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Justdomyhomework Review 1.7/10: Experience With The Company


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Service highlights

  • Convenient ordering
  • Wide range of services
  • Outdated design
  • Slow turnaround
  • Plagiarism in papers
  • Bad support

This available Justdomyhomework review is aimed at presenting the most important point of the operation of this assessed writing company: Justdomyhomework services and prices for such, discounts, special offers, the quality of papers and customer support, and also too many other functions and peculiarities potential customers should be attentive too. My assessment and report are based on the existing information about the service and Justdomyhomework reviews. I will pay special attention to the possible drawbacks and risks related to the cooperation with this writing service. 

What is

Justdomyhomework is an existing writing company that renders services related to academic writing and editing. The service has operated for many years already. But, at the moment, I have detected certain serious failures of this writing company that results in negative feedback from its customers. I will cover in this report the most important aspect of this service’s activity.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

Justdomyhomework provides a standard and comprehensive list of services to its users. First of all, the service covers homework preparation. But, also, it can ensure other types of academic writing, like research papers, case studies, reports, essays, etc. In addition to writing, the platform may also arrange an editing service and prepare a presentation per the customers’ request.

Such writing/editing services may be provided for any level of studies and for any subject. That is a good goal – strive to expand the range of services that a writing company wants to provide to users. But, at the same time, it is more necessary to guarantee at least sufficient quality of such services, I believe. Here is a place where serious problems appear, from my viewpoint.

Quality of Writers

Justdomyhomework doesn’t involve truly professional writers at the moment. I came to this conclusion because of the numerous Justdomyhomework reviews from customers who were not glad about the communication with writers they got and the outcomes of such a writing process. The authors don’t appear to be real professionals who know how to write well and expand a topic properly while addressing all the most crucial requirements for that paper. Errors and omissions are possible in the case of this writing company.

It declared that it likely suggests cooperation to the qualified professionals only who are native speakers. But, as the reviews show, such persons are not always native speakers and possess enough qualifications for writing.

I can conclude that the service fails to involve qualified authors; check their qualifications. It also fails to accurately monitor their performance further. As an outcome, the writing company gets comments from unhappy users.

Website’s Design & Usability

Justdomyhomework website experienced bags while downloading. Not all of its elements appear at once behind the customers’ eyes. That is a serious point as the customers should access such a website at once, without any unreasonable delays.

I were not very glad about the manner in which the statements about the offered services were placed. Such was not arranged properly. It takes too much time to review the entire page and select the most valuable information about the service. Other writing companies apply measures to ensure the visibility of the most important information.

The design this website has is far from amazing. The combination of colours appears to be not very natural. Also, the website lacks attractive elements that could make it distinct. So, my viewpoint on the matter is that the website this writing company has needs improvements.

Ordering Process

Justdomyhomework ordering process is simple, I should state. It is required to pick their available ordering from and complete all fields existing there. Precisely, a potential user needs to clarify the type of paper that is required, the subject for which it is required, deadline, formatting, and maybe other specific demands for this order. This filled order form has to be checked and submitted. Later, a customer will be redirected to the respective ordering page, where he/she has to confirm the payment of an upcoming order. I have not revealed any existing Justdomyhomework reviews from customers that stated some problems that appeared while making such orders.

The writing and checking will likely be arranged later. But, at these points, problems related to the quality of texts and their timely delivery may be possible.

Prices & Payment Options

In my Justdomyhomework review, I will pay special attention to the current rates this company applies to orders. Such prices are determined by the level of complexity, education, and urgency of an academic paper ordered. 

Compared with other writing services (frequently with those ensuring higher quality of its papers), the rates this considered service applies to its offers are too high, from my viewpoint. The starting price for a writing service may be from $15. Editing services may be charged at the lowest rate of $6. And preparing a presentation may be minimally charged at around $6. That is too much, especially taking into account the quality of orders this service provides to the users. 

Justdomyhomework cooperates with reliable payment services. It is possible to pay for an order by using any payment card that a user has.

