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MyAssignmentHelp Review 6.3/10: Is Company Fake or Legit?


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  • blog with useful information
  • friendly support
  • average paper's quality
  • outdated design of website
  • missing deadlines
  • unclear pricing policy

I decided to order my student essay on the MyAssignmentHelp website and write a myassignmenthelp review. Let’s see what happened.

What is MyAssignmentHelp? is a platform that provides written services for students. Having studied their website, I can conclude that the company has been operating since 2007. During this time, it has earned a solid customer base.

Despite the fact that the company’s office is located in Australia, it works with students from various countries. Among them are students from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Singapore, India, and many other countries.

Having studied the company’s website, it becomes clear that more than 4000 writers are working with them. These are academic specialists who have a Ph.D. As well as students using the services of the website, they live in different countries and work online.

Types of assignments company provides authors provide a large list of writing services. They can prepare essays for students, term papers, research papers, dissertations, homework. They are also involved in editing and citation. The website states that the academic experience of writers allows them to be well versed in different types of links and formatting standards.

On the platform, you can also find a fairly large number of examples. They are needed so that the potential client can get acquainted with the list of services, as well as the style of the author. Still, choosing between 4000+ writers is very difficult. Each has its own style and features of writing. After reviewing the examples, you can draw some conclusions.

Quality of writers

Of course, this site, like many others, speaks of the high professionalism of the authors. The company promises that each of the writers will provide you with the highest quality paper written on time. When I decided to use the services of this site, I had a little disappointment. Firstly, I received the finished text a little later. Fortunately, I well planned my own time, so I managed to turn in the work on time. But I was expecting it from the author on Monday and received it only on Tuesday. And this is with the promise to be on time.

As for the quality of the written text, I cannot say that the paper is very bad and myassignmenthelp fake. It is written without spelling and lexical errors and does not contain plagiarism. But I can’t call her very good either. This is a plain text that any student could write. It even has a small part of plagiarism, since the author decided to quote a literary work. At the time of receipt of the text, I could only hope that the citation was correctly framed. Still, evaluating the quality of all the paper, I could not say that it was written by a person who has an academic degree. Rather, it was a competent student who is not very able to plan his own time.

Website’s design & usability

Honestly, website design is something that people immediately pay attention to. After all, it is known that clothes do not make the man. But they definitely make the website. A lot depends on the appearance of the site. And I’m not sure that the designers of MyAssignmentHelp made the right decision.

They use a combination of three colors: orange, dark gray, green. Surely, they considered this a harmonious combo, but in my opinion, it is not like that. In addition, the site’s interface is not user-friendly. This applies to buttons and page layout.

For example, when you see the “Answers” ​​section, you most likely think that you will find a list of common questions and answers to them, for example for question: is myassignmenthelp legit? But this is not so. The company provides “answers” for various topics of assignments and training subjects. That is answers for mathematics, for literature, for an essay. On the one hand, it is good that the student can take advantage of these answers. On the other hand, such a design introduces into stupor and frustration.

Another point that confused me is related to prices. I wanted to find a price calculator on the site, but it is not here. How much your essay will cost is a mystery until you place your order.

Ordering process

The order form looks quite minimalistic. There is nothing superfluous. But there are no details, for example, the price of the order. You can upload your task, provide files with requirements, drafts, your own comments. After you do this, you will be transferred to the payment page. Of course, I would like to know the cost of services in advance and not waste my time on this, but I already mentioned this.

Prices & payment options

To get pricing information, you need to provide the website with as many details as possible about your essay and wait until you are informed about the cost of the service. Despite the fact that writing an essay and other papers is not very expensive, such an expectation cannot please. I think that it annoys many students. After all, if it is not expensive for me, this does not mean that the price suits other students. Most likely they will simply get upset and leave the website, spending their time on questions.

There are no problems with the issue of payment. As soon as you place an order, the payment page opens. You need to choose a third-party service or your bank card and make a payment. The platform promises that all your financial data remain confidential.

Discounts & special offers

Having studied the content on this website, you will find a guarantee of discounts up to 100%. This sounds promising, but it is not true. First of all, because the 100% discount is free paper. Free text, of course, is impossible, because everyone wants to be paid for his services. But since there are no myassignmenthelp prices, you won’t know what your discount is. The company will simply pick you the “best price,” as they say.

Even if there is a discount, you simply won’t know about it.

