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Varsitytutors Review [7.6/10]: Is This Service Reliable and Useful?


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Service highlights

  • convenient schedule
  • variety of the subjects
  • strong guarantees
  • poor knowledge of tutors
  • high prices
  • difficulties to contact by phone

Everyone understands that students face challenges today. A lot of people, especially professionals in certain areas decided to help them all. There is a website that matches the tutor with the student who really needs help.

Varsitytutors: what about this service?

It seems to be that the students have difficulties with the workload they must deal with. It means that even if they spend a lot of time studying, they can get bad marks. More often students complain that it is more difficult for them to learn something alone, or to do some assignments on their own. There is a varsitytutors reviewwhich says that this website helps to get on well with all the tasks and subjects.

In general, the service is like an online marketplace where you can find a tutor for online or in-person tutorials. There are hundreds of subjects, but the main attention is paid to the academic paper writing and the school and college subjects.

The company is on the market for more than 10 years, and in the past, it offered only in-person tutorials. Now it is possible to work with the tutor online, and the range of subjects is gradually increasing.

What can you get from the service?

With the help of the website, all students who need help and know English, can find a tutor and learn more such subjects:

  • Social studies
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literature and etc.

The really important advantage of the service is the variety of tutors depending on the age of the customer. For example, if there is a pupil from the school, who doesn’t understand Math, the tutor will work with him/her, who will explain only basic mathematical operations.

But if you are the students of the college, the other tutor will work with you. He/she will explain more complicated rules and functions. New disciplines are added, so even the newest and the most modern subjects can be also explained and taught by the tutors from the service.

Don’t confuse Varsitytutor with academic paper writing services. Here you can only get theoretical help; the tutor will not do all the assignments instead of you. He/she will direct you to the right answers.

Are all the tutors really professionals?

There are so many reviews of the Varsitytutors online, so it is easy to get an impression of the service. But one of the most common advantages which are outlined by the customers is the professionalism of the tutors.

First of all, the tutor who will work with you should create a plan. As you know the program of your college or school course, you will clearly see if the plan is correct for you. If the answer is positive, and there will be topics discussed that you need, you can agree to cooperate.

Being on the main webpage of the service, everyone can see that more than 40 thousand professionals work here today. Of course, it is a really big number, but don’t forget that they work with people all over the world.

According to the reviews, most customers are really pleased with the professionalism and deep knowledge of the tutors. They know how to tell about the subject with the interest, explain difficult moments, give more theory than it is in the college or school, as well as give useful books.

How to use the website?

When you are on the main page of the service, you see the special online form. You have to full all the spaces with your data. By the way, the required pieces of information are e-mail, name and surname, phone number.

In general, the website has high usability. It is convenient for use by both school and college students. The interface is made in calm and light colors, so it doesn’t attract your attention from your problem.

When you will be ready to find a tutor for online tutorials, you will find all the forms easily. There is also a list of the subjects and the rules of using the service. Sometimes new students, who haven’t dealt with the service, have doubts and think ‘Is varsitytutors reliable’. But when you are on the webpage, you see that the company is really serious and honest. Be sure that everything on this webpage is ready to get your knowledge as quickly as possible. So you will not waste time understanding how the website is made.

How to start working with a tutor?

The service is on the marker from 2007. The company has few offices in the major cities in the USA. In the past, it was made for matching the tutors with the students from the schools and colleges just in those cities. But today this company has been developed. Now it works for students from all over the world. You can sit at home, find the tutor and start learning additionally just in front of your laptop. But how to start this process?

If you are ready to work with Varsitytutors com, you have to make some easy steps. Firstly, you need to determine which subject is required. So after this, the customer makes a request and the company assigns the tutor for every case. Getting the job, the tutor contacts the student, and they start to cooperate. As for the payments, the customer enters money to his/her account balance, and then the service cuts its commission, and the service pays to the tutor.

How much does the service cost?

There is an opinion among different reviews on the Internet, that the prices are not so high at this service.

By the way, there are no fixed prices, and you can’t know exactly how you will pay before starting to make a request.

Varsitytutors pricedepends on the type of tutorials you prefer to get from the tutor, the subject and the academic level, your place of living and your needs. Also, you must expect to pay more if your topic is challenging or the subject is new and unordinary.

The absence of fixed prices is a serious disadvantage. Users complain that they can’t even imagine the approximate cost of such studying.

