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EssayWriter Review [6.1/10]: Is Legit? [2021]


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Service highlights

  • bidding system
  • poor content quality
  • missing deadlines
  • no contact information
  • absence of examples from writers – Video Review

If you are looking for EssayWriter org reviews,you are in the right way. It means that I want to tell you all the truth about this service as well as the system of its function.

Few words about

It is believed that this online service is one of the old ones. To be honest, this website has existed for seven or eight years. The main purpose of its creating was to help students from all over the world, who had problems with academic paper writing.

The authors from EssayWriter write the papers for the students. The customers, who open the landing page of the service, can see the scheme of actions. They include:

  • to place an order online;
  • to choose the best writer’s bid;
  • to pay for the paperwork;
  • chat with the author;
  • to get a written essay.

What does the service offer?

Of course, you understand that the authors from the online service must write different kinds of paper works and do their best for the customers. Is EssayWriter reliable for writing book/movie review, diploma paper, or article in the trade magazine?

So let’s determine what kinds of papers you can get with the help of the writers from the mentioned service. There are too many competitors on this market, and as well as the rest of such websites, can help you to organize:

  • personal statements;
  • different kinds of the essay (about the historical event, someone’s biography, the description of the illnesses, the explanation of the political events and others);
  • reports;
  • coursework;
  • term papers;
  • dissertations.

Excepting this, the authors will also edit the papers for you. If your topic requires, the writers will also do research before writing. According to the reviews of the service customers, the authors are native speakers, so the spelling is excellent. Moreover, the papers are usually unique.

What authors work there?

Visiting the landing page of, you will see interesting information that will attract your attention. It is written that more than 200 essays are given to the customers daily. Of course, it makes me think about the professional writers, who work there.

Clicking on the profile of any writer, you will bump into such information:

  • the subjects which the author is good in;
  • how long she/he is on this website;
  • the number of written works.

It seems to be that you need to know more about the author. Maybe it is really hard to make the choice, having only these pieces of information. But all the customers can write their reviews and even put marks to a certain author.

Someone can consider this as essaywriter scam,but it is said that every author has higher education, a few years’ experiences and deep knowledge in a certain field. But who can check this? Unfortunately, nobody. That is why the students, who really need help, should risk and trust the information from the website.

How does the website look like?

According to different reviews, the design of the website is one of the best advantages of The online calculator allows calculating the price, depending on the number of pages, deadline, type of the paper and etc.

Users also appreciate that there is all necessary information including How it works and How to make the order. Scroll the website till the end to see the top writers and different reviews from the pleased customers.

The only thing that is not good there is the absence of the works of the writers. Let’s agree that everyone has her/his own style. Two educated and professional writers can do the same job, but you will appreciate only one. It is because one writer writes in simpler words. It makes the essay more understandable.

Some users also claim that there is no contact information on the website. You can’t call the administrator, and you will not know whether your e-mail is seen or not.

How to make an order

The service presents itself as the platform, where you can easily get a ready paper. The customers can decide is essaywriter fraud or not, but it tells that there are more than 90 thousands of professional writers. But is it really so easy to make an order here?

The system, according to which the customer and the author are connected, is well-known. The student, who needs help, adds detailed order. He/she must determine the type of academic paper, deadline, the number of pages, wished resources, editing rules and etc. All the writers who want to work with this topic and who are good at can place the bids.

The important point is the customer can chat with the author before making a choice. All given information is excellent, but at this time you can chat with a certain person and understand is he so good in this field or not. Maybe there are authors, who even will write to you with spelling mistakes.

So, it should be said that you collect the bids, chat with the authors and choose the best one. During his/her work you can write to him/her at any time you need. After such cooperation, you get a ready unique paper.

Prices and payment system

Speaking about the essaywriter price, you must remember about the bidding system. It means that there are no fixed prices for the 1 page or 1000 signs. Every author can have his/her own prices, which are offered to you in the bid.

Of course, some customers appreciate this fact and try to choose the cheapest bid. But is it truly professional work for such payment? If you still want to make an order on this service, try to understand whether the paper is equivalent to the money you will pay for.

As for the payment system, it is easy as well as making orders. The customer pays money with the help of the credit card. PayPal is also available. Don’t be afraid to pay and to give your financial and personal information.

When your academic paper is ready, the money from your account transfers to the account of the writer. This process is automatized.

Special offers and bonuses

Unfortunately, there are no essaywriter discounts.In other words, the price is determined by both the author and the customer.

But the situation is different when you become a regular client. If you know that you will need to make orders regularly, maybe this service will be suitable for you. It works in the following way:

  • you become a member after the registration
  • after that, you place your first order
  • just pay for this order to get 10% discount
  • 10% of the price will return to your balance
  • this money can be used for paying for the next order

One more pleasant moment is that during the registration you can point the date of your birth, and the service will congratulate you on the discount. Moreover, for every order which will be made by your friend, you will get 5 % of the price of this order. But still, it is needed to be mentioned that because of the absence of fixed prices, the general discount is also absent there.

