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Time4Writing Review 5.3/10: Is It Cheating or Trustworthy?


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Service highlights

  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • user-friendly website
  • low quality of services
  • terrible customer support
  • no discounts or promotions
  • high prices

Time4writing reviews all over the internet are quite confusing while all of them deliver some different information. And where is the truth or a lie? Let me try to figure it out in the following review.

What is Time4Writing?

Time4writing is a writing service with a very attractive motto on their landing page saying “It’s time for writing success”. For sure, lots of students have tried their services while I can find lots of reviews about them on various sites.

But this writing service is a bit different from all the rest while here you do not hire a writer but they teach you how to write while you track all the process of writing and give your feedback.

Types of assignments company provides

As a rule, students are used to hiring a person whether it is a professional writer or just a freelancer who would write their paper for them. However, time4writing writers are there not only for that. They aim to teach students how to write on their own.

This is pretty exciting while such a service seems to be unique. Getting your writing skills instead of getting a complete paper written by someone else can be pretty helpful. This service offers different courses and even face-to-face training with teachers. You can even choose to have a certified course of 8 weeks.

I have to admit that their courses are quite limited while they help kids only. Their services are also not cheap at all and not every student would afford them. They offer the following courses:

  • Basic – elementary school, including grammar skills and sentence writing; middle school, including writing mechanics; high school, including writing mechanics/paragraphs;
  • Intermediate – elementary school, including writing paragraphs; middle school, including writing enhancement, writing paragraphs and essays; high school, including essay writing;
  • Advanced – elementary school, including essay, narrative, and informative writing; middle school, including advanced essay writing; high school, including research paper writing.

To know the details, necessary to talk to them directly, there is no information about 1-on-1 courses and their prices on the site.

Quality of writers

Well, this is not the service that provides you with well-written essays or other academic papers, they can just teach you how to do it yourself, so I do not really know much about what kind of writers they have.

However, I can judge the quality of their courses. It is necessary to admit that the level of the courses provided by time4writing service is average and far from being the best, especially compared to other similar companies.

The price/quality ratio is not reasonable at all. I cannot evaluate their writers, but I can do it with their teachers, can’t I?

The only good thing about them is that you can find a detailed profile of every teacher right on their site. You can check their qualification and track their diplomas and degrees, unlike on other similar sites. Also, you can check the experience of every tutor right on their site.

Website’s design & usability

The design of the site is pretty user-friendly; however, I found it a bit confusing while it seems to have too much information on every page. Their jumping pictures and texts distract your attention a lot while you are trying to figure out where you are and what you should do here. In the How it works section you can find a couple of videos explaining how the site works and they are very helpful.

The site contains all the information about the courses and teachers which is very good. But there are no prices for the most expensive and exclusive courses online, so you would need to get in touch with their support to find this out.

This is not very convenient while everyone wants to have a detailed picture of what he or she will get and how much he/she should pay for that service. Well, this might be just a marketing trick making you interact with them and purchasing one of their packages in the future.

Ordering process

As I mentioned above, there are a couple of clear videos telling you how you can work with them and how you can order. But the first step is to sign up anyways.

To do it, you will have to fill in the form. And guess what? You will not need to enter your information but complete information of your parents! Of course, they are the only ones who will pay for your courses.

So, in the form on the site, you should provide the first and the last names of one of your parents. After that, you should state his or her email, create a password, and re-enter the password. Once you push the Register and Continue button, you have made your order.

Once again, their services are created for children or students whose parents will pay for their additional studies. It looks like a sort of language courses teaching you how to avoid making mistakes when writing.

Prices & Payment Options

Time4writing prices are high. And probably they are unreasonably high, as most of their customers say. There is one interesting fact – you cannot find almost any prices on their site. I managed to find only one special price of $119 for an 8-week course. That’s it.

There is nothing more and no section where you could see the courses’ prices. No matter what course you click, you will be switched to the parent information form.

It means that you can find out the price only after signing up and giving them all your details. But already when you do that, you will find out that this course of 8 weeks is not a separate one and all the courses have the same price.

It may sound weird but I could not find any information about their payment options. I have no idea what kind of methods they use to accept your payments. And it is quite frustrating and makes me thinking “is time4writing legit?”

Discounts & special offers

Now I have to disappoint you while here you won’t find any special offers. You will not need a time4writing discount code, either time4writing coupon while they have no promotions and no discounts. Nothing at all. As a new customer, you should not hope for any offers, discounts, or rewards.

And Time4writing doesn’t offer any loyalty programs that would allow their returning customers getting a discount. No, no matter how many courses your order for your child or yourself as a student, the price of their courses won’t change. If you need to order a couple of courses, for example, one by one, it is natural after completing the first level, you may need to move forward, you will not get any discounts, too.

I have to state this is pretty disappointing while discounts and loyalty programs, as well as different special offers, are very attractive to all customers in any field and all of them want to enjoy the benefits of being a returning customer.

However, this is not the case with Time4writing.

