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Scribendi Review [7.4/10]: Is This Service Good and What About It's Reputation?


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Service highlights

  • strong reputation
  • high quality of services
  • Direct communication with an editor
  • high prices
  • additional payment for some services
  • no discounts or promotions

Looking for some writing assistance? Are you in search of a good editor and proofreader for your text? It seems like Scribendi can help you…

What is Scribendi?

Scribendi is a company that specializes in providing proofreading and editing help. It was founded in 1997 and has helped a lot of people to improve their writing. Each day it gives quality assistance for many authors, professionals, students, or academics. So, their ideas are communicated in an effective and clear way.

Is Scribendi good? Thanks to a team of professional writers and editors, and customer support representatives, the customers gain success in various types of writing. Scribendi is an industry leader and has a solid reputation and ratings among customers. They do their best to make cooperation between Scribendi and customers as smooth as possible.

Types of assignments and services the company provides

The company provides its services to everyone. It means that not only students can use their assistance but also authors and writers from all over the world. For instance, Scribendi offers such services as:

  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Academic papers
  • Blog articles
  • Manuscripts
  • Admission essays
  • Business reports
  • Personal documents
  • Resume

Besides, Scribendi offers other services apart from these ones like a query package creation assistance. According to the reviews online, the company is considered to be one of the best in providing such a service.

Quality of writers and editors

The customers from Scribendi reviews say that the quality of the papers is impeccable. They add that it is definitely worth paying money. There is a quality assurance department that checks the quality of the papers that are ordered. As long as the company employs only real professionals in editing, proofreading, and writing, the quality of the text ordered is incredible. Besides, it is worth mentioning that Scribendi employs only those professionals who have, at least, a bachelor’s degree in English Philology and a minimum of 3 years of editing and proofreading experience. Also, they have to be responsible enough to meet deadlines thoroughly. Therefore, the quality of editing and proofreading is so high in Scribendi.

However, the one thing that may be improved is that there is no plagiarism checker within the website so you never know whether your paper is plagiarized or not. Nevertheless, the quality of the papers after editing and proofreading is high. In general, the vast majority of the customers recommend this service to others.

Moreover, it is rather difficult to begin to work for Scribendi for writers and editors. They have to undergo a long and complicated process until they are hired. Meaning, they will have to prove that they are the best.

Website’s design and usability

The company has a user-friendly website. It is easy-to-use and very practical. So that the website is convenient for either regular or new customers. One of the disadvantages of the company’s website is that it might take a long time to download the file. In general, the website’s design is attractive and useful for everyone, making Scribendi stand out in comparison with other companies that offer similar services.

The customers claim that is very easy to place an order and navigate within this website. Besides, you can check the word count of the text online so it will be simpler for you to calculate the total amount of money for the paper.

Ordering process

To order a paper online, you have to do these easy steps:

  1. Contact to support.

    To place your order, you should write a message and ask to write a paper for you. Scribendi is open 24/7 so you can write to them whenever you like. Within a few seconds, you will receive an answer.

  2. Provide them with instructions.

    The next thing you should do is giving them your professor’s instructions and guidelines regarding the paper. Mention the number of pages, topics, and word count of the desirable paper.

  3. Pay.

    Note that you should pay at the initial part of placing the order. So, the payment is processed before the paper is ready. This might be rather tough for some customers, but the reputation of the company is so good and long, that such a leap of faith is reasonable.

Prices and payment options

The prices are rather higher than average, but if you take into account the quality of service the company provides, you may conclude that they are totally reasonable. Scribendi cooperates only with the recognized payment methods. So, you can pay Scribendi price by PayPal or Visa, Discovery, MasterCard, UnionPay, and more. all things considered; you will have to trust the company’s reputation which features a long history. Wherever you are, you might find a payment option for you to use cooperating with Scribendi. It might be difficult for you to accept the pricing policy, but still, such prices are worthy if it comes to the quality of the paper you order.

