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Edusson Review [3.1/10] – Is This Bidding Writing Company Safe? [2021]


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Service highlights

  • bidding system
  • unqualified writers
  • poor quality of content
  • difficult to get a refund
  • bad reputation
  • plagiarized papers

What is Edusson?

Many students have negative experience ordering an academic paper online. That is why most of them eventually turn to bidding writing companies thinking that they will fix the situation.

However, to be a good bidding service a company must have outstanding writers and flawless guarantees.

I have studied tens of Edusson reviews and am ready to share my own opinion with the world. In this review, you’ll learn everything about the services this company provides, as well as about their fees, extra features, and much more.

Types of assignments company provides

I have read multiple comments, which stated that edusson cheating is rather massive. Is it really so? Let’s start with the assignments this service provides.

When turning to a bidding company you should type in the requirements in a corresponding order form and choose a writer that suits you the most. This takes lots of time and is rather risky but you can order any possible paper and get various prices for the same order.

At Edusson there is a list of options, where the most popular papers are offered. However, there is the ‘other’ option, where students can type in their own requirements. This means that a bidding system is a good option for students, who have specific assignments that the majority of writing companies do not work with.

Unfortunately, it’s rather risky and you bear full responsibility for the process even though traditional writing companies will hardly compete with bidding ones in terms of papers’ variety.

Quality of writers

The majority of regular writing services give clear information on the hired writers: country of their residence, English fluency, academic level, etc. However, at Edusson writers are so diverse that the company doesn’t bother checking them.

Students can only see the edusson writers, who bid the order and hope that the information field in their profiles is completed honestly. There is no other way of checking the writer’s qualifications and experience apart from trusting the information that he or she has stated when completing the personal profile.

I don’t need to tell you how risky it is and what the outcome of such cooperation may be. For example, you hire a person, who claims to hold a Master’s in your field and you entrust this writer with coursework. Eventually, you get a low-quality paper that is written by a foreigner with minimum English skills.

Thus, you lose time and money and have to complete such a massive work on your own. The only way to protect yourself is by turning to the top writers, who have lots of feedbacks and can prove their experience and background.

Website’s design & usability

On reddit edusson has an average rate when it comes to the design and usability of the website.

On one hand, it’s rather easy to navigate, all the pages are available in a few clicks and the color scheme is quite pleasant (shades of blue and green).

However, it is quite challenging to find any information that goes beyond regular requests.

Students will have to scroll the page to the very bottom and then pick one of the hundreds of links trying to find the required one.

I am sure that in the 21st century it is rather easy to hire a professional developer and designer to make the website quicker, more responsive, and stylish. However, we all have different tastes and some students may find Edusson’s design rather attractive. The only drawback is that students, who don’t have prior experience of making an order will hardly cope with the system without anyone’s help.

Ordering process

Are you asking yourself is edusson legit? I am sure that hundreds of students have the same question. But don’t worry, after reading my review you’ll be able to answer that question!

Placing an order at Edusson may be quite complicated if you’re not an experienced online user or don’t want to waste time. The process consists of the following steps: you should go to the order form and fill in all the necessary fields. There are tens of them, so be ready to spend some time providing the details: types of services (writing, rewriting or editing), deadlines, the number of pages, subject, topic, and other information. There is also a bar, where students can upload files from the class.

However, I really didn’t like the fact that the price that you see in the corner is not the final one. There will be additional fees along the way and you won’t be able to predict how much you’ll have to pay. Another Edusson drawback is that students can’t see profiles of the most preferred writers.

Once the order is placed, it’s added to a pool of orders and students need to wait while someone will bid it.

Prices & payment options

Edusson pricing is not clear. Like any other bidding platform, this service doesn’t have a list of prices that students can rely on and decide whether Edusson is affordable or not. The only official information is that the price for writing starts from $7,50 for a page and editing will cost $18 per page.

You may think that this price is even lower than the market average but when reading Edusson reviews it becomes evident that the service and the writers themselves will bid rather high prices and add more fees along the way. Even though the company claims that the price can be negotiated with the writer, I couldn’t find any confirmation.

The choice of Edusson payment methods is rather limited: Visa and Mastercard, American Express or Discover. It is surprising to see that they don’t offer PayPal considering that it’s one of the safest and the most popular banking options in the world.

This leaves me questioning why Edusson doesn’t want to add the most secure payment option to their list if there’s nothing to hide?

I was very interested to check Edusson’s refund policies and revisions. According to the information they provide, the writer gets paid only when you confirm the completion of the order. However, it’s far from reality – Edusson has an extremely complicated policy of refunds and revisions. Moreover, if you’ll be lucky enough to get a refund, the maximum you can expect is 70% back.

Discounts & special offers

It was sad to learn about edusson cheating on prices and the way they hide the final cost. That’s why I was even more disappointed to learn that there are absolutely no special offers, discounts, bonuses, or loyalty programs.

It seems that Edusson thought that the bidding system itself is more than enough and students already get the maximum by negotiating the price and choosing the lowest bid. However, based on the Edusson reviews and comments I have analyzed, it’s obvious that the majority of students are not satisfied with the absence of special offers, so it would be wise of Edusson to introduce a loyalty program or any bonuses. Maybe in the future, they’ll fix the situation. I’ll keep you informed and will update the review in case this writing company will make changes in their discount policy.

