Is Bid4Papers com legit? A Reputable Writing Company or a Scam?

Bid4papers Review [3.8/10] – Is Bid4Papers Scam or Not? [2021]


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Service highlights

  • high prices
  • low-quality content
  • unqualified writers
  • missing deadlines
  • unclear refund policy
  • plagiarized papers

What is Bid4Papers?

Bid4papers was not the first to offer a bidding system when they opened the doors back in 2013. But they name themselves a revolutionary company with over a thousand writers. They are headquartered in Cyprus but there is no telephone number or address, so there’s no way you can contact the service.

I came across hundreds of negative reviews claiming that bid4papers scam customers. That is why decided to write my own review. Hopefully, it will be useful in deciding whether to mess with them or not.

Types of assignments company provides

Let’s start my bid4papers review with the types of services this company offers. They claim to provide writing assistance only to college and university students but I found out that they also work with high school students. The company also claims that all of their writers possess at least Bachelor’s degrees but after placing an order it became obvious that their authors are either foreigners or school students.

Despite the absence of strong skills and background, Bid4papers covers all types of academic assignments, even theses, and dissertations. They also deal with essays, research papers, laboratory works, presentations, speeches, resumes, submission essays, and much more.

Apart from that, they offer to edit and rewriting assistance. However, it’s rather doubtful that a decent writer would agree to rewrite works of other authors instead of conducting research and creating a paper from scratch.

All in all, Bid4papers has quite a regular list of offers and absolutely nothing to boast with. Are you willing to learn whether they can be trusted? Then let’s proceed with evaluating the professionalism of their authors.

Quality of writers

The heart of any company is its authors. Moreover, if customers claim that bid4papers cheating involves the writers, I have to explore this topic in more detail. Especially when a bidding system is involved.

Bid4papers has a rating system, which evaluates every writer and includes the number of orders, average score, and a separate section with reviews. Yes, there are a few good writers in the company but there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to distinguish an experienced writer from a bad one, especially considering that the comments can be written by the company itself and the information on a personal page can be fake.

I have also placed an order and accepted a bid from one of the top writers. Unfortunately, the essay I received was of bad quality and it was obvious that the writer was from abroad: lots of mistakes, typos, and complete absence of structure. I can’t even imagine how an essay from a low-quality writer would look like.

Website’s design & usability

I can’t say anything bad about Bid4papers website – it is simple, has all the corresponding sections and even students, who are placing an order for the first time won’t find it difficult to understand how everything works. And bid4papers reddit support my opinion.

The colors are calm and don’t distract customers from getting familiar with the company or placing an order. There is a quick menu on the upper part of the website and you can go directly to the page with instructions, prices, latest reviews or the FAQ.

However, to place an order you need to scroll the page down or to log in to an existing account and manage the assignment in your dashboard.

There are a short guide and a devoted test for beginners, which promises to teach customers how to place an order in matter minutes. However, a good design and impressive usability are basically the only benefits of Bid4papers.

Ordering process

I am often asked ‘is bid4papers legit?’ Yes, they provide writing services and don’t run away with your money. But not all students trust bidding systems, so I decided to explain how everything works taking Bid4papers as an example.

  • Customers fill in the order form by providing necessary information on the assignment type, number of pages, deadlines, and formatting;
  • Talk to the writer. When a certain number of authors bid your order, go to their profiles to check personality, background, experience, and writing style;
  • Select the best candidate. After comparing various candidates based on their ratings, examples of works, and offered bid, students pick the best one;
  • Track progress. You can ask questions and give recommendations when the paper is being written;
  • Evaluate the writer. Once the paper is submitted rate the author and leave comments to help other students make up their mind.

It sounds rather simple and appealing, right? Unfortunately, this system has multiple drawbacks and based on Bid4papers’ reputation I am ought to share those drawbacks with the audience.

Prices & payment options

Let me introduce you to the bid4papers prices – probably the most interesting part of any review. As you remember, this writing company uses a bidding system, so the final price of the order is based on multiple factors. For example, the length of the paper, academic level, rating of the chosen writer, etc.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about Bid4papers on their website, which indicates that writers can choose any price they want. However, this doesn’t mean that the prices will be low.

You’ll need to pay around $16 for a single page when ordering a high school essay. And this is rather expensive compared to most of the writing companies. The price can reach $60 per dissertation page and there are even higher fees for urgent orders. That’s why Bid4papers should be considered as an above-average writing company in terms of prices. However, this is rather weird considering that they don’t check the quality of the papers and skills of the writers they hire.

Discounts & special offers

After more detailed research you’ll find that there are no promotions or bonuses for customers not depending on whether it’s their first or tenth order. And considering that the bid4papers cost is high, students should think twice before placing an order.

It seems that Bid4papers thinks that the bidding system itself is one big discount and students can negotiate with writers to get the best deals. Unfortunately, the standard free features that writing companies offer are also absent, so you won’t get free title pages and bibliography. The only chance to save money is to ask writers in advance whether they provide those pages for free. But I really doubt it.

I’ll keep an eye on Bid4papers and will hope that after reading hundreds of negative comments they’ll decide to change the pricing policy and to add a few perks to make their services more affordable. Follow my reviews not to miss anything out.

Content quality

To create a detailed and honest bid4papers review I decided to make an order of my own. The biggest advantage of a bidding system is that you can choose whether to entrust your paper to a student for a low fee or to an experienced writer with a higher rate.

In most cases, customers choose lower bids, so it’s not surprising that they complain about the service. That’s why I decided to hire one of the top-rated writers to check whether they really have an academic background, necessary skills, and English proficiency. Unfortunately, the writer I have chosen did not live up to expectations.