Discounts and special offers

There is no Scribendi discount code the company offers. You will never find a coupon for Scribendi services online. The prices are firm and permanent. It might look that the company is too strict and mean, but as long as the company has been for more than twenty years on the market, such prices and the absence of discounts should be treated absolutely normally. This is due to the fact that a quality work of experts that are employed to Scribendi is rather pricey so they have to be well-paid if you want to get quality help. Therefore, the amount of money should not bother you. Otherwise, you should be glad to pay a lot to real professionals and get a quality result. It is better to pay more for quality assistance than to get a terrible paper full of grammar mistakes.

Content quality

First and foremost, Scribendi inc. guarantees the great quality of the paper. So, it will be written in a clear way. Moreover, they promise to do proper research and use only credible and reliable sources. What is more, your paper will be absolutely unique and original. Since only experts and native English speakers are employed by Scribendi, you will receive a paper with no grammar and punctual mistakes, or typos. Since the editors have to pass a long process of hiring and have specific qualifications, proving they are experts, you should not worry about the quality of your paper because it will be always excellent.

What is more, the editors and proofreaders tend to keep your voice, when editing the document. So, you will never tell that the paper has been corrected, even if it was seriously neatened up. Usually, editors edit the document and live comments, which is very practical for every writer so they can choose whether to correct some things or not.

Timely delivery

Scribendi follows the demands regarding deadlines completely. So, your paper will be delivered on time. Moreover, in most cases, you will receive your paper even earlier for you to check it and ask for a revision if you need it. The papers are quickly written because only professionals are working for Scribendi. they know how to generate a quality paper in a timely manner so that the customer will be satisfied.

Scribendi values your and their time. Meaning, you will not need any revisions because in most cases the quality of the papers is great from the very beginning. Besides, they will be written even before the deadline comes for you to glance over and decide whether you need a revision or not.

Customer support

The customer support is open 24/7. So, you can send your query anytime you want. Scribendi employs only friendly and respectable customer support representatives who are attentive to detail and react fast. So, you will get quick and reputable assistance withing some seconds after writing a message to Scribendi. The biggest time you have to wait is twelve hours if you write an email. Apart from writing a message, you can call Scribendi during regular working hours. So, you can always get polite assistance for the shortest time. Therefore, cooperating with Scribendi is such a pleasure!

Extra features

  • Direct communication with an editor or proofreader.Scribendi offers you the possibility to chat with their editor or proofreader and provide them with details and further instructions concerning the paper. You may contact your editor anytime and get a clear answer.
  • Scribendi is ready to help you until you are satisfied completely. You have time to check the paper, as it was mentioned above. So, you may ask for a free revision if you think the paper has to be modified to some extent. Scribendi promises to assist you until you will be happy with your paper.

Reputation & guarantees

Scribendi does not offer a standardized set of guarantees. They, however, claim not to tolerate plagiarism of any kind and keep the uniqueness of the document. Of course, Scribendy promises total premium grammar and zero mistakes. There are two things that Scribendi is responsible for:

  • Good English. Scribendi employs only Native speakers. Your paper will not include any kind of mistakes and typos. The grammar is their top priority so you will be always satisfied with your paper.
  • Strict adherence to your instructions. Scribendi editors tend to follow the guidelines and instructions you may provide them with. No doubt your paper will meet all the expectations of you and your professor.


There are so many customers who trust Scribendi and ask for writing and editing assistance once again. Moreover, Scribendi guarantees you complete confidentiality so that no third party will get to know that you have used their service. Of course, unless you tell them yourself. Scribendi can and they do keep secrets because they care about Scribendi reputation and your satisfaction.

Therefore, the main pros of using this service is quality that is really high, but there are some cons of it. It costs a lot, even, simple papers. They demand additional payment for services, which are free in the other writing companies. Taking into account absolute absence of any discounts and special offers, for most of students a little bit difficult to pay such total sum. If you are one of them, check the list of top essay websites to finds the best service just for you.

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REVIEWED ON November 11, 2020

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Cool info! It's great I've came across into it.

candy s. review


star star star star star star star star star star

Cool info! It's great I've came across into it.

November 11, 2020

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