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EduGuide Review 9.3/10: Is It A Good Service?


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If you are looking for good writing services to make your academic paper well, Eduguide may easily become one of such kinds. I have reviewed many services and shortlisted the best ones, among which you can find Eduguide too. In this review, you may easily find answers to lots of service-related questions starting from what is Eduguide and completing by its reputation and guarantees provided. First, I will start with the basics. 

Basic Starting Remarks about What is

Eduguide is a well-standing writing company that manages to deliver quality worthy of the best grades. I have reviewed all its features and have concluded that this service is surely a quality one. Here students may easily find the exact customized assistance for very affordable rates compared with the similar ones of competitors. Other options are also at a sufficient level. 

Types of Assignments a Company Provides

Eduguide is a comprehensive service where you can order any academic-related papers. This is starting from essays and up to complex samples of writing. The platform can ensure quality writing services for different levels of complexity and educational levels. You may find any type of paper that a student can get in the course of studies. This may be an essay (any type), term paper, research paper, case study, reviews, statement of purpose, thesis, business plan, and other rappers. It is possible to request here writing, editing, and proofreading. 

The obvious advantage of the service is that it renders customized paper-making services only. If a customer submits a request here, it is possible to expect to get unique paper and distinct. If a customer needs some editing or proofreading work, this can be ensured too. If a customer has any specific paper-writing inquiry, this can also be negotiated. In a word, the service has an extensive range of paper-making services where all students may find a paper-writing option to reach their study goals.

Quality of Writers

What I can say from the start is that Eduguide does its best to involve the best writers. It has a good scheme for selecting such writers, and this results in deliveries of quality papers (according to many Eduguide reviews available on the Internet). I can speak about an extensive Eduguide register of professional writers with the educational level (at least master’s degrees), experience (successful only, a couple of years at least), quick turnaround time, and good communication skills. These arbiters are native speakers or people living in English-speaking countries for a long time. Customers may also provide any special preferences in this regard. The service has lots of authors. So, it can ensure meeting such preferences well.

Also, Eduguide permanently monitors the performance of the writers involved to ensure they maintain quality standards of writing. This is a good feature enabling it to maintain a database of dedicated writers. So, in my Eduguide review, I can only provide the best appraisal of the service’s operation in this aspect.

Website’s Design & Usability

Eduguide has made a pretty good website. First of all, I want to emphasize its appearance. It is designed in good and pleasant-to-look colors. It is not flashy, but it enables us to notice the most important points about the services. Eduguide logo is also very good-looking and without any unnecessary things. It looks pleasantly among all elements of the website.

The content is presented well by logically arranged blocks. It takes a couple of minutes only to read the entire content, the most important information related to the service, and form a basic understanding of it. That is good from my point of view as it doesn’t take a lot of time. 

The navigation through the website is also very simple. I have not experienced any bugs or inconveniences related to the website’s operation. It works well, downloads all new elements without any delays. In a word, I was satisfied with the appearance and functionality of the website reviewed.

Ordering Process

One of the most important matters potential customers should be aware of is how does work? It works well, and I may preliminary assure you. There is no need to waste a lot of time completing an order. Their order button is very much visible. It is necessary to click on it only and get an order from behind. It is necessary to fill all compulsory fields, like the type of paper required, a deadline, subject, price option, format, and field, with additional comments. If a customer has special preferences that are desired to be addressed, such can be easily included in a special field of an order form. Also, there is a good option of attaching any additional fields related to an order, like requirements.

After all, compulsory fields have been entirely completed, a customer may be redirected to a payment page. After such payment has been completed, a customer gets a confirmation and is contacted by the local support team. They manage to process orders comparatively fast and launch the writing process.

In general, I may assess the ordering process as very straightforward and convenient. I also have not identified any negative Eduguide reviews that could give us grounds to think the process may be tangled.

Prices & Payment Options

Eduguide offers quite affordable prices. I can tell you even more – Eduguide prices are even below the average for services of such quality. That is a good thing, from the point of me, as this makes service affordable to many students worldwide. For instance, an essay for a high school that can be completed in a couple of hours may cost $40 per page. While the same completed with a 14-days deadline may cost $14 per page

The prices are charged in USD. The obvious advantage is that the final price is calculated automatically. You need only pick the exact preference you have and get discounts if you are eligible for that in certain cases. 

The exact answer to a question how much does cost depends on the type and complexity of a paper ordered as well as from the deadline for its delivery. The prices become higher from simpler samples of writings to complex ones. That is reasonable. But, even for complicated samples of research papers, customers can pay comparatively low rates (compared with similar ones of competitors). 

The same tendency is related to the urgency of an order. If a customer waits till the last day, the service can help with solving that problem easily. But, it can also increase its rates. Still, such an increase doesn’t dramatically impact the final price. 

I have identified plenty of Eduguide reviews from satisfied customers who were very happy to get quality papers for such affordable rates. To pay for this service, a customer may use any payment card available.

Discounts & Special Offers

Eduguide has a pretty good loyalty policy that provides plenty of discounts and special offers to permanent customers. In certain cases, new customers also may expect to get Eduguide discounts. The service also likes to provide occasional discounts dedicated to specific holidays or any other occasions. Customers may also expect benefits during special campaigns that are launched periodically. The more orders a customer makes, the more chances for getting good discounts and decreasing the price for the next order significantly. The service also may provide special offers in terms of services, like extra editing.

Content Quality

Eduguide ensures a sufficient quality for its service. It is even higher compared with the similar ones of competitors. The service has high standards as to the quality of writings. It ensured the involvement of proficient authors and clarifies customer’s expectations in regard to writing. It follows all applicable formatting standards and ensures the exact quality expected. I have identified plenty of Eduguide reviews stating the immaculate quality of the essay obtained here. I surely believe in those as the service involves professional authors for that purpose. 

