Is Ultius Legitimate? Review – Is It Right Solution for Students? Review [5.3/10]: Is Ultius legitimate or Scam? [2021]

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Service highlights

  • well-designed platform
  • good quality of papers
  • high prices
  • extra fees for additional services
  • difficult to get a refund
  • unreliable support – Video Review

What is

If you are a student who looks for a good service to manage with a writing task or a regular person urging to develop a text, Ultius inc is a perfect platform for you. For those who are familiar with online writing services, this platform can be pretty ordinary. Ultius represents a well-designed online platform to help people cope with their papers. The platform suggests professional services in writing the texts of varying complexity merely by American writers.  Therefore, if you need a well-composed work, it is a good choice. However, all is not well with the service.

Assignments to expect from the company

In terms of writing assignments, almost all writing services follow the same pattern. It is obvious that there is some platform focusing merely on particular tasks. Thus, their writers specialize only in a limited range of disciplines or formats. However, for most online writing services the scope of ready-to-submit tasks is not much different.

You can benefit from papers of varying complexity. It can be a term paper, a research work or a dissertation. You can specify the task if there are some special requirements. If the task differs a bit from a regular generally accepted writing style, it is up to you to refine the details.

You can opt for a topic of your essay and be sure that an experienced writer will accomplish a task successfully, as a set of assignments available at the services is not that different.

The proficiency of the working staff

Ultius is an online service renowned for its approach to choosing their writers. When you turn to the description of their site, you can find information about the proficiency of the working staff. It is claimed that the procedure is extremely strict. They ensure all writers are chosen only from America. Therefore, they are native speakers with profound knowledge of the language.

Moreover, on the site, there is the information about high degree obtained by the working staff.  However, it is an Ultius review. Therefore, we need to mention even the drawbacks of the platform. Some users complained about the quality of the papers submitted by the writers. The clients were not satisfied with the style of the writing. Furthermore, students who applied to the service were disappointed with the poor understanding of the topic.

There is another thing to confuse the users. Ultius categorizes its writers by their proficiency. Therefore, if you want to get a better-quality work, you need to pay for a writer with a proficient background.

Ultius website: the convenience of use

Ultius stands out among other online writing services not merely because of its flawless service. There is another point to be proud of. The distinctive feature of the platform is its website. Almost every user notes Ultius interface. The website has probably been created to cater to the users’ needs. It is extremely easy to use. Moreover, the design of the site is well-developed. It is in line with the latest Internet tendencies. The colors are eye-catchy, and it makes the site even more appealing.

When you first visit their page, you can easily calculate the price for the work and even chose a writer for the task. These features are displayed on the homepage. Thus, you are provided with everything you need to order a paper, and you don’t have to care much about it.

Nevertheless, the website has been cleverly designed, there is trouble. Some users admit the search on the website can be confusing when you try to dig a little deeper.

How to make an order

The most important for the students who apply to online services is the usability of the site. When you have to look thoroughly for a button to move to the next step, it is really confusing. Therefore, everything should be executed with no delays in the process. It is extremely crucial for the users to have fast access to the ordering procedure.

Ultius is a user-friendly website. It functions consistently so that the process of ordering a paper is convenient for all.

When you enter the site, you simply need to follow the instruction. Firstly, you choose the price range, so that the service figures out what it can suggest for you. Then, you opt for a writer. 

When you are done with these two features, you move further. The support team then connects with you, and particular requirements are discussed.

Pricing policies

When you turn to an online writing service to ask for help with your essay, you have to understand that these services are meant to be paid for. Ultius is not an exception. Every day writers across the country work hard to perform a complete paper. This is their job, and they need to get remuneration for it. And it is your duty to pay.

The prices at Ultius are not the most compatible. $18 is the least you can pay for a paper. The price goes higher with the difficulty of the task.

Moreover, you need to pay extra fee for higher writer’s proficiency.

It is confusing for many users, as most writing services offer the writers for the same price. 

However, if you possess a particular sum of money, Ultius can offer you a convenient payment procedure. You can execute your payment through Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

Special offers

If an online service offers some additional offers for its users, it becomes even more appealing for them. Very often writing platforms make use of such advantageous proposals to attract more clients. However, that is not the case for this writing service, as there is no Ultius discount code on the Internet.

Nonetheless, Ultius is renowned for its extra fees. The rate of payment depends on various factors. Thus, you should be attentive when making an order.

The service asks for extra money if you add some requirements. However, very often similar online websites are ready to cover the additional concerns at their own expense.

Moreover, the price is dependent upon the writer you need. The more experienced the writer, the higher the final price will be.  Therefore, be ready to pay more if you want to get a well-composed paper.

The quality of the texts

Ultius is an online service that works with the writers. Therefore, these are the writers who bear chief responsibility in performing the finished work. The writers are also those people who are responsible for the quality of the texts.