He completely ignored the instructions that I gave him, failed to finish the paper on time and sent them with multiple mistakes. I tried to contact him or the support manager to get revisions or a refund but no one replied, so I was left with a bad assignment after the deadline and not knowing what to do next.

I can only imagine how bad the works submitted by cheaper writers are.

Timely delivery

When reading Bid4papers Reddit comments it seems that the most common complaint is late delivery. Writers are not controlled by the managers, so even when choosing a certain deadline you can’t be sure that your assignment will be delivered on time.

Unfortunately, my order was late and no one even apologized. I find it rather strange that a company that earns money can’t create a viable system of keeping track of the writers they hire and the papers that are completed.

It’s not surprising why students rarely return to Bid4papers with new orders. And if I had to choose a writing service with a bidding system, I would surely choose the one, where the company controls its writers and not only makes money.

Customer support

As I have already mentioned above, the paper I ordered contained multiple mistakes and also some plagiarism. It was obvious that the writer not only failed to create a professional assignment but didn’t even spend time researching the sources and referencing them in a proper way.

When I noticed these matters, I tried to contact the customer support and ask for a revision or a refund but it was an impossible mission. Bid4papers scam customers, when they say that there are all types of guarantees available.

Based on the comments online, I am only one of the thousands of users, who weren’t able to reach the support team. Although they are rather quick to get in touch when you’re only placing an order. Seems they do their best only until a transaction is made.

It would be great if Bid4papers improved their support team, added new communication methods and answered all the requests, and not only those, which concern questions of making a transaction.

Extra features

I did my best to find additional features that Bid4papers could offer their users. Unfortunately, I failed. Most likely, the company thinks that bid4papers prices are rather low and are already a sufficient benefit among the competitors.

However, their fees are high for the industry, there are no free pages, no plagiarism reports, and of course no bonuses or promotions. It’s obvious that Bid4papers does nothing to satisfy their customers and once payment is made, they disappear without a trace.

Reputation & guarantees

If you have some time and energy, surf the Bid4papers website trying to find any valuable information on the guarantees they have. The only thing I have found is the confidentiality and privacy policies on the bottom of the page. They state that personal information, as well as banking details, are protected by the company and are never shared with third parties.

There is also a moneyback guarantee, where the company claims that they don’t pay the writer until the order is completed. However, it is possible to do only before you close the order. Moreover, some customers claim that the only way to get at least a partial refund is late delivery – in other cases the company won’t even bother to reply.

Other guarantees that are stated on the website claim that all writers have at least a Bachelor’s degree and are native English speakers. Unfortunately, this information is a lie and bid4papers scam users by giving promises that they can’t keep.


To write this bid4papers review I have analyzed tens of sources, read a huge amount of comments, and placed an order of my own. The only benefit of Bid4papers is a stylish and modern design of their website. The rest ranges from bad to horrible – high prices, low-quality papers, and writers, who are definitely not fluent in English.

Bid4papers doesn’t participate in ensuring quality delivery of orders, so the writers act the way they want – offer high bids, don’t follow the requirements, and are often late with the delivery. Thus, at the moment I can’t recommend Bid4papers to anyone. Therefore, looking for high-qualified essay writers and great conditions of pricing and support, it will be better for you to draw attention to the list of best essay companies.

FAQ Bid4papers

Bid4paper is another writing company you may consider. If your time is restricted at the moment, we suggest you look through this section at a glance.

What is Bid4papers?

Bid4papers is a service that enables users to choose the preferable pricing option. A user should place an inquiry, and all interested writers suggest their prices for these services. A user reviews all such options and chooses the exact suitable one. For this selected option, a user releases one’s payment.

Bid4papers service suggests plenty of writing offers to all users. But, the quality of such is sometimes is more than low, and the service naturally gets lots of adverse comments from its customers. 

Is Bid4papers legit?

There are serious doubts about this aspect. Bid4papers is a Cyprus company that fails to provide enough details about its registration, address, and similar things that can prove its credibility and legal nature. Policies for completing orders are also far from well-developed. So, the matter of legitimacy is under a big question.

How much does Bid4papers cost?

There cannot be an explicit answer in this case as the price is determined by a customer who chooses from all available options. Usually, pricing offers are determined by writers taking into account the type of an order, its urgency, topic, and other details that are mostly related to its complexity or special requirements that should be followed. The final price is still high here – $16-17 around.

Is Bid4papers a scam?

Bid4papers cannot be considered a scam. It doesn’t forge with done (undone) papers. But, it simply fails to ensure the quality control function over all orders completed by its writers. So, unhappy users leave their negative comments about the performance of this service and the quality of papers they get.

Is Bid4papers safe?

Antivirus software and encryption are applied by Bid4papers. We hope its users will not experience any issues with cybersecurity. In the case of Bid4papers, there are doubts about the entire safe nature of this online writing platform. Still, there is no information about data leaks that occurred in the past.

Is Bid4papers plagiarism-free?

Bid4papers claims it uses different plagiarism checkers, but the final copies of papers provided by it still contain plagiarized pieces of text. Unhappy customers of this service state about that in their comments. So, for better confidence, it is necessary to request a plagiarism report. But, this option is payable. So, Bid4papers is not very trustworthy when the matter of plagiarism prevention is on the agenda.

Are there Bid4papers discounts?

Prices for the Bid4papers service are market-determined. So, there are no discounts available. Customers may only choose the most suitable (frequently, this is the cheapest option with the low-quality writing results provided). The service doesn’t pay too much of its attention to developing favorable loyalty programs for its users.

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