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Bestessays.com Review[1.3/10]: Main Features Of The Service [2021]


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Service highlights

  • Responsive support
  • Simple website
  • Reliable payment providers
  • Missed deadlines
  • Necessity for several revisions
  • Plagiarism in final draft

In the course of studying at a higher education institution, students inevitably face all sorts of problems. The main difficulties can be roughly divided into:

  • Pedagogical (mainly related to dissatisfaction with contacts with teachers and specialists of the educational process);
  • Organizational and methodological (associated with a misunderstanding of educational tasks set out in various educational products);
  • Informational (associated with a lack of information about the rules of educational work with the most difficult educational products);
  • Household (related to the place of residence and living conditions);
  • Financial (related to the source of income);
  • Psychological (associated with the emotional experiences of students related to learning).

Online writing companies can provide quality assistance in solving many educational problems. Therefore, the services offered by professional writers are highly valued today and are very popular among young people. But on the web, not all companies offering writing services are reliable. You can inadvertently choose an unscrupulous platform and be at serious risk.

Taking into account all of the above, the bestessays review seems appropriate and relevant. After studying the material below, you will be able to conclude about the reliability of the assistance offered by bestessays service.

What Is Bestessays.com?

Bestessays com is a writing company that has been offering its services for 5 years. According to bestessays reviews, the website’s reputation is not good today, and the average score is no more than 1.3 out of 10. Unlike other reliable platforms, there have been cases of customer scams. This indicates the platform’s fraudulent activity and the poor quality of the assistance provided.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

To find out as much up-to-date information as possible about the services that the company offers to customers, I have studied a lot of bestessays reviews. The performed analysis allows us to conclude that the list of services is not as wide compared to the range of services offered by other companies working in this area.

Bestessays offers clients assistance in writing essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations. There you can order research work. Writers are ready to create a presentation or develop a portfolio. It is also possible to get help in completing various assignments in mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.

The list of services offered by other platforms is wider and, in addition to the above-mentioned works, includes:

  • Homework execution;
  • Completing programming assignments;
  • Writing theses, synopsis, abstracts, Capstone projects, etc.

The level of qualification of UK bestessays writers allows completing only standard assignments for students. It is not possible to get support there in completing programming assignments or writing a Capstone project, etc. as these types of assignments require significant knowledge and skills from experts.

Quality of Writers

In the framework of this UK bestessays review, it is necessary to indicate that the company is hiring a team of writers to fulfill orders. But, most likely, a careful selection of specialists is not carried out. Authors with basic knowledge of the English language are hired. They do not undergo special training before starting work but are immediately involved in completing custom papers.

Such negligence of the bestessays service to the selection of specialists is expressed in the quality of the work they perform. It is definitely low.

There are many bestessays reviews on the Internet, which indicate that the writers of the company often do not fulfill the specified requirements. They ignore customer messages with comments on work. Completed orders are often sent later than the specified deadline. The level of uniqueness of works is not high, since writers borrow fragments of texts from other sources that are in the public domain on the web. The correct citation also does not apply.

Website’s Design & Usability

Answering the question “Is bestessays a good website?”, I must indicate that it is not. This is immediately apparent from its design:

  1. Firstly, the design is outdated. It does not attract with its originality, comprehensibility, and accessibility;
  2. Secondly, there is no relevant information on the company’s activities on the main page. This is very inconvenient because the client cannot find important data about the company and the writers. If I consider other writing websites, so they try to provide the most up-to-date information on the home page. This allows clients to find answers to exciting questions and draw conclusions about the reliability and quality of writing assistance;
  3. Thirdly, it is not easy to find the order form on bestessays. This requires effort and time. Of course, this creates difficulties for clients when using the website.

In general, I can conclude that the company’s website is not user-friendly. Surely, it will be difficult for a novice PC user to find important information about cooperation and fill out an order form there.

Ordering Process

My Bestessays review illustrates that the process of ordering paper on the site is not very simple. To place it, you will have to spend some time. Here are the main steps:

  1. Search for the order form on the company’s website. The first thing a client needs to do is find the order form on the website. It does not immediately catch the eye, so often difficulties arise with this;
  2. Filling out the order form. After finding the order form, you need to fill it out. Reliable online platforms usually ask for the most important information about an assignment. But bestessays team asks for data that is not primary but most likely secondary. For example, you need to indicate ymy gender, place of study, etc.;
  3. Sending the application to the manager. After creating an order, all data must be saved, and the completed form must be sent to the manager for review;
  4. Waiting for a response from the manager. It would be nice if the manager would contact the client immediately after receiving his application, but this is often not the case. The manager often answers a day or even more after placing the order, which creates many inconveniences in the process of cooperation;
  5. Making payment. The manager calculates the cost of the work and reports it to the client. If satisfied, he makes payment. Often, the payment is unreasonably overstated, and customers are forced to refuse to cooperate with the company;
  6. The work of an author. According to bestessays reviews, authors do not always follow established guidelines; they plagiarize and violate the basic structure of the paper. The client is not able to communicate directly with his assistant, which creates difficulties in submitting and applying comments to work;
  7. Receiving a paper. The completed work is sent to a client. But its quality is usually low due to the low level of professionalism of the writers;
  8. Making edits. Trusted legal online companies always set a warranty period for completed papers. Clients can get edits for free. But on the bestessays website, the warranty period is as short as possible and is no more than 1 week. In addition, customers often receive a refusal to make any corrections to the written paper.

