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EssayShark Review [4.1/10]: Can You Trust This Company? [2021]


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Service highlights

  • on time delivery
  • lack of reliable data protection
  • slow customer support
  • difficult to get a refund
  • ESL writers
  • low quality of content

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Some general aspects

EssayShark’s scope of work is freelance writing services for various types of academic assignments. A platform designed to assist students has been around for several years.

However, unfortunately, statistics show that the ratings and reputation of this site are falling lower and lower. Yes, at first the goals and plans of EssayShark were good and promising since the work was to provide written papers. Nevertheless, in recent years, financial gain has become a more significant and priority parameter than the quality of performed work.

Anyway, during evaluating the final result, the content is primarily taken into account.

Almost all types of educational institutions require the implementation of such tasks in order to test the student’s level of knowledge, literacy and writing skills.

Kinds of help

It is not a secret that writing a variety of academic papers can significantly affect the student rating. Despite the different levels of knowledge, there are generally accepted requirements that relate to the content, style, formatting of quotes and other elements. Lack of necessary information about these key points leads to poor grades and a decrease in academic performance.

In addition to this, there are other factors, among which timing plays an important role.

Often, a variety of reasons can prevent students from doing work on time and, accordingly, worsen the situation. All this contributed to the decision of EssayShark to engage in the provision of academic services and enter a large market.

The first stages of the company’s existence and development went relatively well and attracted a large number of students who needed help with writing an essay, term paper, dissertation, laboratory report, and many other university assignments.

Everything went perfectly and a huge number of people received their unique and interesting texts. However, over time, the level of quality began to plummet, while more and more negative ones appeared among user reviews.

Work for experts

As mentioned above, initially the company consisted of writers who, in addition to experience and professionalism, had non-standard thinking. However, now the situation has worsened significantly. You should not place your order to verify this, as it is unfortunate to admit that academic fraud has become the main activity of EssayShark.

A badly damaged reputation and a lack of connection between value and cost will turn your appeal to this service into a huge mistake. Unlike other companies engaged in such activities, submitting documents for verification to EssayShark, you not only may encounter low-skilled specialists but even run the risk of losing your paper.

The main part of the essayshark writers is freelance authors from Russia, whose work is poor. In addition to the lack of high academic rank, they are also not able to provide competent and high-quality content.

Moreover, instead of receiving proven work, you can find out about transferring your paper to a third party. The sales act can be reproduced in the case of an order to write a work on a similar topic. In this case, in addition to encountering fraud and wasted resources, you can be accused of committing an academic crime.

For this reason, if you do not want to take part in the fraud of a company that profits from customers and uses their confidential materials for their own purposes, try to avoid any contact with this service.

Some words about the website’s design

The platform interface is relatively simple and understandable. The home page is the initial one and therefore it contains a large amount of information. However, it is very likely that the client will ignore the content in search of more appropriate data. For this reason, EssayShark offers the presence of several types of interface, which is designed for different categories of users.

The main part of the target audience consists of students, most of whom have personal computers and can easily understand navigation. The website offers four interface options for various users.

Similar aspects are the colors, theme, logo and page format, while the distinguishing part is the outlined information that is selected for a particular user. Nevertheless, despite such elements, there may be a connection between different sections. For instance, company policies and conditions are publicly available.

Academic author interface. It is intended for writers and contains the necessary content. The following sections can also be found here.

  • ‘available orders’;
  • ‘completed orders’;
  • ‘orders in progress’;
  • ‘Account details’;
  • financial operations.

The client interface also has its own unique set of various components. Here the customer can post tasks or publish invoices.

The support group interface provides access to information that concerns writers or customers. Thanks to this, a permanent connection and the solution of all questions of interest is possible. In addition to this aspect, the support also offers the ability to service hotlines that are available at any time.

The administrator interface is designed for company and website management. The task of these workers is to ensure compliance with requirements and quality, as well as to take measures in the opposite case. Another area of their responsibility is maintaining an official website, posting content and attracting new people.

All underlined elements are interconnected.

However, even a convenient and good design did not save the company from the rapid deterioration of the level of success. The incompetence of the authors, the rudeness and uselessness of the support group reinforce this terrible process, while the orientation of administrators to attract a larger flow of consumers exacerbates the situation.

How to order

The process of placing an order on the platform is no different from other similar services.

First of all, you need to fill out a web form. You have to be logged in to do this.

After clicking the ‘order now’ button, your task will be to provide all the necessary information that the contractor needs to work with your task. In addition to highlighting the type of work [article, term paper, dissertation laboratory, review, etc] you also have to indicate the time frame for completing the assignment. Despite the generally accepted standards for writing such papers, do not forget to add all the necessary instructions and additional wishes.

Some words about EssayShark price & payment

This platform offers many different payment options, ranging from credit cards to online payments. For this reason, the customer can choose any method, which is the most convenient for him. However, despite the wide variety of options, the security of the entered data is not guaranteed. Providing credit information can lead to the theft of personal information or even funds.

Security features such as encryption are not available and, therefore, the provision of any personal information is not secure. Moreover, the company does not have a third-party payment processor, which can restrict other users from viewing your data. For this reason, you should remember that the entered information is at risk of being used by strangers.

