Is Hirewriters com legit? – Different Aspects of the HireWriters Website

HireWriters Review [4.6/10]: Fake or Reliable Writing Service? [2021]


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Service highlights

  • cheap prices
  • high quality blog
  • unreliable reputation
  • ESL writers
  • outdated website
  • only e-mail communication

What is it

Unlike other services with a similar occupation, the target audience of this platform doesn`t contain students, while the company’s focus on copywriting. Nevertheless, hirewriters offers a wide range of possible services and some of the reviews are very successful.

In general, the main activity of the site is aimed at the authors who can register and begin to cooperate with the company. Below I have described in more detail various aspects that will help you to understand is hirewriters safe.

Types of possible assignments

The first point of my hirewriters reddit is a description of the main features. As mentioned above, this platform does not provide academic services and is focused on creating other types of content. By contacting this company for help, you can receive services in the following sections:

  • the assistance of the ghostwriter;
  • various articles for forums;
  • editing;
  • paraphrasing;
  • product descriptions and reviews;
  • help with the correspondence.

The resulting content cannot be used for university papers. However, you can competently embed the received text in your own website or publish a post on some social network. At the same time, you yourself can engage in this activity and help needy users to write diverse and interesting content.

Nevertheless, in spite of some positive aspects, it was noticed committing not very pleasant deeds, including theft and disrespectful attitude towards the clients. There are numerous complaints of people who tell about the dubious quality and professionalism of the performers and also mention the possibility of the abduction of work by people who have access to enter the system.

Mastery of writers

According to company representatives, the authors are highly skilled and talented specialists, who guarantee the writing of top-quality articles. However, you should not believe these words. Many customers continue to complain about dishonest performance, focusing on the hirewriters scam. Even such trifles as grammatical and punctuation mistakes occupy a big part of the work.

At the same time, don’t think that if you are a performer, a number of possible problems will not affect you, since numerous negative reviews state the opposite. Among such evidence, there was noticed a complaint by the writer, who, despite the lack of language skills of the customer, created an amazing article. In response, the client asked to make some changes and send an improved result. However, even despite the absence of any corrections, the same work was not accepted a second time, while the user deleted his order and placed someone else’s document under his name.

There are a lot of such cases. At the same time, the support service and administrators are silent and do not provide any explanation.

Features of Hirewriters website

The official website of the company I am talking about is distinguished by the simple design and navigation. Here you can find general information, place an order, contact support or use other available functions. However, from a certain point of view, the design is too simple or even primitive. In this context, hirewriters is significantly inferior to its competitors. If you want to join a team of writers, start the quick and easy application process.

Immediately after filling out a small web form, your next task will be to take a five-minute test, which consists of 25 simple questions aimed at determining the level of your knowledge. Among the possible tasks may be choosing the right option, determining part of speech and other similar exercises. However, despite the simple requirements, time limits involuntarily make you nervous, which can significantly affect the quality of the performed work.

The next step is writing a short test essay. Often this process does not take much time and is designed to evaluate your writing skills. After finishing work, you will need to wait a day before the decision of the commission. If everything goes well and your application is approved, you will receive an email with an activation link. It means the beginning of your writing career.

The next task will be to fill out a personal profile so that customers can contact you for help. Another aspect that can facilitate the search process is to indicate a number of keywords.

What about ordering process

So, I figured out the aspects of joining the staff of writers and now it is time to introduce ourselves to the customer’s place and talk about the process of getting a written material.

As in other situations, your journey begins with registration on the platform. However, it will have a number of differences from the previous version. After providing basic information about the type of assignment, length, and deadlines, do not forget to emphasize additional requirements and your personal wishes.

At the same time, despite the fact that most of the complaints come from the author, clients also face numerous shortcomings and problems of the company. It once again makes us doubt is hirewriters safe.

Many reviews describe cases when the resulting article was literally dotted with punctuation and grammatical errors. Users compare authors with children or foreigners who do not have any information about the features and rules of writing English texts. Any attempts to deal with such disgrace ended with the indifference of the administration and simply spending money.

Specificity of Hirewriters price and payment options

In general, the average experienced writer of this platform receives about $20 for the completed article. One of the shortcomings of this company is the ability to pay only through PayPal.

First of all, it should be noted that there are four different levels of authors’ skill, that the cost of writing a text is directly connected with. Depending on the amount of work performed, your rank will increase along with acquired skills and payment.

  • The first phase is a beginner. Here you demonstrate all the best features to the interested customers and convince them of responsibility and reliability.
  • Average. This level of a qualification indicates the presence of three completed orders, while the average rating is about 4 stars and 70% of compliance with the required terms.
  • Skilled. The number of articles written to obtain this title should be 7 together with 4.1 rating stars and 77% of timely delivery.
  • Expert. You need to complete 14 orders, 88% match the indicated deadlines and have 4.5 stars.

There are also various types of articles, the distinguishing parameter of which is volume. Minimum orders begin with 300 words, while the longest is 1,500+.

The level of qualification and volume of the text are two determining criteria regarding the required payment. An average article of 350-500 words will bring a beginner of about $2.25. However, for an article of the same length, an expert can get $11.

The number of possible tasks to perform is unlimited.

Availability discounts and special offers

Unlike other services, hirewriters have an extremely low cost per page of text. On the one hand, it is a positive aspect for clients and a disadvantage for authors on the other. However, eventually, customers also risk experiencing the negative impact of this phenomenon, as professional writers want to receive appropriate payment for their work and, therefore, increase the price. For this reason, users are increasingly turning to inexperienced authors and receive substandard articles.