Prices & Payment Options

The bestessays review shows that the platform’s pricing policy is not distinguished by its flexibility and availability. Most likely, the prices are significantly overpriced. For example, for one page of text, you need to pay at least 14, 37 dollars. Other trustworthy companies offer more affordable prices to their customers. On such platforms, you have to pay about 9-11 dollars for one page of essay text.

In addition to the inflated price for orders on the bestessays website, I should mention its constant growth. The cost of papers is only increasing, which indicates that service works not for the sake of helping students but for material gain. In comparison, other platforms regularly revise their pricing policies, sometimes lowering prices and sometimes raising them. This is an efficient approach to pricing.

Bestessays review also illustrates that the payment methods on bestessays are not diverse. The work of authors can be paid only through a bank card or electronic wallet. This, of course, is not enough since modern clients often transfer money through mobile banking, electronic payment systems, etc.

Discounts & Special Offers

Customers have the opportunity to buy the bestessays discount code. But this is not always beneficial. The cost of bestessays code often exceeds the cost of the paper itself. Therefore, it is easier for a client to pay for an order than to buy a code. Among other discounts for bestessays, it is worth noting a 10% discount for the first order and 5% for the second. The discount is small but still happy.

The website bestessays does not provide any other special offers. Bestessays review testifies that it is hardly possible to get a discount when ordering several works at the same time. There are also no discounts on customer orders during the holidays.

There are many online platforms on the network that offer customers the opportunity to use an online calculator and calculate the cost of their order independently. This is a very useful feature, as the customer understands what price he will have to pay even before placing an order on the site. The bestessays service does not provide such an opportunity to its customers. The price is determined by the manager of the company after the client has filled in the application.

Content Quality

In my bestessays review legit, it seems appropriate to consider the question “Does bestessays work Reddit and what level of paper quality does it provide?”. Study this section carefully.

I have already described above which experts work in the company. Their low level of professionalism, average knowledge of the English language, and lack of special education were noted. Taking this into account, I can conclude about the quality of the work performed by these writers. It is very low. Many grammatical, spelling, spelling, and lexical errors are found in the completed papers. Essays often do not fit the established structure of a given type of paper.

All works are not written from scratch and therefore contain a lot of plagiarism. The level of uniqueness is usually no more than 50%. And this is a very serious violation. Students do not have the right to provide such essays to teachers.

Timely Delivery

The company’s website states that the experts ensure compliance with the established deadlines. But in practice, this is not the case. Bestessays reviews testify that deadlines are often violated. Sometimes the violation is minor – several hours or 1 day. And sometimes, the violation is quite serious and lasts 7-10 days. This disrupts all customer plans. For example, if it is necessary to submit an essay to a teacher on May 15 and a student submits it on May 25, then the score is automatically reduced even if the work is done well.

As for urgent orders, writers take on their implementation. But there can also be a significant violation of the deadline.

Considering the above, the service specialists cannot be called responsible and reliable. Responsible writers always meet deadlines, as they understand that it is important for the students to receive the completed work on time.

Customer Support

Bestessays, like any other online platform, has a customer support service. You can write there if you have any problems with placing an order on the site, sending the completed form to the manager, etc. In addition, customers contact support if they have any concerns about cooperation.

However, bestessays reviews point out that the site’s support service does not work effectively. Managers do not often answer customer questions and rarely help them in solving problems that have arisen.

The support team must work around the clock to assist customers 24/7. In legal companies, this is the case. But bestessays company does not provide such an opportunity to customers. The support team only works a few hours a day on weekdays and is completely closed on weekends. Thus, customers do not receive answers to their questions. They have no one to turn to for help in solving a particular problem. They run the risk of being deceived and not getting quality paper writing assistance.

Extra Features

Modern online writing companies try to get the most attention from their clients. They offer them lucrative benefits, a range of good guarantees, and other additional features. For example, an additional feature is the availability of an online calculator, which the client can use independently to calculate the cost of their own order. Among other unique features, it is worth noting the ability to communicate directly with the assistant and make comments about the work. A unique feature is also the ability to get some parts of the work (for example, introduction, bibliography, etc.) for free.

As for the online platform bestessays, I did not identify any extra features during the analysis. According to bestessays reviews, there is no online calculator, no possibility to communicate with the helper directly, no free sections of a paper, etc. Therefore, when choosing an online company, you should think carefully before contacting the writers of this service for help.

Reputation & Guarantees

In the course of my bestessays review, I was unable to find any information on the warranty provided on the website bestessays. Most likely, there is just none of them. But how can you cooperate with a platform that cannot guarantee the confidentiality of personal information? What about the payment data guarantee? What about bestessays refund in case of non-fulfillment of customer requirements? There is also no quality guarantee.

All this indicates the unreliability and insecurity of the services provided by the company. The service cannot be called good, as it deceives customers.

On the Internet, I found many reviews indicating that the site is fraudulent. Clients are not satisfied with the quality of papers, the work of the support service, the cost of custom papers, etc. The reputation of the platform on the web is bad. There are many other companies where you can get better help, so it is best not to visit bestessays at all.


So, the bestessays review performed allows us to conclude that bestessays is not a good online writing service. It inflates paper prices, provides low-quality paper to customers, cheats customers, and misses deadlines. There are no guarantees there, no benefits from cooperation are provided. Therefore, I cannot recommend you use the services of this online platform.

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