Content quality

If you take a little time and look for various information on this website, you will find out that there is a blog. Frankly, finding it was not easy, although I am well able to search for information on the Internet. But overall, the blog impressed me. There are a lot of articles for students on a variety of topics. If you want to find out how to write a critique or the research proposal, just read the articles. In this case, you may not even use this service, but prepare the paper yourself. After all, all the information for this is already here.

Timely delivery

I have already written that the issue of punctuality is my main requirement. Many students place an order because they do not have time to write the paper on their own. Therefore, they rely on the professionalism of the website. And it is very sad when expectations are not met. When placing an order, plan your time to take into account force majeure and delays. Otherwise, you will miss the deadline at your university and get a bad grade.

Customer support

After my essay was not submitted on time, I contacted the support service. The managers behaved quite professionally, but I can’t say that they chose a friendly tone for communication. They answered all my questions but did not understand why I was so upset. Perhaps if the essay contained errors, they would have asked the author to correct them. But if you received a paper with a delay, you cannot replay the situation and get it a day earlier. Therefore, I cannot say much about customer support, but I hope that it really works for students.

Extra features

Many writing websites today offer a number of services. MyAssignmentHelp was no exception. It is not only about writing texts but also about other possibilities. For example, using this website, you can check your text for myassignmenthelp plagiarism. There are also various calculators. For example, a calculator that counts the number of words in an article. Or a GPA calculator. There is a service for paraphrasing. If you are a student, you can order your finished homework. In general, the creators of the website promise a really large number of services. I don’t have the opportunity to check each of them to make a final impression, but I will hope that at least some of them are of really good quality. But these services are not always easy to find on the site due to the small print.

Reputation & guarantees

The creators of MyAssignmentHelp declare that this is a successful platform that students really like. On the website itself, you can find a huge number of myassignmenthelp reviews and all of them are positive. They express happiness and joy from cooperation with the proposed authors. But if you study the reviews on other platforms, e.g. myassignmenthelp reddit, you can draw completely opposite conclusions. There are a lot of bad reviews on the Internet. There are even people who are advised never to contact this site.

It seems to me that the situation looks positive. Too many good reviews on the website and bad reviews on the Internet. Most likely the truth is somewhere in between. If MyAssignmentHelp provided terrible service, this business would have long been closed.

As for guarantees, the company promises to return the money if you find yourself unsatisfied with the service. In fact, this is a long and complex bureaucratic process, which is easier not to mess with.


Drawing conclusions, I can say that MyAssignmentHelp is a fairly average site. Most likely my rating is 6.3 out of 10. I can’t say that I am absolutely dissatisfied with the services and will not recommend it. Still, I got my essay and it turned out to be quite normal. I also found access to a lot of useful informational materials. Unfortunately, there are some nuances here that cannot be completely satisfied. This is the website design, deadlines, and the availability of transparent pricing. If you have no other choice and myassignmenthelp alternative, you can order paper there. However, I do want to ensure you that trustable writing services exist and my rating of essay companies is a proof.


Many potential clients of MyAssignmentHelp have similar questions regarding the work of this company. We have gathered them in the section with the most frequently asked questions. Moreover, we have responses to them.

Is MyAssignmentHelp safe?

MyAssignmentHelp is not a safe company. They lie at the beginning of the cooperation by providing false photos of writers. Who knows, maybe they will share your personal information with third parties. If you value your confidentiality, do not place orders here.

Is Myassignmenthelp legit?

We don’t think that Myassignmenthelp is a legit platform. The company utilizes fake photos of writers. They lie to students. Myassignmenthelp is absolutely not worth your time and money.

Is Myassignmenthelp an Australian company?

Yes, Myassignmenthelp is based in Australia. Though it intends to help students from such countries as the USA, UK, and New Zealand, the company is bad at it. Many clients had a negative experience with this platform.

Is Myassignmenthelp reliable?

We can’t claim that Myassignmenthelp is a reliable company. The platform does not offer a money-back guarantee. You will simply lose your money. You will not get a refund for sure, even in the situation of failure from the side of a writer.

Is Myassignmenthelp fake?

Myassignmenthelp is a real writing company with fake testimonials on various platforms. The company simply wants to raise its online reputation. Except for this, the platform uses fake photos of writers. This is the first sign to avoid this company.

Myassignment help is a scam?

We can’t say for sure that Myassignmenthelp is a scam. They will perform your order. Speaking about quality, there are no guarantees your order will be performed on a high level. Therefore, all we can do is advise you to rely on a better writing company if you are searching for high-quality academic writing help.

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