As for the payment system, the customer can put money to his/her account balance with the help of PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. After the tutorial, the service transfers money to the tutor automatically. Moreover, the size of the commission is unknown. And there is an opinion, that the prices here are higher than average ones.


As you may know, there are not only online tutorials. If you live in the same town as the tutor does, you may have face-to-face tutorials. The prices depend on this as well as the place of your living, the subject and etc.

Unfortunately, there are no discounts or special offers which will attract new members or please old ones. You can invite your friends to the service, but you will get nothing for it. Reading some reviews from the Net, you can see that the customers consider this a serious mistake. And they are right.

This market is so competitive, and the service has high prices enough. But still, the administration doesn’t provide the customers even with a 5 or 10% discount for the fifth or tenth tutorial. And this is really upset. Students work hard and try to know more, and many people believe that education should cost less.

How qualitative tutorials are?

Of course, no one can say about the quality without trying to learn with the help of such tutorials. But there are many reviews on the Internet, and I can make a conclusion. So there are equal groups of customers. One group is so pleased with the quality of the tutorials, and the second one tells that they were terrible. Of course, no service or online connection was terrible, but the tutors. They couldn’t explain the material clearly, their English wasn’t good enough and the tutorials didn’t give extra knowledge to the students.

But they were also students who enjoyed everything. Of course, there is no information about every tutor from 40 000. But you can try to cooperate with the tutor, and if you are not satisfied with him/her, you can try to change the tutor.  You are the customer, and as I know, the customers are always right.

Will the tutorials be on time?

According to the reviews, it can be said that the client and the tutor discuss the time when the tutorial should start. As it will be conducted online, they can determine the time according to their local time.

In the cases of face-to-face tutorials, the customer discusses with the tutor where and when they will meet and work. It is also important to determine the duration of every tutorial. The prices depend on it.

Moreover, customer and the tutor must decide how many times a week they will meet online or in person. Of course, if the schedule is discussed and approved by both sides, the tutor will know when the tutorial begins and will never be late.

So some people can have doubts and think that the varsitytutors scam,but it is not true. The reviews form people from different countries approve this. The service is really effective and reliable. Tutors may have not so deep knowledge if it is required to be, but they are punctual and reliable as well.

24/7 clients support

You mustn’t be afraid and nervous if you have questions or problems. First of all, clients can use their phones and call the support team. But pay attention and don’t forget that you are not the only one, who has the problem now. There are more than 40 thousands of tutors working on the service. There are also thousands of students who make the request or wait for the tutorial.

So it is normal if the line is busy and you can’t call the team. There are some pieces of information on the main webpage; one of them tells that you will contact the support team by phone within 24 hours.

Some customers were not happy with their tutors, and thanks to the support team the tutors were changed. So if there is a problem, you can use two methods – to call by the phone or try to write the support team via special online chat.

Additional features

Reviewers don’t see any additional features in this service. However, the most common one is that the students can study when it is convenient for them. As I know, the tutorials are found by smart people, who are also engaged in sport and some other activities. So it is really convenient for such students that they can have tutorials in the evening, sitting in their bedroom and even drinking tea.

Local time is what should be always taken into account. If the tutor is from the other country, maybe you have a difference in time. But often this point doesn’t confuse the process of studying, and everyone is satisfied. The tutor is pleased to earn money from the home, and the student is also satisfied to study at home at any time as it is convenient for him/her.

Thinking about varsitytutors reddit,take into account the fact that you pay money for both getting knowledge and being in comfort.

Are the customers protected?

There are some points about which you shouldn’t be nervous. While entering the personal data, you give them only to the company. The administration of the service doesn’t give them to the third companies. Even your e-mails and phone number are in secret, so you will not receive spams.

One more point is that you enter the data of your credit card, and it’s normal. No one will know these pieces of information, so everything is safe. Moreover, if you see that this tutor is not the one you want, you can contact the support team and they will find a better tutor for you. It means that you are protected from inequality service.

Money is transferred from your account to the tutor’s one after every tutorial, so you are not able to pay in advance. It is also like the kind of guaranty because if you don’t see the tutor, who knows, will he/she be on the next online tutorial or no.


As for the conclusion, it should be said that there are many reviews which are written on real experience. Speaking about the advantages, the students pointed the convenient schedule, variety of the subjects and guaranties. As for disadvantages, they told about the poor knowledge of English and material, high prices and difficulties to contact by phone. But still, maybe you are lucky, and you will get the intelligent and experienced tutor immediately.

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