Content quality

The quality of delivered papers is what interested me the most. That is why I have analyzed hundreds of edusson reviews and comments to find out what others think about the quality of content. Unfortunately, the papers Edusson writers deliver are a real disaster.

To check that I have ordered an essay and paid a fortune for the top writer (based on the provided portfolio). However, the result was awful – it turned out the author was a foreigner and didn’t possess decent English skills, which was obvious from the mistakes he made in the essay and during our communication.

However, Edusson managers don’t check the writers and delivered papers, which means you remain one-on-one with the problem and it’s doubtful whether you’ll be able to get your money back in case you are not satisfied with the result. So even when choosing the most experienced and top-rated writer there are absolutely no guarantees that he or she is really good at writing and is a native English speaker.

Timely delivery

When placing an order, students can choose a required deadline in a drop-down menu. However, reviews and comments show that you will hardly get the final draft on time.

Unfortunately, edusson writers have enough freedom to do whatever they want and the company doesn’t have any means or desire to control them.

So even if you indicate a particular deadline most likely the order will be sent to your account with delays and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Customer support

By now you already have the answer is edusson legit or not. However, there are a few other things I’d like to mention before you decide whether to choose this writing company or not.

When I am reviewing a certain company, I always contact their managers. The support team is often a crucial part of any service because it can handle disputes, help with placing an order or choosing the right writer.

Thus, when visiting the website for the first time, Edusson managers are there to help with placing an order. However, they seem to vanish once you have debited money. And it turns out it’s almost impossible to get money back in case the result is not satisfactory – the only thing their managers can do (if you are lucky enough to reach them) is to try and negotiate with the writer about a free revision. However, this is also rather doubtful because the writer has all the power to refuse or even disappear.

Extra features

Edusson is a rather greedy writing company when it comes to additional fees and services. It seems that they only care about money and after launching the website do nothing to improve the quality of services and ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

Moreover, my research shows that almost none of the students return to Edusson with new orders and prefer choosing another service. Isn’t it a vivid example of Edusson’s performance?

However, I managed to find two additional features. The first is that you can choose the author’s quality. Edusson writers are divided into three categories: Standard, Premium, and Platinum.

When choosing a premium writer, you’ll need to pay 10% more, while a Platinum expert will increase paper’s price by 15%.

Another doubtful feature will cost you 10 dollars. For such a price the service will choose the writer instead of you. But what is the point of such service if the whole idea of a bidding system is to be able to choose the writer on your own?

Reputation & guarantees

It seems that edusson cheating has spread across all the services they provide and there are absolutely no guarantees when placing an order – students simply play Russian roulette and can’t be sure whether their essay will be completed or not.

I had to spend lots of time simply to find a corresponding guarantee section on Edusson website.

They claim that every person gets a confidentiality guarantee that protects their personal information.

Another guarantee concerns plagiarism but it’s a rather tricky one. Edusson says that all the customers get a 100% unique paper but it is possible to file a complaint only if the order contains over 10% of plagiarism.


After reading tens of edusson reviews and hundreds of comments, it became obvious that the only thing this writing company does is earning money. They don’t check hired writers, never proofreading delivered papers, add fees during the writing process, and hardly agree to give a refund in case any disputes arise.

I don’t recommend Edusson because in 99% of cases it is a waste of time and money. It’s better to look for another writing company, which will save your nerves and deliver a good paper on time.


In addition to the review, it seems appropriate to include a section of the most interesting questions and answers. Read it and find out if partnering with this online writing service is profitable.

Is Edduson legit?

Edduson is legitimate to some extent. This occurs when you order a simple assignment such as an essay or homework. If you need more complicated papers, you will probably not as the results obtained.

Is Edusson legal?

As for the legal status of the online service Edusson, it probably does not have any. According to most clients, the legality of the company’s work is in doubt. Registered websites usually provide customers with a variety of guarantees, but Edusson does not guarantee anything.

How much does Edusson cost?

Edusson uses a bidding system in cooperation with customers. That is, the client places an order, the writers evaluate it, and indicate at what cost they are ready to fulfill it. This is not always convenient for the client since he cannot know the price of his work in advance. Most of the clients indicate that the prices for the custom papers are too high.

Is Edusson reliable?

It is not possible to give an unambiguous answer to this question. It all depends on what kind of writer completed your assignment. Edusson’s team of experts includes both experienced qualified writers and unscrupulous specialists. Letting an untrustworthy author write your paper can be risky.

Is Edusson a scam?

Edusson has been working in the market for providing writing services to students for many years, and during this time, there have been no clear signs of a scam. However, in recent years, the quality of papers written by the company’s specialists has significantly decreased. In addition, deadlines are often violated, and the established requirements are not met.

Is Edusson safe?

Edusson does not provide customers with any information regarding how it maintains the confidentiality of personal information and payment card data. There is some indication that personal information is not shared with third parties, but this is not enough. It would be nice to receive more convincing arguments and a guarantee of confidentiality.

Is Edusson plagiarism-free?

On the website of the online service Edusson, you can find information that specialists use special software to detect and correct plagiarism in custom papers. But in practice, this is not traced. Customer reviews indicate that plagiarism is still detected in large quantities.

Are there Edusson discounts?

Edusson does not offer any discounts. This is due to the use of a bidding system. The company does not influence the prices set by the authors. Therefore, you should not expect a discount, even if this is the first time you turn there for help.

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