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EssayBot Review [7.1/10]: Is Essaybot Reliable or Illegal? [2021]


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  • ai writing tool
  • grammar checker
  • paraphrasing tool
  • don't write any essay, guidance only
  • no guarantees of quality
  • no refund option – Video Review

Looking for some alternative way to write your essay? Wonder how can you save money using writing assistance service? EssayBot is a real way out for you then. But is essaybot any good?

What is EssayBot?

EssayBot is such a service that provides you a chance to generate a unique text. It is some type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that produces a genuine text on a given topic. On the one hand, it is rather beneficial to utilize such a service because its plagiarism seems to be real. On the other hand, it might be rather risky and tricky since it is impossible to write a unique text for you, there is no live chat and the subscription is not free.

What are the types of assignments and services that the company provides?

To tell the truth, the main target of using EssayBot is to provide you a guide on how to write your paper, but not to exactly compose a paper for you. Since there is no real writer behind this AI bot, you should be able to adjust this paper that was generated by AI yourself. So, you will have to insert a relative headline in Google search, and the EssayBot will do the rest for you.

Also, you can select a certain source so the EssayBot will paraphrase and edit the essay for you. EssayBot will make your paper plagiarism-free, but one of the drawbacks of such assistance may be the thing that the text will be hard to read.

Typing the words in this program, you will receive the possible way of beginning the sentences. Besides, EssayBot features access to a huge database so your paper will have credible and reliable sources.

What is the quality of writers and editors?

As long as no editors or writers are involved in the process of editing, proofreading, and writing, it is difficult to judge the service’s quality. However, it is important to note that the program features a sensitive plagiarism checker so your essay will be scanned properly and made unique. Also, your grammar will be checked and you can format the text in APA or MLA style as well as the sources.

Writing about the quality of the essays according to the customers’ reviews, it should be mentioned that some of them were not satisfied with the quality of their essays. It is probably because EssayBot detects only the most obvious mistakes. You can check it by using the spelling checker.

How does the website look?

The design of the EssayBot website is good to navigate. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly. However, a big minus of it is that no people are involved here. There is no option to write a message to a writer or editor, or even to message a customer support representative. The process of using the website is more automated. You will just need to place your instructions, and the program will generate a paper for you.

Note that the results might not impress you very much since AI is rather limited nowadays. moreover, it is hard to talk about the quality of the essays generated by AI, if it comes to writing and editing. Therefore, perhaps, in the nearest future, the quality of the EssayBot program will be much better.

How can I order the paper?

In order to the bot to find the proper content, you should type the title of it. On the right, you will be offered some parts of the content. Choose one of them. Then click the “Rephrase and Add” button. Some words will be rephrased and added to your essay by AI. Then you may repeat doing this as long as you need a certain amount of content. Finish your paper with random text. Press the download button. Note that before you do it, it will be proper to subscribe to the website to get your paper downloaded.

Easy, isn’t it? In general, you should do some part of the writing by selecting certain information to be included in your paper. However, it is not a big deal if you need your essay fast, isn’t it?

How much does essaybot cost and how can I pay?

Is such a service free? It might seem so. However, when you have generated your paper, you will be asked to subscribe which is not free. Nevertheless, such a subscription is a good way out if you want to save money since other writing services cost much more than EssayBot.

So how much does EssayBot cost? There are several types of subscription within EssayBot. If you want to subscribe for a week, pay $2.95. A monthly subscription will cost $9.95, and a year subscription is available for $59.40.

All in all, such prices are rather affordable in comparison with the assistance of real writers. Note that there are two payment options for all EssayBot customers such as Stripe and PayPal. However, it is possible that in the future there will be more appropriate payment options for various users.

Are there any discounts or special offers?

It is possible to utilize EssayBot services only if you are subscribed. However, it might be rather expensive for people on a tight budget even if it seems to be cheap to use an automated tool. Besides, EssayBot does not offer any discounts. You will have to become a member for either week, month, or year. Therefore, unlike other writing services, EssayBot might look rather inconvenient to use for those who barely manage to make both ends meet.

The good news is that the trial period of using the service is free. You will be able to check whether EssayBot is suitable for you, at least, for a week. However, you should add your payment data when you sign in so that they will charge you in a month. Also, you can cancel your membership anytime. You will not have to pay extra fees.

What is the quality of content?

To tell the truth, Essaybot cheating is impossible. It provides you the possibility to write a paper on your own. However, it won’t help you with your essay because it is based on AI. In other words, your paper might be unoriginal since it will be only rephrased. To be more precise, the paragraphs of the generated essay are difficult to read which will not give you a good grade. You will have to spend hours editing your essay which is sad because the point of such a service was to help you save time.

Also, the choice of synonyms is poor which eliminates the paper’s coherence and readability. It is because the essay is arranged and paraphrased in a way to pass the plagiarism checker. However, is such a text the one you were looking for? It depends on your initial target: to have an original paper or to be guided to write any kind of paper. There is a big difference between these two goals so it’s up to you which one to choose.

Is delivery timely?

Of course, the paper is delivered on time. If only you are a member of the EssayBot community and paid a certain sum of money for registration. At first, your essay will be generated for free, but then in a week, you will have to pay for the essay. In other words, you will have an opportunity to download your paper on time only if you were charged for a week, month, or year’s trial.

What about Customer Support?

There is no such option as a live chat here. However, you can reach the people employed there in 2 ways. The first one is by sending an email and the second one is by making a call. The customer support is rather limited since you never know when they will answer you. Also, there is no email address for certain departments and no links to social media. All that makes the use of EssayBot less convenient and practical if you need immediate assistance.

It might seem that the owners of EssayBot do not care whether you are satisfied with the tool’s quality or not. Also, you might expect more from the cost they charge.

However, the website features a FAQ section. So, you may find the answers to almost all your questions there like refunds, payments, troubleshooting, managing settings, and creating accounts.

Are there any extra features?

There are a grammar checker and plagiarism tool on the website. However, the plagiarism-checker does not function properly. The grammar checker is rather okay, but it will not guarantee you a 100% mistakes free result. There is also a paraphrasing tool. There is an option to download a Word file on the site. That is all that EssayBot website features but you might not need more using this application.

Is reputation good and what about guarantees?

The reputation of the application depends on the customer’s expectations, according to essaybot reviews. For instance, if the customer was looking for a complete paper he or she might be frustrated. However, if the customer was in search of some guidance, he or she is on the right track. This is due to the fact you should do some work when composing a paper using EssayBot to get a positive grade. Many users are happy to use this service and do not mind spending hours editing their essays.  The main point of utilizing EssayBot is to provide the customer with a general idea of how to produce their paper.

Is essaybot reliable? EssayBot does not give any guarantees regarding the quality of your paper. Besides, there is no refund option. The only thing you can do to protect your money is to cancel your membership.


EssayBot is a brand-new idea of how to write the paper in a good way. Essaybot scam is impossible. However, this idea has to be modified to give proper results. Hopefully, AI will be more developed in the future if it comes to writing and editing. So EssayBot will be gaining more and more popularity among students. Is essaybot illegal? Absolutely, no. Now, this tool requires applying some extra efforts to generate a quality paper. Meaning, you will have to spend some time, creating the essay. If you want just to be guided, EssayBot will be perfect for you. Nevertheless, if you want to get tailor-made papers without any efforts it’s better to check my table of top writing services for more appropriate.

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