Quality of the papers

If different online services are not mistaken, the has pleased 98% of the customers. But still, this website has no page with the reviews. The clients can’t write what they think just in the special form on the website.

Of course, there are few reviews on the landing page of the service, but no one knows how old they are. Maybe they were written a few years ago, and these testimonials are not relevant now.

Looking through the Net pages, you can find different reviews and sometimes they are opposite. Some students consider to be the worst thing they have ever dealt with. And the other group of the students finds this service to be really helpful and honest. The most common commentaries were that the sentences were not grammatically right, the English were bad and the topic was not fully described.

Will you get the paper on time?

When you are on the main page of the, you will see the photos and names of the best writers. You can see the number of written works, the few words from the previous customer, the list of the spheres in which the writer is best. You will not find any information about the organizational nuances, as well as the background, education and degree level of the person.

The author is the only individual choice and your risk. In other words, you will never know how much time it will take to get the written work. Chatting with the author, make him/her understand how important this paper is for you. Students, who asked for help here, said that there were cases when the papers were not ready in time. So be careful and think about it!

Support for the customers

Maybe after reading this review, you may have some doubts about whether essaywriter fake is true or not, but there is one point that is super. It is said about the support team. If you need to get information, you can write to the manager via online chat. This form is really useful, and all the clients got the answers.

There is also an opportunity to keep in touch with customer support via phone. The large disadvantage is that there is no contact information published on the landing page. Anyway, you can contact the support team calling them: 1(877)530 0801 Fax: 1-888-884-0218.

One more pleasant moment is the links on the profiles on social networks. Clients can click on them and follow these profiles and to know all new information. But, there were some moments, that the messages were not read and the clients didn’t get help from the team.

Additional features

There are no standard features or bonuses, which are offered to the clients by the other services. It is because all the way of writing is discussed between you and the author you’ve checked. For example, one writer can edit your essay for free, and the second one will require payment for proofreading.

But there is an interesting thing. There is a guide, which tells how different academic papers are written. With the help of this, you will find more information about the needed paper. This will help to understand what your ready paper must look like.

Also, the student appreciates the section with the list of possible topics. If you need an essay, but can’t formulate the topic before placing the order, you can look through this list.

I have mentioned the calculating of the general price for the paper. But I should be taking into account, that every author has his/her own price. That’s why it has no sense to calculate the price, entering the data, because the price will be different. In some reviews students really appreciate this function, and some of them don’t understand its presence.

The reputation of the service

If you are interested in is essaywriter legit,maybe you still don’t know where to get help. It must be mentioned, that the service is honest and clear as for the financial operations. Customers can freely enter their data both personal and financial.

On the other hand, writers promise not to use the papers again. After writing the customer is the only owner of the academic paper, and you mustn’t worry about it.

By the way, the service has not an excellent reputation among students from different countries. As it was mentioned before, the most common reason for complaining is poor English. Moreover, clients complained that the topic wasn’t opened properly. In some cases, the authors didn’t meet the requirement and in the worst cases, they didn’t meet deadlines.

The general rate is more than 5, but it is far from 10. By the way, the administration works with the mistakes, and modern is better than it was before.


As for the conclusion, it can be said that this service is not one that you mustn’t deal with. It is legal; it keeps the clients’ information and doesn’t steal money. The only recommendation to the students is to make a choice of the author properly. Pay attention to the ratio of quality and price.

Remember, nobody is ideal, but it is obviously, there are several proper essay services at your disposal. Just spend some time to read detailed reviews and find yours from top-rated essay writing companies list.


If you are looking for a good paper writing service but still find yourself lost, check the answers to the most popular questions below that should help you make the right choice. 

How much does cost

This essay writing service has a bidding system that is quite convenient for many customers. You do not have to pay a fixed cost, but after posting your assignment, you wait for the bids from different authors, can check their profiles, and choose the one that suits you more in terms of price and quality.

How good is

Essaywriter is not very good. First of all, the authors seem to be not verified because there are different freelancers making their bids and their background cannot be checked by anyone. They can easily miss deadlines, provide doubtful quality, and the service doesn’t even have normal customer support to complain. 

Is legit?

Yes, it is legit and doesn’t disclose your data or steal your money. However, the quality of their assignments varies from one author to another, as well as their timely delivery. No one is responsible for the quality of the writer you choose yourself. 

Is safe?

Yes, the website is safe in terms of keeping your personal and payment details safe. They do not disclose your personal information or cause problems with double payments or something like that. Your information and payment details are absolutely safe. 

Is reliable?

We would say 50/50. On the one hand, if you choose a bid of a reliable writer, you may be lucky. On the other hand, you never know who is a reliable author and who will just waste your money and nerves. The best recommendation is to choose the bids carefully. 

Is trustworthy?

Yes, you can trust this writing service, and you may not be afraid that your personal or payment information is disclosed to some third parties. However, if you opt for the best assignment quality, you may need not play roulette and choose the website where the quality of authors is verified properly.

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