Essays provided upon the customers’ requests are prepared according to the applicable formatting standards and customers’ requirements. These papers are structured well and contain plenty of good conclusions on the subject of writing. They are also structured well and easy to read. This ensures good grades to users of this service.

The separate point I want to emphasize in my Eduguide review is that papers are customized as they should be – in line with the customers’ expectations. This is one of the best points, from my perspective.

Timely Delivery

Eduguide provides ordered papers on time. This means such papers are made available to customers on time. They should be edited and proofread enough to make texts align with the initially provided expectations. 

The exact deadline is determined by a customer. The closest deadline for a simple essay is a couple of hours only. That is fast delivery, I can say. More complicated samples usually require more time for completion. Still, the service manages to deliver final outcomes fast. That is its obvious advantage, I think.

Customer Support

Eduguide has formed a very well-operating support team. These are true problem solvers who are able to respond fast and close any issues related to an incoming inquiry fast. I made a request with comparatively non-standards issues. Local support agents operated very professionally. They were good communicators and pleasant to deal with. 

To address issues related to a request, they may take additional time. But, this doesn’t take too long on average. Compared with other services, the time of response is shorter. I have also identified plenty of good Eduguide reviews with compliments to the operation of its support team. The same appraisal I can make in my Eduguide review. The work of the service in terms of support is above the average standards of operation. 

Extra Features

Eduguide provides revision free of charge. That is a good option enabling you to customize the ready paper entirely to initial demands and finally meet customer’s expectations. A client needs only to inform the local support agent about the necessity to review a paper once more and make specific amendments. This is not required sometimes. I have even identified reviews from customers that stated the very good quality of a final paper and that a customer needed to make only minor corrections.

Other extra features that customers may expect to get here are free of charge title and bibliography pages. Such pages will be provided automatically. Another document a customer may request is a plagiarism report. The service basically ensures the sufficient level of uniqueness of a paper and is ready to support that with the relevant report. A client needs only to request that.

Reputation & Guarantees

Eduguide has a quite good reputation. I have reviewed various feedbacks from customers available on the Internet. They have only a couple of negative ones, and those constitute approximately 3% of the total amount of Eduguide reviews that were available to me. That is an extremely low number of reviews. 

Eduguide is a legit service that operates according to the applicable laws. It has also developed sufficient internal policies to ensure the quality of final deliveries and an explicit framework of operation with customers. Along with a quality-oriented approach, this makes Eduguide a reliable writing partner for many students (according to available reviews).

In my Eduguide review, I also want to emphasize the scope of guarantees that the service provides. First of all, it ensures the guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction. That is entirely provided. If the service fails to address all writing-related issues for some reason totally, a customer may enjoy a money-back guarantee. This is applicable in certain cases, like when the quality is not ensured well, and a deadline is missed, the service has not found a suitable writer, and other cases according to the policy the service has. 

Also, the service may guarantee to a potential customer the guarantee of confidentiality and security. Indeed, it applies various data protection means to prevent data leaks and also has a strict prohibition for sharing personal data outside the service. I think that customers may be preliminary confident in this regard.


Based on my internal assessment and Eduguide reviews available on the Internet, I may recommend Eduguide as a suitable option for ordering academic writings you may have. The service provides an extensive range of writing services, charges comparatively low costs for those, ensures proper support and timely delivery, and also provides plenty of good features to its permanent customers. I think that Eduguide is worthy of looking through and searching for the exact writing option that can meet your current demands and requests. Also, don’t miss the chance to get the best experience ever using essay writing services, just check my list of the top paper writing services and pick up the best for you!


Do you doubt whether it is worth cooperating with EduGuide? Read the answers to frequently asked questions to help you make a residual decision. You will also find out if the company is a scam and if you can trust their authors.

Is Eduguide pro legit?

EduGuide is an officially registered company with headquarters in Cyprus. They have a clear position – to provide honest and high-quality assistance to students. Therefore, the owner created a section, “Terms and Conditions,” where the company’s responsibilities are transparently described if you want to cooperate with them.

Is EduGuide pro legit Reddit?

Reddit considers EduGuide to be a good, reliable company with professional writers. Their online reputation is perfect. One customer reported that EduGuide’s pricing is reasonable, and there are no hidden fees. Authors quickly cope with tasks and, at the same time, do not spoil the high quality of papers. Therefore, with them, you will increase the chance of getting an A +.

How much does EduGuide cost?

EduGuide pricing policy is available. Paper prices are lower than those of competitors. For example, an essay for high school, with 14 days, costs $ 14. If you need paper in a couple of hours, the company asks for $ 40, which is very cheap, as other companies charge twice as much. Thanks to this approach, students from all over the world can afford their services.

Is EduGuide safe?

EduGuide guarantees confidentiality to all clients. This means that managers will not spread information about you. Therefore, you can breathe a sigh of relief because neither teachers nor classmates will know about your collaboration with EduGuide.

Is EduGuide plagiarism-free?

EduGuide writers do not copy other people’s texts – they use their thinking, writing skills, and knowledge. They don’t use templates for writing papers. Authors create texts based on your requirements. Therefore, you will receive a unique article that will not be in your classmate or on the Internet.

Are there EduGuide discounts?

EduGuide has developed a system of discounts and lucrative offers for regular customers. There is also a small discount for new clients. On holidays, you can find promotional codes and very high ones, which can significantly reduce the cost of papers. Periodically, EduGuide launches a marketing campaign, and if you participate in it, you will receive special offers. Therefore, EduGuide approached this aspect very well.

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