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Get a Bigger Picture about the McEssay, the Writing Company

Modern students have a lot of opportunities and quick access to any information they need. It is very helpful since you don’t need to waste a lot of time writing the research paper or any other academic assignment. On the other side, the more opportunities students have, the more expectations the professors have. It means that you may be assigned various tasks with strict requirements and deadlines to follow. Sometimes it is not so easy to plan your time and define priorities. Especially when it goes about writing an essay, a term paper, or a dissertation, it is normal if you don’t consider yourself a great author and want to skip tasks you don’t like.

Fortunately, you also have an opportunity to order a custom paper written primarily for you. Essay companies such as McEssay provide students with writing services. Of course, as in any business, some companies deserve your trust, and there are many scammers as well. That’s why I’ve decided to prepare a detailed review to answer your question: is McEssay legit? Let’s see!

What is known about the McEssay company?

The is a popular writing service that was registered in 2008. They work with students of high schools, colleges, universities, people who pursue Masters or Ph.D. degrees. Your location and time zone don’t matter since this company is international and works 24\7. You can make your order online and receive a paper as a document on your email. This approach is very convenient since you don’t need to go somewhere; you just leave your request and get the result.

However, such popularity of writing services has some harmful consequences as well. There are many companies that provide students with papers of low quality and full of plagiarism. They work with authors who are not English native speakers and don’t have pretty much experience with academic assignments. That’s why it is important to read McEssay reviews before you make an order and pay money.

I’ve decided to order an argumentative essay with a 3 days deadline to see how this company works and whether it is a decent option to choose.

Which type of papers does company deal with?

The first thing you should understand about the company is the types of assignments it provides. Some writing services have a concrete specialization when they work with dissertations or case studies only. Companies focus on various homework assignments, e.g., with math, biology, English language, literature, etc.

The preferable option is the company that deals with various tasks. It shows that there are good professionals in the team who are responsible for different directions. It is handy since any student faces many tasks, and you shouldn’t look for another company if you need help with your accounting or chemistry homework.

As you can see from the McEssay website, they work with all students’ tasks. You can buy an essay, programming homework, a presentation or a speech, an article review, a research proposal, and so on. Whatever your professor assigned you, you may leave a request and expect help.

Team of authors

This criterion is essential. In fact, it can make the most of the difference, as the final result depends on the person who wrote your paper.

McEssay claims that they work with dedicated professionals who see helping students as their mission. These are people who meet the following criteria:

  • they have a decent education (Masters or Ph.D.);
  • they are native English speakers or have a flawless command of language;
  • they are experts in particular fields (economics, business, programming, etc.);
  • they are well-aware of academic standards;
  • they have good essay samples;
  • they are punctual.

Speaking about the quality of the paper I’ve received, I can say that it was amazing. It goes without saying that the author is a real expert. The essay had an engaging topic, a clear structure, several convincing arguments. It was also written without mistakes, so I couldn’t find any flaws.

The quality of McEssay writers is 10 out of 10.

Website’s design & user experience

You may say that this criterion is not so important, but it is not. On the one hand, the company provides writing services and must take care of a good writing team. They don’t have to hire great web designers to make their page more enjoyable and user-friendly.

But that’s what these companies need to do if they want to attract more customers and build their trust. Some scammers create websites with outdated designs and minimal features. This suggests that they are not worried about whether you will like this page and whether you can find the information you need. What are they not worried about yet? About the quality of your paper? has a very simple and stylish design in a minimalist style. The combination of yellow, blue, and white looks very nice. The website is also clearly structured and intuitive.

Speaking about the website’s design, I can also rate it 10 out of 10.

How to make an order

If you’ve tried placing an order on other websites, you know that this is not an easy task. Sometimes students cannot find the Order button for a long time, which is really incomprehensible because the company is interested in receiving your money. Sometimes they do not offer an order form but ask you to leave your details so that they call you and ask questions. Of course, this is very inconvenient. Many websites also freeze when you try to place an order.

I have not encountered any similar or other problems while submitting our application on the website. The whole process is very easy; all you need is to find the big Order button, click it, and fill in the form with your requirements. Students can do it from any device, whether it is a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet. Be responsible when providing data since the company needs to know your expectations to provide you with a decent result. If you have some additional requirements, you have the possibility to upload the file with them.

Ordering Process: 10 out of 10.

Pricing policy

They do not have a page with McEssay prices, and this could be called a disadvantage. But there is also a significant advantage. When you place an order and indicate your order’s details, you will receive an accurate price offer just for you. There is no point in the information that term paper costs from $ 50 if your paper will cost you $ 150, depending on the topic, number of pages, and deadline. You want to know the exact amount, and you need to provide the assignment’s details for this purpose.

For example, an admission essay for a university with a 2-day deadline and the best writer available will cost you $ 47. This amount can be reduced by $ 24 if you set a deadline of 14 days. If you need PowerPoint slides for your presentation, please indicate this as well, as this affects the cost.

What about payment options, students may use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, which is very convenient for online transactions.