Despite the flashy inscriptions and pictures on the hirewriters website, the company does not have a system of discounts and special options for customers. This is because the average cost of articles is already affordable for all categories of users. However, this fact does not justify the provision of substandard securities, which are almost completely covered by defects of a different nature. At the same time, the information indicated on the site is a decoy for potential customers and does not correspond to the real state of things.

Finally about content

The next part of my hirewriters review is exploring the quality of the written material. I have already touched upon this aspect during describing other components of the structure and mechanism of the company. In short, the quality of the offered texts is poor. More and more users complain about unjustified costs and disappointment in the service. Despite focusing clients on the professionalism and unique abilities of the authors, the end result looks like a teenager was writing an article. Among the possible negative points that you may encounter are the following:

  • grammatical mistakes;
  • incoherent narrative;
  • non-compliance with the specified requirements;
  • problems with punctuation etc.

An even more serious aspect is the indifference of the performers after criticism or a request to make the necessary changes. At times, even after re-checking the work, the situation does not change or even get worse. Of course, perhaps the authors do not really notice the made mistakes and are clearly confident in the correctness of the written text. However, this fact only confirms their lack of professionalism once again.

Fancy timely delivery

Time frames occupy one of the main positions in the process of creating any type of written work. Often people turn to such services for help precisely because of a lack of time.

However, in the context of this company, the issue of compliance with deadlines is closely related to all other aspects. Unfortunately, most of them have a negative color and are pieces of the hirewriters scam.

At first glance, it may turn out that writing a short article is the easiest task for a professional writer. Users really get their work on time, but its quality is far from expectations. For this reason, the process of making corrections and providing all the necessary requirements or claims can be delayed.

Moreover, very often in customer reviews appear irresponsibility and indifference of performers, which further exacerbates the situation. In such cases, you need to contact the support team or the platform administrator that is also time-consuming and often delayed for certain negative reasons.

Where is the customer support

When I speak about this aspect in the context of the analyzed company, it seems that the authors have a much wider range of advantages and opportunities than clients. In this special section, you can find a lot of information about hirewriters reddit, the process of work, advanced training, methods of receiving payment and many other issues.

Nevertheless, in cases when support is more important and necessary than ever, this service, for certain reasons, is not inclined to perform well and often ignore customer requests. On the other hand, in situations where users are to blame, the ability to communicate with the platform’s management is very active.

At the same time, another negative feature is the limited number of feedback methods. The only available option is e-mail, which you can resort to by clicking the big red flag. Features such as chat or the ability to communicate over the phone are not available.

Some other extra features

First of all, it is worth recalling that even at the very beginning of registration, the user traditionally needs to confirm his agreement with the terms of service. However, after some time you risk regretting it. Of course, on the one hand, this platform cannot be blamed for fraud, since the final result in the form of a finished article is transmitted to the customer. But even if you focus on thinking is hirewriters legit, the level of quality of the written material will show you the other side when deception appears in all its glory.

Low cost of work is not an excuse for disgusting presentation and execution. Many users are convinced that the authors are not native speakers. Even their own denial of this fact does not force clients to abandon their words.

Outdated and difficult to use hirewriters website format contains information that is more suitable for authors. Nevertheless, these small blogs are written very high quality and are one of the few pleasant moments.

What users think

Even the legal conditions of this company are not able to prevent the disappointment of customers who get terrible jobs and feel cheated. Above, I have already mentioned a number of errors and shortcomings that occur most often. Moreover, the list of problems faced by writers is not shorter. Among the most common phenomena that refer to the hirewriters scam are the following:

  • account freeze;
  • delay of payment;
  • theft of material.

It is important to emphasize that all these problems can be interconnected. Many users pay attention to such possible causes of freezing and delay as the transfer of finished work to the client or late delivery. Apparently, these aspects are provided for by the terms of the company, which is evidence of a deliberate commission of acts of fraud.

In general, good reviews are extremely rare. One of the problems that users often emphasize is the limited ways to get feedback.

Few final words

Unfortunately, the abundance of negative aspects and the unreliability of the service makes one doubt its reputation and nervous at every possible communication. But at the same time, the platform has several useful and high-quality properties, which makes it difficult to understand whether is hirewriters safe or not. However, the number of pros is too small. For this reason, the maximum rating that I can give this resource after conducting an in-depth analysis is 4.6/10. Be aware of all these aspects and possible risks.

There are a large number of more reliable and responsible companies that are ready to provide you with assistance in writing various articles or blogs. Follow my essay writing services reviews carefully and find your best writing company.


Check the answers to the frequently asked questions about the HireWriters service. They should help you get more information about them and understand whether you should use their services or not. 

What is HireWriters?

This is a website that students will mostly find useless. This is not an essay writing or editing service but a copywriting provider. You can order ghostwriting, forum articles, paraphrasing, and different content like that. 

Is HireWriters legit?

Yes, the website is legit, and the information of its customers is not disclosed or transferred to anyone. However, they accept only the PayPal payment method. This is a very convenient payment option for most customers, but if you don’t use it and are not a US resident, you may struggle with the payments. 

Is HireWriters scam?

It is difficult to call this company not a scam because lots of users complain that their money is frozen, the content is stolen, and the payments are delayed. For your own safety, it would be better to avoid this service and find something more secure. 

Is HireWriters reliable?

Unfortunately, this website is not reliable. There are too many negative aspects about this company and too many complaints from customers. It is better to look for a more reliable service if you want to save your money. 

Is HireWriters safe?

No, the company is not safe because its content is often plagiarized. It is not written from scratch. Your payments might be delayed, and they can even freeze your money. 

Is HireWriters trustworthy?

You should not trust this writing provider. There are too many complaints about their services and different issues with the payments and quality of the content from their users. It is better to look for a more trustworthy website if you want to be sure of the quality.

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