Is PapersOwl plagiarized? Review of PapersOwl: All You Need to Know

PapersOwl Review 5/10: Truth of Popular Writing Service


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Service highlights

  • good payment options
  • live chat support
  • registered in Estonia
  • unreasonably high prices
  • very low quality of papers
  • plagiarized papers – Video Review

There are so many writing services on the market that it is easy to get lost in that diversity for an average student. PapersOwl is one of such writing services offering its papers written by professionals to students. It has a lot of similarities with other services, even the interface of their site is close to that of another popular brand.

According to the users’ reviews, papersowl prices are pretty high for such a quality of services. So let’s take a detailed look at their services and other features to find out whether the price/quality ratio is reasonable and whether you should place an order on that site.

What is PapersOwl?

PapersOwl is a paper writing service for students specializing in many fields and different types of papers. The papersowl review shows that it is quite problematic to make an order on their site. Everything seems to be easy; you place an order and state the type of assistance you want to get. But the first problem you face is waiting for their reply. You can choose to place your bid and should wait for the writers’ offers in that case. Both options take a lot of time that can be really precious to any student who may simply lack it. And if you want to hire a writer directly, this is impossible. Such a process of getting your writer is very inconvenient.

Types of assignments company provides

The site offers several services, including essays, college papers, research papers writing, etc. It looks like the company offers all the possible papers to order. If you struggle with your thesis, term paper, or even dissertation, you are welcome to get your writing assistance here.

The service offers such help as editing. It means that if you have written your paper, you can ask them to edit it. Apart from that, they also specialize in writing speeches, lab reports, scholarship essays, capstone projects, admission essays, etc.

Lots of students from different colleges have complained that the papersowl plagiarism was terrible, the texts were not unique at all and as a result, brought them low grades. Necessary to admit that getting a text copied from the internet sources is not what people expect to get from a professional writing service. Paying money for a copy past is not reasonable. After all, any student can simply copy the necessary text on his own.

Quality of writers

Papersowl promises highly professional writers on their site having all the necessary diplomas and certificates. When asking for the help of professionals, everyone wants to be sure to entrust their precious work into the hands of an expert in his field.

The only problem is that you cannot check or verify the qualification of the writer. That information is not for your eyes. Nowhere on the site can you see whether your writer has a necessary diploma or qualification.

You cannot choose between different writers. Even if you can set up your bid, you should wait while the writer replies to you. You can choose to be assigned your expert. Anyways, it is difficult to realize whether the assigned writer meets your expectations and requirements.

This is a blind way of choosing the writer for your paper. You never know who is working on your paper. After all, this could be just the same student like you who is more or less good at that subject.

Website’s design & usability

As was mentioned at the very beginning, the design of the PapersOwl site is very similar to another popular writing service well known to every student. Even if you are not so experienced, you will notice it at once just by having a quick look at their site.

It means that they want to gain the trust of the users by using the same interface as a popular service. It is a sort of marketing trick and doesn’t look very honest. An inexperienced user can easily confuse their interface with another popular service and will use their services without even realizing this is a different site.

The navigation of the site is still convenient and user-friendly. You can easily find what you are interested in. However, any service you chose will lead you to the order page; you will not find any other description. It is obvious they simply use keywords for attracting users to their site.

Ordering process

The ordering process is not that complicated. You should choose the type of writing, the deadline, the number of pages you need, select your subject, topic, provide specific instructions if any, download files if necessary, and choose the writer’s quality. It varies from beginners to experts.

After that, you can select your bid and wait for the response of the writers. It is necessary to admit that this is the most time-consuming process while waiting for the response of the writer can take forever. Of course, you will get a reply sooner or later, but when your deadline is tough this is not what you expect.

Keep in mind that if you select a low bid, you will not get a professional writer and it means that your paper will be of a low quality. I can conclude that the ordering process is pretty simple but waiting for your writer is very time-consuming.

Prices & payment options

I can say that papersowl prices vary. As you could already realize, the higher your price is, the better quality you can get. The entire site reminds more of a freelance market where freelancers choose whether the bid is ok for them or not.

If it is not good for a professional writer, your paper is written by the beginner, so if you want to get good work, you should think of a higher bid at once. So I cannot say the prices are affordable as it is claimed. If you want better quality, get ready to pay more.

As to the payment options, there are not so many of them. They accept the following payment methods:

  • VISA;
  • MasterCard;

The choice of payment options is not that rich but still, the most popular credit cards are accepted and that’s already good.

But if credit cards are not what you used to pay with, better search for an alternative. Their prices also cannot be called competitive, while an essay of 4 pages and a 10-day deadline may cost more than 100 USD.

Discounts & special offers

When you search for that site online, you can find lots of information about special offers and discounts offered by PapersOwl. However, once you go to their site and try to navigate and find those special offers and discounts, you will not find any.

It looks like papersowl scam actually. As it was already mentioned, this trick is used to attract users to their site but when you are there, you do not see any discounts or special offers. Sure, they may offer them for their constant customers. But why then they state about their offers available to everyone?

To be honest, PapersOwl doesn’t look like a reliable writing service because of that. Instead of the discounts, they offer a referral program promising $35 to your account each time you bring them a customer. It looks like the only special offer from PapersOwl and can be used as a discount when ordering your next paper.