Knowing what prices other writing companies offer and the quality of their services, I can rate McEssay pricing 10 out of 10.

Special offers & discounts

Discounts are not required as well, and if the company doesn’t have special offers, you shouldn’t think this is a scam or something else. But, of course, it is very pleasant when you can make the final price a bit lower.

Speaking about McEssay, they offer a promo code for new customers. You can get a 5% McEssay discount for your first order. Sounds sweet!

They also show you how much you can save if you use their services. For example, they offer proofreading & editing for free, but it costs $ 10. Students can also expect free formatting, quality check, title page, etc.

So, discounts & special offers 10 out of 10.

Website content

Do you know how to distinguish the good business from the bad one? The first is customer-oriented, and it also tries to provide you with something more than just writing services. That’s why I have included the website content in our McEssay review.

You can find useful and exciting content at I speak about samples written by professional authors and their blog with valuable articles on different themes related to students and the challenges they face. For example, you’ll find the information about the letter of intent, FAFSA and its opportunities, tips to come up with a dissertation topic, etc. They constantly add new articles, so you can use this content to your advantage and find good advice.

I’ve read several samples and articles, so I can say they are pretty interesting and qualitative. The content rate is 10 out of 10.

Following deadlines

Punctuality can be called one of the most important criteria for any student. First of all, this is respect for someone else’s time; in this case, a professor who will check your paper. All students have equal conditions, which means they must submit completed assignments on time without any delays.

And this is a real challenge these days.

First, when you receive an assignment, you find it too easy or too difficult. And this becomes a reason to postpone the task, because in the first case, you are sure that you will cope very quickly, and in the second you cannot decide for a long time to write at least a few sentences.

Moreover, when you have several assignments from different professors, and they are all very important, it is very difficult to organize your schedule. Especially if you have a part-time job, a hobby, friends, or suddenly feel bad. There may be different unpredictable situations, and there are times when you should rely on good writing service.

Is McEssay reliable? I have received our paper without any deadlines. I have also read some other reviews, and there were no comments about non-punctuality. So it is possible to conclude that they meet deadlines. So the delivery time is 10 out of 10.

Customer support level

When you’re ordering a paper, you’re not a student anymore. You’re a customer. And the company provides you with the paper you pay for. It means they should also provide you with a good service, to make your customer experience as nice as possible.

If you have any questions about the assignment’s type, pricing, the author’s qualification, the current status of your order, and so on, you can contact the customer support service. As I have already mentioned, they are working round the clock to help you. Find the yellow button named Chat with Support, click it, and send your request. They will provide you with an answer very quickly. You can also find their phone, email, and address in London, UK.

Actually, I haven’t any problems with McEssay, so I can’t estimate their support when it goes about solving some issues. However, I have contacted them before placing an order. The manager was very polite and helpful. So, I don’t have another choice than to rate their customer support with 10 out of 10.

Additional features

When you fill in the data related to your order, you may see that they offer you some additional features:

  1. Plagiarism report;
  2. Abstract page;
  3. High-Priority.

Let me explain what these services stand for, so you can decide whether you need to pay for them.

Firstly, your McEssay college essay should be unique. No plagiarism. Without exceptions. It is the common academic rule, so if any company provides you with a paper that contains plagiarism, they are scammers. You shouldn’t ask for a report to expect originality.

However, some educational institutions require you to provide a plagiarism report. Or you may order it to be sure.

The abstract page is necessary when you need to come up with an academic paper and format it according to particular requirements. It is not so complicated to create it, but don’t waste your time when you can get the proven result.

And finally, the high-priority stands for the VIP 24\7 service. If you want to know what stage your paper is right now and stay in touch with your manager, you need this feature.

So, my verdict here is again 10 out of 10.

Online reputation and guarantees provided

Online-reputation is king. You can find any information about any company you’re interested in. And if the writing service can choose reviews to publish on their website, they can’t control different independent platforms.

It is important to read testimonials before you make an order since you can get the bigger picture. They help you understand which problems the company has and whether you are ready to deal with them. For example, you may find out that the A company provides very qualitative papers, but they miss deadlines sometimes. If you have enough time, you can even take the risk. But there is no need to do it because there are also companies with a flawless reputation. Such as McEssay.

Speaking about their guarantees, they promise:

  • Responsive support round the clock;
  • Unique papers;
  • Total confidentiality;
  • No hidden charges;
  • Money-back guarantee.

Read their terms carefully to know what rights you have and how you can ask for compensation if you need it.

My rate is 10 out of 10.

My Verdict

So, I can say that I am happy with the McEssay. This company provides students with a fantastic experience since you can expect high-quality papers, competent authors, affordable prices, and strict deadlines. My final rate is 10 out of 10, and it is the best result. If you understand you need help with your homework, don’t hesitate to contact McEssay!

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REVIEWED ON November 18, 2020

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Great review, very helpful for me, Thanks

john m. review


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Great review, very helpful for me, Thanks

November 18, 2020

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