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Honest review of the PaperHelpWriting writing service

It doesn’t matter whether you are a good student with an outstanding academic performance. One day you will face the need to hire a professional author who can help with your writing assignment. This is the right decision if you have received a challenging task from your professor, don’t have enough time to meet the deadline, or worry about your writing skills.

Many companies provide writing and editorial services these days. Some of them are real scammers, and you should avoid them. Yet, some are of high quality and guarantee outstanding results. I want to offer you an honest Paperhelpwriting review. It is one of the most popular companies so that you get the full picture and know who you can trust.

What do we know about Paperhelpwriting?

Paperhelpwriting is a professional writing company registered in 2014 to help students from all over the world with their assignments. Now it provides various services for high school, college, university, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. Regardless of your physical location, major, assignment type, you may always contact the customer support service and get the help you need.

I’ve decided to make an order to receive the paper and analyze the company’s quality of all stages of communication. The first thing you need when choosing a particular writing service is to understand what services it offers. Then you should ask yourself: is Paperhelpwriting reliable?

Which assignments does this company provide?

As you may understand from the main website page, the can help with various assignments modern students may need. You can order a custom essay, a research paper, a critical essay, a speech, a case study, a review. The company also has authors ready to work with creative papers and more complicated tasks, such as dissertation writing.

The number of assignments is a good sign since it shows expertise and professionalism. For example, if the company works with argumentative essays only, it may tell that the authors have a pattern to follow. They don’t know how to write other papers, so why could they be called experts? Of course, it doesn’t mean that the same person will write the 5-paragraph essay for high school and the solid Master’s dissertation. And that means that Paperhelpwriting has different authors in the team, with different qualifications and experience.

To complete our experiment, I have ordered the college-level essay on economics with a deadline of 7 days. Let’s see what I can say about the result.

Professionalism of Writers

Authors are the cornerstone of any writing service. This company website states that it works with professional high-experienced writers. I expected that they would have a decent education (Masters or Ph.D. degree in best universities), a practical experience, a portfolio with good texts, and so on. If you pay your money for custom writing, you should know that you’ll get the perfect result.

My expectations were absolutely met. I have received the flawless paper that:

  • was written and formatted according to our requirements;
  • had a clear structure;
  • didn’t contain any mistakes;
  • included good research with data from reliable sources;
  • was interesting to read.

Of course, it wasn’t the real order, but I’m sure that if you submitted this essay, you would receive the best grade possible. It means that PaperHelpWriting authors know their business. At least, our writer was the perfect match. If you read some other reviews, you will see that it is not the regularity since many companies (even popular ones) deliver papers with mistakes, poor structure, etc.

Speaking about the quality of writers, I can give it 10 out of 10.

Web-design & Usability

This criterion is vital for those users who are going to make their first order. In fact, the website is the business card of the company. It can tell a lot about reputation, approaches to work with clients, quality of services. This is especially important for those companies that operate online. They have no other chance to make a positive impression on their customers.

Additionally, a website is a great way to spot scammers. Companies that want to make more money from cheating do not invest in developing an attractive and user-friendly page. They create the simplest landing pages to place their ads, and that’s about it. And if you go to the website of such a company, you will understand what I am talking about.

I write “if” because it’s not about This company has a very nice website design. Interestingly, they don’t use traditional blue colors like a lot of other services do. The combination of dark gray, yellow, and white looks very fresh.

Of course, it is not about beauty only. The website is very convenient; you can easily find the information you need: a list of services, pricing, order form, the FAQ, etc. I haven’t mentioned any inconveniences using this website, so I’m sure you will enjoy it as well.

Speaking about the website’s design and usability, I can give it 10 out of 10.

Make your Order

So, I have examined the website and the list of services, and now I am ready to place an order.

This step is probably the most important stage in the customer experience. If you find the checkout process complicated and confusing, there is no reason to continue. The client can choose another company without going to the order confirmation.

To order a paper from the PaperHelpWriting website, you need to find the Order Now button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to the form with your requirements. It is crucial to provide as many details as possible since it is not only the company’s responsibility. They need to know your expectations to satisfy them.

At this stage, you need to fill-in lines with academic level, type of paper, your subject, topic, and other details. If you have additional requirements, there is also a space to provide them. It is also possible to upload files with additional materials.

Once you finish with the paper details, you’ll proceed to price calculation and your personal information. Confirm the order and go to checkout.

The Paperhelpwriting ordering process is pretty standard and convenient. So, I can rate it 10 out of 10.

Price & Payment Options

Firstly, you can check the “Our Prices” section on the main page to understand the approximate paper cost. And when you provide all requirements on your order, you’ll see the final price, including all services. For example, our 2 pages essay cost me $39. The price depends on several factors, such as the number of pages, deadline, category of the writer, etc. You also have an opportunity to add some services like Plagiarism report, Abstract Page, and even Priority.