Content quality

As you already guessed, I cannot evaluate the quality of something that doesn’t exist. But if you just started to read here, don’t worry, this is not a time4writing scam. This service is not specializing in writing content for students, it aims to teach you how to write properly. But again, I can evaluate the quality of their courses and I did. Most students confessed it was a waste of time for them, and, as a result, their money down to the drain.

These courses are good for children but not good for students at all. So, if you are a parent who would like to purchase some extra writing lessons for your child, you can do it. But if you are a student who wants to get some help in writing, those courses will be useless for you.

As a parent, you can be happy if your child is busy with some extra lessons and can improve his or her English knowledge and skills. But as a student, you will hardly be happy to pay over one hundred dollars to hear what you had to when learning at school.

Timely delivery

I cannot speak about the delivery while there is nothing to deliver on time4writing. If you are the one who ordered a course or a couple from them, I believe there will be no delay in teaching you how to write.

There is only one delay I faced and it is the response time. Yes, their customer support is not quite responsive and it may take a couple of days while they get back to you and your inquiry.

Of course, it is possible to assume they have too many customers and are pretty busy. But that is what they should do – reply to their inquiries from potential customers. I didn’t notice it on that site.

Customer support

Well, time4writing customer support is not the best on the market. They do not have any live chat options or phone numbers. They do not even provide an email to get in touch.

The only channel of communication is their contact form on the site. And as I mentioned above, they may reply for ages.

Customer support of time4writing deserves not more than one star, especially, taking into account the reviews of their real customers. We, for example, got their reply in three days. It cannot be called a prompt reply, can it?

Extra features

Except for their courses, Time4writing doesn’t offer any additional features at all. The only feature they suggest is their money-back policy. It is claimed that you may get your money back within 14 days. But whether it works or not, you will find out in the next section of that review. Their site doesn’t offer much information about any of their features and it looks like they do not have a lot to offer. The only features they provide are their advanced training for school students.

This training is aimed to help middle and high school students boost their writing skills. As a rule, students do not need such training while they study all this in their classes.

But if you have missed your classes because of being ill or just were not a diligent student, you may find it helpful. I believe that no one can teach you to be a good writer.

You may have those skills or not. It is a sort of talent and if you are diligent enough, you will acquire those skills during your studies. But if you do not have a writing talent, you’d better ask for the help of a professional writer rather than go back to school again and learn the same things that were never helpful.

Reputation & guarantees

Time4writing is USA –based company and the address stated on the site says their office is in Florida. Their reputation is pretty good among parents of children who took their courses and I can understand that. When your child can boost the writing skills it is wonderful.

But most students mention that their experience with time4writing was just a waste of time and money paid by their parents.

As to their 14-day money-back guarantee, it doesn’t really work. Maybe some students were just unlucky but their time4writing reviews mention that after asking for a refund, they were not even rejected, but they didn’t even get any response. It’s no wonder while their customer support is terrible, you cannot reach them either on the phone or in a live chat.

It may take forever to wait for a reply about your refund to your email after placing an inquiry in an online form.


Multiple students’ reviews about Time4writing service say that they were not satisfied with the quality of their services, thus, I cannot call it a good writing service. This service may be helpful for kids who missed some important English classes or for their parents who want to find some extra classes for their children.

But if you are a student who needs some writing assistance, this is a complete waste of time and money. For the cost of their useless courses, you can get a couple of good professionally written academic papers and get your best final grade. Choose your writing helper from my table of the best essay companies and forget about any worries of studying.

FAQ Time4writing

This precise FAQ section about Time4writing core aspects of performance will help you in assessing the service if you are totally limited in time. Look through it quickly to find answers to all questions that interest you.

What is Time4writing?

Time4writing is quite an unusual thing in the writing market. This web portal doesn’t promise to write a paper for you professionally. It assigns a tutor or a teacher that helps you with writing a paper. A student should complete the writing alone and request feedback about that from the assigned tutor or teacher. This service is theoretically workable if you lack explanations and understanding about a particular topic or subject.

Is Time4writing legit?

Time4writing appears to be a legit tutoring company. It has accreditations and lots of reviews from previous users that were satisfied with the services in most cases. But, in the case of this service, it is desired to provide more details about its legal registration and improve policies for making such services clearer and more transparent.

Is Time4writing safe?

This service appears to be safe as a user shares only minimal personal details with this tutoring platform. That is a complicated thing to trust entirely as it has not implemented enough security measures for ensuring maximal safety from hackers and scammers. But, at the same time, there is no available information about cases of data leaks or hackers attacks that users or the service experienced in the past.

Is Time4writing.com a good service?

There are several reasons why this service is not good. First of all, it doesn’t provide quality writing assistance. It offers tutoring, and this service is far from the quality one even if it manages to deliver good services from case to case. In fact, this may be the right place to waste effort, time, and money without getting the expected result. Some users state it was far better to assign for free writing courses or research better a specific task or assignment they attempt to complete.

Time4writing how much does it cost?

That may be disappointing, but Time4writing doesn’t have any discounts or special offers for its users. It fails to provide such and charges the same rate for all courses – that is around $119. That is a bit expensive, taking into account that you don’t have any confidence in getting the exact result you expect to get. The pricing and loyalty system of this tutoring platform is far from a flexible one.

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