Is 123helpme a Legit Site? Check My Review of! Review [6.7/10]: Is It Safe for Essay Writing Help? [2021]

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Service highlights

  • cheap prices
  • huge essay database
  • no data safety guarantees
  • e-mail support only
  • poor quality of content
  • inconvenience of the ordering process to meet your needs

Having used to working with various writing services, you can find quite different from the scope of the online platform for the writers. This is not a regular site to provide you with a complete paper. You can benefit from ready-to-submit essays that were previously downloaded to the platform by other users. Actually, the site has nothing to do with the writing process itself. It simply offers you a number of texts.

There are illustrations of works you can take some inspiration from. They are on different topics so that the choice is huge.

Types of papers to expect from the company

Actually, 123helpme free essay number is enough, as there are different illustrations a user can benefit from. It would be better to point out that service has an abundance of choices for its clients. If you wonder what are the options a client can make use of at the platform, research the list:

  • Term papers. Obviously, students are in search of a good paper to find some inspiration. Thus, there are 123helpme essays to serve this purpose.
  • Research papers. This section is even more popular among the users, as research papers constitute a vast majority of assignments for the trainees in the educational institutions.
  • Free essays. It is a great chance for students who have little money in their own hands.

It is a general overview of the works you can find at the platform. Actually, 123helpme offers the writings on different topics and of various formats, whether it be a thesis, a dissertation or a simple persuasive essay.

Essay writing help

I have already mentioned that deals with the already written papers. Therefore, the actual process of composing a paper is not included here. It means the working staff does not encompass real writers who are engaged in the activity. is a special platform that functions more like an online database for the users. There you can find texts that a system has previously sorted out into set categories.

On one hand, it is beneficial for the clients because each section encompasses merely the appropriate material. Therefore, you are not lost in the abundance of texts scattered on the website.

On the other hand, there is an inconvenience, as you cannot get any help from a real person if you face some content troubles. All you can do is simply soak the material and then transform it with your own words, but it will not be a help from a professional writer. If you are looking for real professional essay writer, check the list of top rated essay writing services and pick up one that meets your needs.

The interface and website usability

When we apply to an online writing service where there are different payment options, we expect a decent and good-looking platform. When all the website features are gathered properly and offered to a user in an appropriate order, it is a complete pleasure to search for the right information. has a distinctive online platform that is easy to use. It is another point that attracts its clients, as with a good and convenient interface you can overlook a few drawbacks, even if they are obvious.

The designers developed a modern and even innovative platform so that you can easily move from one page to another with no delays at all.

On the page, there are vivid keys so you are not lost in the process of searching for the information. You are constantly guided by buttons designating the main options available for an Internet user.

The procedure of making an order

Lots of students struggle because of the inconvenience of the ordering process. Sometimes, even a well-developed site with a great helping content can fail to sell its products because of an extremely confusing or complicated ordering process. Students are simply discouraged to figure out how to apply to the platform, so they opt for another site.

As you can see, but only the interface and the quality of the services offered are important. Accessibility is indispensable as well, and therefore it cannot be overlooked. At you don’t have to get the hang of how the system works. The ordering procedure is as simple as that.

If you do not need deep research, and superficial knowledge will be enough for you, you can simply research the available parts of the texts that are free of charge. However, if you need to research an issue and a complete work is needed, you are to decide on the payment options.

Payments issue

At the onset of its development, welcomed the option of free essays. Any user could find a work to read and find some inspiration. However, in the course of time, the company changed its policy towards free materials. Now you will have difficulties in finding at least some essays that are completely free. There are, obviously, the traces of what was called a free service. You can benefit from a short piece of a text absolutely free, but for further reading, you will be forced to pay.

One specific feature lies in the fact that you have to cover membership to continue using the platform at its full capacity. There are three main options for a client. You can join the site for a month, a quarter or a year. Each interval of time is followed by its peculiar price. Usually, $30 is what you have to pay for a monthly subscription. However, the prices may vary from time to time, so it is better to consult their website.

Specific offers

Any service on the Internet presupposes a sum of money paid in advance. Nevertheless, the payments asks for his services are quite moderate, some extra offers are always appreciated.

There are a few ways you can benefit from the service and save some money.

First of all, you can join the platform by issuing a membership. It will be beneficial for you if the use of is an ongoing need. Therefore, you can choose a quarterly subscription instead of a monthly membership. This way, you will economize a little.

Second of all, there are occasional offers that a platform suggests to its user. For example, you can observe a 15% discount for particular options. Unfortunately, 123helpme free essay code is not available on the website. has no free options for today.

Therefore, free essay codes cannot be found here. Nonetheless, if you look hard enough, you can find out the 123helpme invite code.

