The Idea of PaperRater Review [8.2/10]: Is Paperrater Safe and Legit Platform?


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Service highlights

  • free tool
  • no personal data needed
  • Premium package
  • 20-25% discount
  • credibility up to 70%
  • no support

This service offers an innovative text verification solution: self-service. Unlike online paper writing services, on that site, you cannot order a finished task. However, the creators of the service claim that its use is much faster and easier. A student or teacher can independently evaluate the quality of work, the level of uniqueness and find errors. To realize the true value of the service, I conducted my research.

PaperRater: what is it and what is it for?

This is a company that provides people to evaluate papers without registration entry fees. The application can detect plagiarism, all kinds of errors, as well as the level of text compliance with a given level. The creators claim that the program works from paper up to the level of graduate school. Moreover, you can specify the purpose and type of paper, such as research paper, essay, letter or summary.

The advantage of the service is speed and accuracy. Your text is evaluated by a machine, so there is no human factor. You can use the page at any time and from anywhere in the world. This is an automatic rating system that does not require your participation. Moreover, the company’s services practically do not differ from those in professional paper writing and editing companies. Let’s dig deeper into the review and determine how convenient and profitable this service is.

Kinds of services you can get using PaperRater

The application allows you to analyze the text for errors, plagiarism, and compliance with a given style. Besides, the machine will appreciate the quality of paper, vocabulary and how suitable phrases and phrases you use. In addition to paper analysis, you can improve vocabulary and skills with different types of writing. The main advantage is speed and accuracy.

Depending on the chosen usage plan, you can expand the possibilities of evaluating the text. In the free one, you can analyze grammar, evaluate the uniqueness and relevance of the text to the selected paper type. Without registration, you can check the text up to 5 pages. The application automatically evaluates the quality of work and ways to improve the appearance of the paper.

Quality of assignments made

The quality of services cannot be unambiguously assessed. In my experience, the application does a good job of analyzing and evaluating the text. Moreover, it quickly finds grammatical and lexical errors. If you need quick proofread paper before putting it around, this is a great option. The service is suitable for students with good writing skills who make mistakes due to carelessness. Moreover, it will tell you which places your paper is similar to other works.

Support services are poor. There is no opportunity on the site to ask a question and get specialist help at any time. If you need help, you should write an email to the service mail at the specified time. It is not convenient and takes a lot of time. However, there is a section on the site with popular questions where some points of use are clearly explained. In general, I rate the quality of services at 7/10.

Site appearance and level of convenience

Site appearance is not the strong suit of the company. The design looks too ordinary and does not attract attention. However, adherents of minimalism and simplicity will like it. The design is made in blue and white, which is convenient for vision and does not distract attention. There are no pop-ups, and advertising is placed in special places and does not interfere with the use of the service.

I was pleasantly surprised by the site optimization. Everything runs smoothly and without delay if you have good internet quality. All services and sections have buttons and links, which is very convenient. Because of its simplicity, the service is convenient, and a new user can easily figure it out. If the quality of use comes first to you, a 9/10 rating will be fair. However, for connoisseurs of visual content, the page can be annoying.

How to order website services?

Since PaperRater is not a professional writer, there is no order form. However, you do not need to install extensions or additional applications. To get a paper analysis, you have to:

  1. Go to the site and find the button “Use now for free”;
  2. scroll to the middle. You will see a space for text with the signature “Analyze your paper”;
  3. upload your document or paste the text. Choose the level of education, paper type, and the necessary assessment parameters;
  4. Press the “Get Report” button. All that is required of you is an agreement with the use policy and an agreement on the processing of text.

As you can see, you can do it yourself if you are careful. Pay attention to the uniqueness check function, because plagiarism is the main reason for downgrading. The speed of report generation surprised us: evaluating work takes a couple of minutes. In this regard, the service deserves the maximum rating.

Price level and payment methods

Initially, the service is positioned as free. Only part of the services is available using the standard plan. This includes text analysis of up to 5 pages. You are free to get help on bugs, PaperRater plagiarism, and vocabulary. To cut a long story short, the free version is suitable for the basic analysis required by paper.

However, you can expand your options with the Premium Plan. It costs less than $ 8 per month, and here are the services that are available to you:

  • Analysis of text up to 20 pages;
  • getting help on text similarities with other ones;
  • checking up to 200 texts per month;
  • faster check;
  • file processing in any format.

There is no advertising in the paid version. Extended plagiarism testing includes a list of matches and ways to increase uniqueness. If you plan to use the service frequently, I recommend you buy a subscription and get a complete set of tools for improving the paper. Pricing is fair, I rate it at a solid 8.

