that for Edubirdie there was no difference whether it was mathematics or chemistry. But they require a different amount of effort and time. Also, you should pay attention to that this company is constantly striving to increase the price. The ability to select the best author is an additional $ 10. You also need to pay extra if you want a TOP author. But the company promises that all their authors are professionals. What is the difference between a regular and a top author?

Can I get a discount at Edubirdie?

Some of the websites I reviewed before had various special offers. For example, a discount program for regular customers. Of course, it is impossible to get a discount on the first order, but the opportunity to get it in the future motivates you to use this website again and again. But edubirdie discount is out of the question. And all because there is no fixed price. Bids are set by the authors themselves, who offer you a price. Of course, they will not reduce it. And the lower the price, the worse the writer in most cases.

There is also no referral program, that is, students cannot invite their friends and count on advantageous offers.

What about content?

I like it when websites offer not only paid services, but also a variety of free content. For example, if I want to write an essay myself, I will be grateful for the advice and useful tips. So when I ran into difficulties on Edubirdie, I thought: maybe I can find a useful article here?

I had to spend 5 minutes to find the Blog section. I would like this section to have a different, more obvious name and be located on the main page of the site. Various articles were presented here, for example, on the slang of the Z-generation or suicides among students. This, of course, is very interesting, but I still do not understand where the information I need is. There is no convenient filter or topic search here. Therefore, I can conclude that the content of Edubirdie is not the best. Rather, these are articles on general topics.

Meeting deadlines

What could be worse than a poorly written essay? An in-time written essay! I expected that the specialists of this website would at least give my paper in time. And they promised to do it. But I received my text in a day. Of course, I did not need a paper urgently, because it was an experiment for my Edubirdie review. But many students receive an essay before giving it to the teacher. But you still need time for proofreading and making changes.

Customer support

As soon as you open the Edubirdie website, a chat pops up with a lot of messages. You get a lot of questions and it becomes clear that they want to help you. This is actually not the case. Try to answer and you will see that you are communicating with the bot. His task is to convince you to place an order. And after you pay, you can no longer count on competent customer support. I was very dissatisfied with this edubirdie scam.

Additional features

If this site works so poorly, are there really no useful features here? Maybe something is free? Not. There really are no additional features. The creators of this site just want to make money on naive students. They do not care about your performance.

Customer guarantees

After such a bad experience, the question arises in my head: is edubirdie legit? Most likely yes, since it works for a long time. It is also actively advertised on the Internet, so we can conclude that the creators are not hiding. But this legality guarantees absolutely nothing to you. All documents are drawn up so that you will be to blame if you receive the low-quality paper. No one will refund your money and do not compensate for moral damage.


Summing up my edubirdie review, I can say that this site really does not deserve attention. Is edubirdie safe?Absolutely not! Perhaps this website is not 100% fraudulent, as you will still receive your paper. But it will be low-quality, non-unique and not interesting. You will be able to get a C-score, but for the A-score you will have to try on your own. My overall rating for this service is 2.4 out of 10. These are points for attractive design, a cute bird and a blog with modern articles. But the professionalism of the authors leaves much to be desired.

I’ve also typed ‘edubirdie reddit’ to read reviews from other students and saw that they coincided with mine. However, if you open testimonials on the website, you will see that they are all wonderful. Most likely, the authors write them on their own edubirdie reviews to attract customers. Today, there are many more reliable websites offering writing services.


If you still have not decided whether to cooperate with the online service EduBirdie, you are advised to carefully study the section below. It provides interesting answers and questions to them regarding the work of the company.

Is EduBirdie illegal?

Legal writing companies provide registration information on the home page of their websites. This information is valuable for clients and allows them to judge the reliability and safety of the assistance provided. As for EduBirdie, there is no data of this kind. In this regard, the issue of the legality of the services provided is in doubt. Most likely, the company operates illegally.

Can you get caught using EduBirdie?

Using the services of the EduBirdie company, you can get caught. This is probably because this online writing platform does not care much about the privacy of clients’ personal data and does not provide full encryption.

Why is EduBirdie so expensive?

The services provided by EduBirdie are quite expensive compared to those provided by other websites. For a page of essay text, you will have to pay approximately $ 15. If you want to communicate with a personal assistant directly, you will have to pay an additional $ 10. That is, in addition to basic services, payment is also charged for additional services, while other platforms provide them free of charge.

How much does EduBirdie cost?

The pricing of EduBirdie services is based on several important factors. These include the type of paper, academic level, amount of work, requirements for the formatting, deadlines, etc. Basically, the pricing starts at $ 13.99 per page of printed text.

Is EduBirdie legit Yahoo Answers?

According to most Yahoo Answers, EduBirdie is not legal. Clients believe that legal companies operate according to a different scheme; they protect the rights of clients and offer high-quality services. This website is not like that; customers can be deceived there.

How reliable is EduBirdie?

EduBirdie is not completely reliable. It provides clients with low-quality papers, non-unique content and does not meet deadlines. The unreliable reputation of the online platform is also associated with poor customer support.

Is EduBirdie confidential?

EduBirdie is not confidential. While other writing companies strive to do everything to ensure the maximum confidentiality of client data, EduBirdie does not even use encryption of personal information. Therefore, you can get caught using the services of the company.

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