Ultius is claimed to work exceptionally with the Americans, i.e. native speakers with high language proficiency. Thus, a student who applies to the service expects a well-developed work.

Moreover, the working staff at Ultius is a professional team of writers with a particular academic degree. Hence, the texts are supposed to be mistakes-free, and with a well-researched topic.

However, there are some unsatisfactory feedbacks. Students complain that the papers are written in a very simple language. Moreover, the poor understanding of the topic spoils the work even more. However, there are students who speak well about the content.

Meeting the deadlines

Every student knows the importance of deadlines. The timing must be strictly followed. Otherwise, it can spoil a good standing of a person and damage relations with the professor or whoever the paper should be submitted to.

When a student turns to an online writing service for some help, he or she expects not only a good and flawless text. Timing is important as well.

Therefore, the websites that meet the deadlines are highly appreciated.

Ultius represents a professional team of workers who try to be consistent with the status of the service.

However, in some cases, there were some challenges in presenting the finished work on time because of the writer’s mistake.

If such situations happen, the company is to refund a particular sum of money to a student in the form of compensation.

Is Ultius cheating here? Frankly speaking, company policy is not consistent with refund issues, and sometimes it can deviate from the rules to its own advantage. It is not an Ultius scam. Probably, administration negligence.

Customer assistance

Ultius has been created to cater to the users’ needs. It designed a great online platform and developed a working system to support its clients. However, the time has passed, and now the question « Is Ultius Reddit or is it still working just fine? » question.

When a student orders a text on the Internet, there is always doubt about the credibility of the service. You do not know whether you can trust the company or it is better to make another choice.

To build trust, online companies offer customer support. It is created to let the clients get in touch with the service and have their questions answered.

The support team communicates with the users and helps them make an order. However, there were cases when the connection with a worker was almost lost when the ordering procedure finished. It discourages lots of students, as it is only through the support team that they can add the requirements or make some amendments to the order.

Specific features

Each online platform for essay writing looks similar to one another. However, Ultius has its own distinctive features.

  • You can be sure of your data safe, and the question « is Ultius safety? » should not arise.
  • If you want to come up with a well-developed text or of you are not content with a simple paper, you can choose the writer building on his or her proficiency.
  • You can figure out the price on your own. There is a special feature, so you do not need to wait until someone else works out the final price.
  • Ultius not only has a well-structured site. It has developed an app, so you can benefit from the service using your cell phone.

Company’s image on the market

The reputation of the company depends on various factors.

First and foremost, these are the writers who can tell the truth about the platform. We have found out what Ultius workers think of the working process.

The writers are known to mostly use Ultius as a secondary source of money. They admit that working here is a real pleasure, as you can accept the orders that appeal to you.

However, sometimes there is a statement in the work. Thus, the writers do not have enough orders and, therefore, they are almost out-of-work.

Clients’ feedbacks are another point to constitutes the reputation of the company. Most feedbacks are positive. Therefore, there is no “is Ultius legal” question. If there is some bad press, the company makes use of it and tries to improve.

Let’s summarize

In general, Ultius is a well-designed platform with a great working mechanism. The quality of the works is most acceptable to the users. However, they claim the prices are too high for the services the company provides.

Now that you have learned Ultius review, you can draw your own conclusion and decide whether to use the platform or it is better to choose other writing website from top paper services.


Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions and receive valuable information about how Ultius works. Check if this writing service is legitimate and whether it deserves the trust of customers.

Is Ultius legitimate?

Ultius is a registered platform that provides students with assistance in writing various types of papers. On the site, you can get help in solving exercises, writing essays, passing tests, creating presentations, etc. The quality of the completed works is good.

Is Ultius an essay mill?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the essay mill is a website that sells custom-written papers for students. The student indicates what kind of work he needs, gives clear instructions for implementation, and as a result, receives a paper written by a professional writer. It seems obvious that Ultius is an essay mill since it works according to a similar scheme.

Is Ultius scam?

Ultius online writing service can hardly be called a scam, as it does not use any schemes to deceive customers. Many students speak of it as a fairly reliable website. However, several negative customer reviews, which indicate the unfair attitude of some authors to the execution of customer orders, can be found online.

Is Ultius safe?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to the question about the safety of Ultius. On the one hand, the service provides students with good assistance, and most of the clients are satisfied with the quality of the completed papers. On the other hand, it is difficult to get a refund in case of non-compliance with the established requirements, and customer support is not always effective.

Is Ultius reliable?

The website cannot be called completely reliable due to the ineffective work of the support service. Cases were identified when communication with the company was cut off immediately after sending the completed paper to the client, and there was no way to contact the helper with a request to make changes to the work.

Is Ultius trustworthy?

Ultius professionals specialize in performing a limited number of assignments and following certain formatting styles. The service deserves the trust of customers, but it is still important to take a responsible approach to the choice of a writer, carefully set requirements, and control the process of completing a paper by the helper.

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