Detailed Service Review Review [5.7/10]: Is Kibin Helpful or Harmful?


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Service highlights

  • diversity of essay examples
  • on time delivery
  • average quality of editing
  • no refund policy
  • slow customer support
  • high prices

Have you heard about

If you are looking for a service to help you with your writing tasks, learn about It is not a regular platform where there are thousands of writers ready to give you a helping hand with various kinds of essays.

The service is focused not on the writing, but rather on editing the texts. It is a huge platform where students can get motivation for their papers, ask for help in writing or in checking the materials. As you can see, the site stands out among other services, but let’s figure out if it is worth working with

Services to expect from the company

If you are used to turning to the online writing services for help, you can be confused with the things this platform provides. If you have a look at kibin reviews on the Internet, you may have a better understanding of why the users are perplexed with the platform. It can cope with different assignments, not every online writing platform can tackle.

  • Editing. is aimed at providing the customers mostly with the help of editing their papers. It proofreads the texts and points out the mistakes so that the finished work can be submitted successfully.

  • Database.

On the website, there is a section where you can find the information on various topics. It was created to give a student some motivation when writing the tasks. The information is presented in the form of articles. These are basically the illustrations of the essays you can get the inspiration from.

  • Text builder.

It corresponds to the writing process itself. You can benefit from the application on the site to compose up to a few pages of a text.

Staff proficiency

Kibin editors are the people responsible for the result. As the site is mainly focused on the editing services, these are the editors who get the job done. They are supposed to check the texts and correct the mistakes so that the material is presented coherently and without errors of any kind.

The task of the editors lies in the complete and profound checking of the material. However, I have found out that most of the users were not satisfied with the quality of the proofreading.

The texts are not checked properly, and it seems that kibin editors pay attention only to grammar and punctuation mistakes. The users said the structure of the sentences and the word choice remained unchanged after the checking. Therefore, the proficiency of the editors is doubtful.

The convenience of the site works through the online website. Therefore, you are forced to use your laptop. computer or a mobile phone to connect with the support team to make an order.

Usually, this is a site that attracts the attention of the users. If it is appealing and displays bright colors, the customer will most likely opt for it. Therefore, when developing the platform, a company should pay much attention to the interface of their worksite.

At you can find regular information about the main features, some extra offers and definitely about the order. The site is easy to use. It is not a unique platform with an exquisite interface. There are bright colors with vivid buttons so that you are not lost in the process of making an order or searching for the information.

However, there is a special thing that distinguishes from other online writing sites.

There is a special section with examples of essays. This part is presented in the form of a blog, and it attracts users’ attention.

Ways to deal with the order

As there are a few options you can choose from, the ordering process differs as well for each of the available offers.

If you want to get acquainted with the illustrations of the texts, you can simply open the particular page and read it.

For building the text, feel free to use an application where you can type the text or benefit service for creating the papers.

Now, let’s move to the editing process, that is mostly known for. To have your papers checked you need to upload them to the platform. When the materials are on the website, you are supposed to cover the order. Therefore, the payment procedure comes next.

Be careful and try to think over the order, as there is no money refund if the order has been bought. After the order is paid, you can specify the details and add more information for the editor who is responsible for the task.

When the checking is done, you get the notification on your email. At this point, your cooperation with is over.

How much to pay

Online services need to set a competitive price for their services. At you can find the information about the cost of the orders. It is necessary to remember that on the website there are basic tariffs, and the final price may considerably differ from what you find on the site.

It happens because the final price for the service depends on the complexity of the materials for the checking. It is also dependent on the length of the text and the time frames given by the customer. Therefore, you may come up with an expensive order.

The payments are to be presented before the task is done. Moreover, you will not be able to take your money back even if you are disappointed with the task. Therefore, think over the details of the order beforehand.

Any options to save money?

For ordinary students, kibin prices can be high, and they expect the service offered at least some discounts for its users. It would be really beneficial not only for the customers but for the company as well. When implementing such policies, it is possible to attract more customers.

However, you will fail to find kibin discount code even if you try hard. The price calculated by the service is the final cost of the order, and you cannot change it for your own benefit.

However, you can benefit from a monthly or yearly subscription. It gives you full access to the essay’s storage. With this membership, a vast number of essays are available to you at any time.

The credibility of the texts has been designed to help students edit their works for an academic purpose. Each day an abundance of texts is sent to the website for being checked. However, there is a suggestion that the texts are edited with the help of special programs, and editors themselves are in no way engaged in the process.

These were the users who complained about the quality of the finished papers. They said the copies were checked for mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation only. However, the editing procedure presupposes the change of the structure and the modification of word choice. Nonetheless, most customers say the texts still looked inconsistent and, in many cases, failed to satisfy the requirements.

However, on the website, there is a so-called kibin essay store. There are texts on various topics available to those users who bought a subscription. Nevertheless, the editors cannot manage with the tasks properly, this database meets its customers’ needs.

Delivery issue

When you make an order, you mention the desired time frames. The editors are supposed to stick to these requirements. The thing is you have to trust them, as the money is not refunded. In general, does not mess up with the deadlines. Its workers meet the timing or even can submit the paper a day earlier.

However, the timing is the only advantage the service can be proud of in terms of the delivery process. There are lots of complaints about the quality of the papers. Even if the texts are edited on time, the checking procedure looks quite amateur like. The choice of words is strange as for the native speakers, and the structure of the sentences is not changed where it could be necessary.

The situation is even worse when you understand there is no option to return the money. Therefore, you will probably have to be satisfied with a poorly edited, or, it is better to say, proofread work. So, nevertheless, the service does not violate the timing, do not wait for a well-reviewed paper.

Clients’ support policies

Communication with the customers is another important service an online platform has to provide. In terms of users’ support follows the suit of many other similar sites. However, they suggest a bit more for its users than a bunch of online services.

You can benefit not only from an email to communicate with the editors. There are links to the social media accounts and even a chat, where you re supposed to have all your questions answered.

Despite such a wide choice of options, the customers are dissatisfied with the assistance provides. They claim it is impossible to reach out to the support team on the same day, and very often the answer comes over a couple of days.

Features to benefit from

Having examined tons of kibin reviews, I figured out the features this service is renowned for, both with a positive and negative connotation.

  • Available services. is not a regular site where you can order an essay. It works with already written papers and checks them for different mistakes. Moreover, it’s essay storage and an application for creating simple content.

  • Payment procedure.

You have to pay the fees beforehand when the order is not ready yet. For some users, it is not convenient at all. Moreover, there is no policy toward refunds.

  • The quality.

If you need to have your thesis or term paper checked, can hardly manage it. The service is thought to cope successfully with simple writings, like essays or articles on basic topics.

Overall image on the Internet

On the Internet, there are lots of online services to help you with the assignments. Unfortunately, cannot be considered as the best one. It helps users with regular tasks but fails to execute papers of increased efficiency.

You can ask “is kibin legit?” and the answer is more or less positive, however, it does not have the best record among the users. You have no guarantees in terms of the quality of the finished papers. Moreover, there are no refunds if the customer wants to get his or her money back.

Let’s jump to the conclusion

For many students writing is not difficult. Editing is what they need to ask help for. In fact, has developed a great strategy and it can definitely become a promising service. However, now there are a few considerable drawbacks that damage its reputation and, therefore, needs fixing. It is not a big deal to get Kibin editing help but how it can be reliable? For whom, who demand only the best results I completed the section with most trusted writing, editing and proofreading service.

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