Content quality

As you understand, the price of the papers can be very high on PapersOwl. However, the highest cost of your paper doesn’t guarantee any good quality. If you go to papersowl reddit, you will see they search for the customers everywhere.

The quality of the content is pretty doubtful. You may wonder why if they offer native English-speakers and top experts in the fields. But the answer is easy – first of all, you cannot check whether your writer is a beginner or an expert. Secondly, you will hardly get a unique paper written from scratch, while most of the papers were just rewritten.

Once again, there is an impression that PapersOwl hires freelancers who simply rewrite one paper after another and the site sells it to you as a unique work written from scratch. I cannot call it a reliable service offering papers of high quality. With the same success, you could just place an order on the site for freelancers and get the same work many times cheaper.

Timely delivery

What about the deadlines and the claimed on-time delivery? You will really get your paper on time without delays. However, as I already mentioned, placing an order with PapersOwl is a time-consuming process and if you have a really tough deadline, you may wait for their reply for ages and this may be crucial for you.

But this is not all yet. Taking into account that the quality of most of their papers is pretty low and doubtful, you may need to have your paper improved, it may require editing. Since they do not have a clear money-back or editing policy, and their replies take a lot of time, you will not get the final version of your paper on time.

So just think what do you really need – getting a low-quality paper on time or better switch to another service where you can be sure to have your paper due to date after all the improvements?

Customer support

Customer support means all customers can get some sort of assistance whenever it is necessary for them. It can be done through live online chat, phone channel, email, etc. A paper writing service is not obliged to provide 24/7 customer support, however, at least during their working hours it would be pretty helpful.

If you go to the Support section on PaperwOwl site, you will just find a form on the site where you should provide your name, email, and the details of your inquiry. And that’s it. Now you may wait for your reply for ages, just like for their writers. They have 24/7 live support though. It is stated they are online all the time. I tried to reach them on Sunday and got no reply at all, so obviously, 24/7 online support doesn’t work round the clock.

They have social media accounts though but I all know no one replies in social media or the replies take too long.

Extra features

There are some special extra features offered by PapersOwl. However, when you place an order and make a payment, you can get your cover page and some references for free. But taking into account the price is unreasonably high, it is obvious those features are already included in the overall price.

Among extra features, PapersOwl offers a free plagiarism checker, citations generators, thesis generator, title page maker, and conclusion generator. These are some helpful tools any student can use for his or her purposes and that can be pretty helpful for their studies.

All these tools are absolutely free and any student can use them without placing an order on the PapersOwl site. I do not know whether they are very efficient to use but at least you can give it a try. As to their free plagiarism checker, there are obviously much better tools on other resources and sites.

Reputation & guarantees

If you wonder whether PapersOwl is legit at all, no worries, it is. It is owned and operated by Boosta Inc., OU. The company is registered in Estonia. So if you have the same question as everyone asking “is papersowl legit”, don’t worry, it is a legit company with the necessary registration number and address.

However, isn’t it weird that the company providing native English speakers’ assistance is registered in Estonia where not everyone even can speak English? This is pretty confusing and makes people wonder about the quality of English papers.

Another weird thing is that there is no clear money-back policy stated on the site. You can only guess that if you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you should get your money back or at least have your paper reviewed and rewritten. But there is no such information on the site.  It is possible to suppose if you want to have your paper improved, you will need to pay some extra fee for that service. So, as you can see, there are no guarantees at all.


If you wonder now “is papersowl real or fake?” I can truly say it is a real and legit paper writing service. It is registered under applicable law and is absolutely legitimate. However, they are registered in Estonia but provide the services of English-speaking writers what is pretty doubtful. The prices are unreasonably high compared to a very low quality of mostly rewritten texts and a doubtful qualification of their writers who are most likely just hired freelancers. However, they have live chat support and some good payment options.

I can say that the rate of 5.0 out of 10 is the best for PapersOwl, taking into account that they offer some free tools that can be used by any student who searches some assistance in the process of studies. However, if you need more than just free tools, it will be better to go to other essay writing company. Use my table of top-rated paper writing companies to find the best for you!


In this section, we have collected the most important and interesting questions about the PapersOwl platform. Find answers on them here and decide if this company is worth your time. 

Is PapersOwl real?

You can order the writing of papers on PapersOwl. Moreover, PapersOwl can seem real to you if you do not know about the Edubirdie website. It looks like PapersOwl simply made a complete copy of Edubirdie.

How much does PapersOwl cost?

PapersOwl platform operates on the basis of a bidding system. This indicates prices will vary greatly for your order. But do not expect to get high quality of your paper at a high cost. You will simply overpay for your paper. As nobody controls and tests the writers on this platform.

Is PapersOwl a good site?

PapersOwl is not considered a good site as it is a complete copy of the EduBirdie service. The developers were too lazy to create their own design of the website. If you want to get a low-quality paper from a freelancer at a high rate, you are welcome. But we do not recommend doing this. It is better to rely on other writing companies.

Is PapersOwl plagiarized?

PapersOwl is full of freelance writers. Nobody checks their writing skills and experience in subjects. So, you should prepare to get not unique but plagiarized papers from PapersOwl writers.

PapersOwl writers?

We can conclude that PapersOwl is owned by Edubirdie. The information on their website confirms this. You can discover that there are PapersOwl writers who work for the Edubirdie platform.

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