Imaginary discounts & special offers

As a way to retain and attract new users, the EssayShark offers the opportunity to receive various types of additional services. However, these seemingly pleasant bonuses turn out to be part of a large and serious fraud conducted by this company. At first glance, these aspects seem very profitable for potential and regular customers.

However, on the other hand, they are also not safe. First of all, there are numerous negative reviews and complaints. Users claim that after using the discount they were forced to pay an additional fee. The dishonesty and fraud of the company eliminate any possibility of a trusting relationship. For this reason, the waste of time and money to get a discount is pointless, since the result does not live up to expectations.

I strongly discourage any contact with the described essayshark scam.

Low quality content

The company focuses on providing a unique and high-quality order. However, this statement remains only empty promises, since it does not correspond to reality at all. The core of a huge number of complaints and negative reviews is the issue of plagiarism. Most of them relate to the implementation of urgent tasks.

I have already mentioned that the main employees of the company are Russian freelancers.

Lack of knowledge and creativity significantly worsen the final result of the work. It is also the reason why authors prefer to limit themselves to using materials from online sources.

After the workflow is complete, the authors do not check the written document using various resources. As a result, many students are forced to endure harsh penalties for using plagiarism. Moreover, it is not even the worst-case scenario. There were situations when students were even expelled due to the misappropriation of someone else’s paper. All these aspects distort the thoughts about is essayshark legal.

Some words about timely delivery

One of the most significant advantages of this company is the timely implementation of academic tasks and the provision of ready-made documents. Even if your deadline expires in four hours, the performers will come for help and take up this urgent order. In the absence of a large number of financial resources or the availability of time for writing work, you can specify a longer period.

Feedback capability

In fact, customer support for this platform promises the possibility of round-the-clock contact. Feedback is one of the most important aspects of any company that provides such services. Its significance is explained by the lack of real communication between the customer and the contractor.

However, in addition to a good communication system, there are also negative aspects of this point of essayshark review. First of all, it is worth noting the slow work of the support service. This is unacceptable as the client may encounter an emergency problem or has to provide critical information. Such delays are often due to congestion on the hotline.

Contact with the author can also be problematic. Most employees are academics and inaccessible for a fairly long period of time. It creates a risk of delayed work and other unpleasant moments.

Try to avoid contacting this company in order to protect yourself from such problems.

Some more important aspects

The provision of such services is a form of legal business. For this reason, most professors and tutors strongly discourage students from contacting such services for help. The received papers do not illustrate the true knowledge. Moreover, in some cases, a student may even be punished for applying to the field of writing academic papers.

Despite this moment, the Essayshark policy does not guarantee the security of the entered data. There were situations when confidential information became public and students faced serious consequences. In this case, in addition to wasted financial resources, you run the risk of having problems in your educational institution.

No warranty

The list of various problems does not end with the leak of your personal data. Actually, the official website emphasizes the possibility of receiving a refund in case of dissatisfaction with the final result. However, very often the latter depends on the customer. Tastes differ. Interesting and creative for the writer may seem boring and useless to the client.

Given such cases, the company offers the possibility of a refund. The full return option is available only if there is no file download. However, otherwise, you may request a partial refund. In fact, a high-quality and reliable return system is illusory, since the implementation is an almost impossible phenomenon.

Disappointing findings

Despite some positive and useful points, the overall picture of the essayshark reddit leaves much to be desired. The lack of reliable protection of the entered data and the possibility of receiving a refund along with illiterate authors and the slowness of the support service created a bad reputation for the company.

It indicates my verdict according to which the average rating of the investigated resource is 4.1/10.

However, there are truly reliable and responsible platforms that are ready to help every student. Choose yours from list of best essay writing services and get perfect writing help.


Essayshark is one of the most popular writing services and keeps being one of the most widely used in the industry. Check whether it is really worth the money spent in the following list of answers. 

Is essayshark.com a good service?

This service can boast timely delivery, but in general, the quality of their content leaves much to be desired. Many users complain about the really low quality of their assignments and the non-responsiveness of their customer support. You can find much better services at lower costs. 

Is EssayShark safe?

Although the service is widely used by students from different English-speaking countries, it lacks data protection. There were cases when students had tons of problems in their educational establishments due to the leak of their personal information. Thus, the service cannot be called safe or secure. 

Is EssayShark reliable?

This is a well-known name in the essay writing industry, but its reliability is doubtful. If timely delivery is the only priority for you, you can pick this service because they do not miss their deadlines, and you will really get your paper on time. However, if you care about what you pay for, the quality of the papers won’t make you happy. 

Is EssayShark trustworthy?

You can trust this essay writing provider in terms of on-time delivery. They really stick to deadlines and never miss them. When it comes to the quality of their assignments or solving issues through their customer support, you will hardly find them reliable. 

How much does essayshark cost?

The prices of this website are not the lowest in the market. If you count for a good paper at $10 per page, forget about it. With this service, you will need to pay at least $20 per page, which is extremely expensive compared to other websites. Moreover, such costs are not reasonable because the quality of their assignments doesn’t correspond to them.

Is EssayShark scam?

EssayShark is not a scam, and it is a legit website providing essay writing services. However, it doesn’t mean they will deliver top-notch papers or provide good customer service. In most cases, users are not happy with the price/quality ratio or customer support.

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