So, what can I say about the pricing? It is quite affordable. There are a lot of companies at much higher prices. Of course, you can find cheap ones, but remember that a good author can’t be cheap. Writers don’t work for a penny, so too sweet offers may be a sign of a low-quality or even of a scam.

Paperhelpwriting customers can pay with a credit card, which is the most efficient payment option these days.

Our rate for PaperHelpWriting prices & payment options is 10 out of 10.

Discounts & Special Offers

Discounts are not the necessary element of the writing service, but it is impossible to say that it is useless. It is a perfect opportunity to explore the company and order a paper a bit cheaper than it really costs.

When it comes to Paperhelpwriting, they offer a discount of 5% for newcomers. You can see it on the website’s upper banner and click to proceed to the order form. Of course, this sum is just symbolic, but it will increase your mood and build your trust in the company.

The rate for Paperhelpwriting discount is 10 out of 10.

Website Content

The website’s content is another important indicator to understand whether you should trust this company. I can say that Paperhelpwriting has 2 important sections to analyze:

  1. Samples. It is a list of essays written by their authors. You can find 3 samples now, and I think they will add more. They help you understand the PaperHelpWriting writers’ level and find out what your paper will look like.
  2. Blog. It is a section with useful articles for any student. For example, you can read about writing Yale supplemental essays or a resume for college application. This content provides students with new knowledge and actionable tips to follow.

I have to note that content is qualitative. Firstly, I’ve checked samples to understand their writing style and responsiveness. Secondly, I read some blog posts to check the data they give to visitors. Right after that, I stuck their blog to the top of our rating.

Speaking about content quality, I can’t rate it other than 10 out of 10.


Deadlines are the most important part of any order. It does not matter how high-quality and engaging your paper is if you deliver it with a significant delay. Many professors do not consider such assignments, and this can affect academic performance.

On the one hand, the authors of this company are ready to complete the paper in 3-8 hours. On the other hand, the less time until the deadline, the more expensive it is. Therefore, I recommend placing an order at least 5 days in advance and leaving a few more days for verification.

I received our essay in 5 days, although our deadline was 7 days. This is an amazing speed as many companies delay orders or send them in the nick of time.

Our rate for timely delivery is 10 out of 10.

Customer Support Service

If you have any issues, you may contact the Paperhelpwriting customer support at any time of the day. The company works with students from different time zones, so they have teams of managers who work in shifts to provide you with a quick response.

All you need is to click the Chat with Support button, introduce yourself, and your question. You’ll receive the answer as soon as possible. Actually, I haven’t any issues with this website, so I just tried to reach out to the Paperhelpwriting support with a couple of questions. The response was very fast and friendly. I think that if the customer has some real problems, these managers will do everything to make you happy.

So, speaking about customer support, I can give it 10 out of 10.

Additional Opportunities

I’ve already mentioned that when ordering a paper, you can choose some additional services, such as Plagiarism report, Abstract Page, and Priority. These extra features show that the company cares about customers, providing them with something more than just regular writing services.

I haven’t ordered the plagiarism report, but I have checked the essay to make sure it is unique. And it was. So you don’t need to pay extra if you want your paper to be plagiarism-free. It goes without saying. But some educational institutions require this report or an abstract page, so you shouldn’t waste your time to fulfill the requirements. The high priority feature stands for the 24\7 VIP support, and it is a very nice option for students who order a dissertation or thesis and need to stay in touch with the team all the time. You’ll receive the opportunity to track your order and get updates on its status.

Our rate for extra features is 10 out of 10.

Guarantees & Online Reputation

Before you make an order, it is important to read the guarantees and the testimonials.

The guarantees are what this particular company promises and what you can expect of it. Speaking about Paperhelpwriting, they offer:

  • high quality;
  • fast turnaround;
  • originality;
  • confidentiality;
  • 24\7 support;
  • money-back.

Read terms carefully to understand them and to know your rights. For example, there are concrete cases when you can get your money back, and you should know about them in advance.

What about Paperhelpwriting reviews? It is important to check them not on the official website only but on different independent platforms. Here is what other people say about Paperhelpwriting: “Excellent work!”, “Good service delivered right on time.”, “Very good service the best I have found.” As you can see, this company’s online reputation is quite positive, and it is definitely a reason to trust it.

Final Words

I can say that I am absolutely satisfied with the Paperhelpwriting and their services. Our final verdict is 10 out of 10. This is a fantastic result since I’ve reviewed many companies, and many of them were just a disappointment. But not in this case. Stop asking yourself: is Paperhelpwriting legit? I am happy to recommend this writing company to you. Enjoy it!

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