Possibility of saving and discounts

The company constantly offers a 20-25% discount on the purchase of a package of services. At a reduced price, an annual membership costs $ 72, and an annual service package of $ 95. However, I recommend that you try the free PaperRater version to see if the self-service system is right for you.

I updated the page several times a month, and the price remained the same. Therefore, I cannot claim that discounts are fair. However, the PaperRater prices are below the market average, so it is in high demand. If you are swamped with a lot of paper assignments, this is a great opportunity to increase productivity.

Quality of services provided

The quality of services can be called average. However, it is worth noting that the creators are working on the target audience and they are doing everything possible. If your requirements are limited to the definition of plagiarism and grammatical errors, you will like the service.

Nevertheless, one should not expect extremely accurate results and examinations. Is PaperRater accurate? The creators say that 60-70% of the information is analyzed correctly. The artificial intelligence used to operate the service does not guarantee full compliance.

I checked a couple of papers through PaperRater and the results are not bad. Documents received B and C scores, although they were not simple. I can conclude that the application copes with its purpose, and improves the quality of the paper. If you do not need in-depth research, this will be helpful. Based on my experience, the service receives 7/10.

Speed ​​of work and services

A huge advantage of the application is the lack of delay. Turning to paper writing services, you want to save time by delegating the task. However, the process of ordering, confirming payment and completing paper requires your participation and takes a lot of time. With PaperRater you can forget about wasting time because the procedure takes a couple of minutes. All actions take place in the text processing window, after which you receive a report. I rated the time of delivery at 9/10.

Support services department

Support is a flaw in the company. This works a few hours a day, and questions are only accepted via email. There is no window on the site for communication with consultants to quickly resolve the issue. The application is designed for smart people who can find answers in other resources.

However, this does not contradict the company’s concept: PaperRater is more a tool for improving paper than a feedback service. 5/10 is a fair assessment. However, if you are wondering “is PaperRater safe?” or “is PaperRater legit” my answer is yes.

Additional opportunities

I was pleasantly surprised by the security of the service. You should not give personal data and information about your location. If you use the standard plan, the site does not require credit card information. You will not see pop-ups or aggressive ads that interfere with use. All actions take place on the online platform or via email.

If you decide to buy a Premium package, the service will require card data. I did not find PayPal among other payment methods, although this method is considered the most secure. However, this can not be called a minus, since not everyone has PayPal and the service uses a commission. The presence of this option was not crucial for me, however, I will leave the estimate at the level of 9/10.

Reviews and warranties

Before writing this review, I reviewed customer opinions about PaperRater. Interestingly, opinions differ greatly, but this can be explained. The service did not live up to the expectation of those people who want to get a full certificate of paper. However, a large number of satisfied PaperRater reviews indicate the creators are getting into the target audience. Keep in mind that PaperRater is a paper verification tool, not a writing service.

The company guarantees users a 70% correct analysis of uniqueness and errors. Besides, you are free to learn synonyms or ways to improve the appearance of the paper. However, the site is not responsible for errors when checking the text. It depends only on you how much benefit you get from the service. I rated that policy at 7 points.


PaperRater is an application for analyzing paper and improving its quality. The site contains a set of tools for independent use. This allows you to improve the appearance and content of the document for free and without registration. It is worth noting the speed of information processing, security, and usability. However, you cannot count on support or advice. Besides, the credibility of the analysis is 70%.

Overall, PaperRater deserves the attention of both students and teachers. It is convenient, fast and suitable for any type of paper. I give the app a score of 8.2 and recommend trying it.

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REVIEWED ON February 20, 2021

star star star star star star star star star star

This company is just ok. There were some mistakes in my paper. Yet in general I'm satisfied.



REVIEWED ON December 11, 2021

star star star star star star star star star star offered me a badly written paper. I ordered a literature essay. But they sent me a completely different paper. I will never use the service again.



REVIEWED ON March 4, 2021

star star star star star star star star star star

I highly appreciate their help. My writer is a real professional. He coped with tasks at the best level.

kirsten review


star star star star star star star star star star

This company is just ok. There were some mistakes in my paper. Yet in general I'm satisfied.

February 20, 2021

david review


star star star star star star star star star star offered me a badly written paper. I ordered a literature essay. But they sent me a completely different paper. I will never use the service again.

December 11, 2021

manichia review


star star star star star star star star star star

I highly appreciate their help. My writer is a real professional. He coped with tasks at the best level.

March 4, 2021

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