Discounts & Special Offers

Justdomyhomework is not a too generous service, I should state. It may occasionally provide any discount, but that was unclear to us how these campaigns are launched. It is likely possible to get a Justdomyhomework promo code or coupons for Justdomyhomework writing services. But, the terms of making such a campaign and assigning any loyalty perks are very vague to us. The first order may be charged at a respective are with a 12% discount. That is single good news I have identified.

Content Quality

In this Justdomyhomeworkreview, I surely devote a special place to the assessment of the quality this service ensures. Currently, I see that the quality of paper-making services is lower than the average rate. The papers are prepared not very well; authors fail to address special requirements and preferences that customers have stated in their order forms. The topics are not covered well too. Writings may contain errors and may not be readable enough to guarantee at least good grades. This obviously leads to the appearance of plenty of Justdomyhomework reviews forms its unhappy users. I consider such a service should draw more attention to its approaches applied for ensuring the likely quality of writings.

Is plagiarism-free? Unfortunately, Justdomyhomework has not developed proper plagiarism-prevention standards. The service is not a kind that can deal effectively with citations and may pass to customers’ papers with minimal plagiarism. I don’t consider this situation to be acceptable at all, as any writing service should prevent any plagiarism 100%. Unfortunately, I see current complaints from its users.

Timely Delivery

Justdomyhomework is a company that is risky at this point, I consider. It may delay the delivery of ordered papers. This can be caused by the failures of writers and extra required revisions for the requested papers, as I see from certain Justdomyhomework reviews. This point is again related to the standards of timely delivery and good performance of the writing service, basic ones, from my standpoint.

The control department should exist, like with any good writing service, and monitor all the times the performance of writers and the time when papers are finally delivered to customers. Now, I consider the service to be risky in terms of timely delivery of ready texts. It should demand from its writers more to prevent possible negative feedback that I see at the moment. 

Customer Support

Justdomyhomework is another problematic aspect I want to analyze. It appears to us that the service has not developed good standards and training programs for the support agents it involves. Its specialists may delay the response and fail to be helpful. These are the main points unhappy customers refer to in their Justdomyhomework reviews. 

In my Justdomyhomework review, I want to warn you that the service should not operate in this way. All customers should get sufficient support and attention like most good services do. The service also requires the control department to check the manner of interaction with users and whether they are satisfied. This one considered services fail to ensure such control and effective support to customers.

Extra Features

Justdomyhomework is a service that failed to provide a sufficient range of additional services and features to its customers. It is likely possible to get a free title page and bibliography. Getting a table of contents is also likely possible. Also, the service promises to ensure plagiarism reports for its customers for an extra payment. My opinion is that the scope of additional features is not enough compared with other writing options existing in the writing market.

Reputation & Guarantees

My viewpoint is that Justdomyhomework has not ensured forming and keeping a good online reputation. The service fails to provide good texts to its customers and check those in time. The support function of this writing platform also suffers a lot, according to reviews. Even good reviews on Justdomyhomework can be found. But, the Justdomyhomework Reddit profile is far from good from my standpoint. 

You may obviously wonder is legal? I have serious doubts about Justdomyhomework’s legit existence. Revivers have not detected any accurate available information on the registration peculiarities of this service. It also has unclear operation policies, I believe. I saw better-elaborated policies of other services.

This considered service likely suggests to its customer a number of guarantees (quality, confidentiality, timely rendering, etc.), but, according to certain existing reviews, it fails to ensure such in a good manner at all mentioned aspects now.

Is reliable? I surely cannot say this service is now reliable. Customers risk facing failures with delivering quality texts and doing this in time. Certain reviews I have detected were even related to the likely Justdomyhomework scam profile. So, obviously, I cannot suggest to you this writing company as a reliable service.


Justdomyhomework is surely not the exact writing company I can recommend to you at the moment. Its current rating is somewhere 1.7/10. It simply lacks qualified and experienced writers to handle customers’ requests effectively. The service also may fail to meet formatting and deadline requirements. The prices of the quality of writing/editing services it suggests to customers are too high compared with other writing platforms that offer far higher quality and lower prices. So, at the moment, I see plenty of negative reviews about this service and see certain deficiencies of its operation. So, I cannot recommend this platform to you for consideration and order papers. 

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