Content performance

Any service for helping with essays is a distinctive platform with special offers. provides its clients with a wide range of suggestions. Actually, the variability of essay illustrations lies in the fact that the platform represents a compilation of already written texts. Therefore, you can benefit from any kind of writing. Whether it be a dissertation or a term paper on chemistry, you will find a file to meet your needs.

The quality of the content is another issue to talk about. Despite an abundance of texts available for the users, there are some considerable drawbacks.

The users often complain about the conformity of the price and the texts. Sometimes it happens that the free version of the text is no better than a paid material. Moreover, sometimes the papers are written in a poor language. It seems also that a text was composed by a child in the best of cases.

Delivery issue

What you should remember is that does not work with the writers. It is the system that sorts out the material.

Therefore, there is no particular timing. The delivery of the papers depends on your own. If you need a text at this very moment, you need to pay. For sure, you can make use of the part of a text, but it can little help you with the writing process.

If you buy a written work, you can download it to a computer and dispose of it as you wish. Even if the connection with the service is lost or the subscription period is gone, the file is still stored on your PC.

If you have made a payment, you can perform any amendments to the text by copying it or doing other shifts.

Communication with the clients

If you are familiar with online services to provide assistance with the writing, you can be a little disappointed at this point. is not a regular platform of the kind. You will not get 24/7 support to know the details of the order.

Everything you can get is an email with specified information. It is sometimes not enough, and you want to go deeper. There is an option to connect with a support team, but it cannot be performed in real life. Therefore, if you need to make a complaint or note something, you will fail.

Nonetheless, the company protects its safety. It is manifested when you first enter the platform to pay for the service. When you contribute money, there are no chances to take them back, even if you are not satisfied with the services or want to cancel your membership. characteristics

There are some features to experience when using this service.

  • The website is really great. It has all the important information and is easy to use. Therefore, you do not have to spend hours finding the appropriate information.
  • Some 123helpme essays are offered for no or little charge. In general, the prices are not very high, so that any student can make use of the platform.
  • When you pay for a service, you are left with a file, and you can use any time of the day or night. It is downloaded to your computer, so you cannot lose it.
  • The company has not developed a chat to provide its users with online help. Unfortunately, email is the only way to contact the team.

Customer’s safety

When you are not familiar with the site, you need to find some proof it is credible and safe to use. This platform has gained its specific reputation on the market. However, it is ambiguous.

On the one hand, they offer quite favorable membership. You can even benefit from it if you subscribe for 3 months or a year.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to get in touch with the team. There is an email so that you can ask questions or complain.

Despite clear benefits, there is a considerable drawback. The question “is 123helpme safe” is appropriate in this context.

There are no data safety guarantees. Therefore, the cooperation can be risky, as you pay with your card. Thus, your personal data is transferred to the platform, and the company does not have strict data storage regulations.


If you are stuck and have no ideas what to do with the essay, this service can provide you with a great scope of materials to take inspiration from. You can find lots of 123helpme reviews and make sure it is what you need.

However, the service is not a flawless platform. You can experience inconvenience working with it, but the drawbacks are not that crucial. Therefore, you can try and view for yourself how the system works. Otherwise, you always have a chance to find better paper writing company by reading other essay service reviews placing in the main page of


If you want to know more about the 123helpme writing service, check the following list of the most frequently asked questions and find the answers to them. Make sure to use only the most reputable providers.

Is 123helpme reliable?

When it comes to reliability, all aspects matter to users. However, this writing service cannot guarantee the safety of your private and payment details, good quality of papers, or responsive customer support. Therefore, it is not as reliable as it could be. 

Is 123helpme legit?

Yes, this service is absolutely legitimate, and you do not risk breaking any laws when using them. Although it is legit and their website is quite convenient and user-friendly, they lack data protection, so be careful with submitting your personal details. 

Does 123helpme create texts without plagiarism?

Since the platform provides pre-written texts, you can often find their quality quite poor, and most of them are not written from scratch. If you want to receive fully unique papers, you may need to choose another platform and have a text that will be written 100% unique and crafted from scratch. This website doesn’t guarantee this, unfortunately. 

How to get free essays from 123helpme?

The company offers some texts at no or just a small charge. If you want to get a free essay, just upload a file, and here you go. Since you do not pay, do not expect its quality to be perfect. Most likely, the essay will require further proofreading and plagiarism check. 

Is 123helpme safe?

Yes, the company is safe and legit, and their website and payment options are quite convenient. Unfortunately, they do not provide good protection of personal data, and thus, you can never be sure your personal or payment details are secured. 

How to Cancel 123helpme?

Since you do not purchase any subscriptions, you do not have to cancel any memberships. You will not be charged when not using the services, so there is nothing to worry about.

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elison g.

REVIEWED ON November 11, 2020

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Soooo truly, had the same experience with this website.

elison g. review


star star star star star star star star star star

Soooo truly, had the same experience with this website.

November 11, 2020

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