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  • Wide range of subjects covered
  • Easy ordering
  • Navigable website
  • Expensive papers
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Low-quality structure

The most pressing educational problems of modern students are associated with interaction with teachers, excitement before control (test) points. In addition, there may be educational difficulties associated with insufficient time to study the discipline, combining work and study, etc.

But these and any other educational complications can be easily overcome by partnering with a trusted writing service. Here, I will represent a livepaperhelp review to tell you in more detail about the features of the livepaperhelp com online platform and determine the quality of the services provided.

What is

As an introductory part of my livepaperhelp review, I should point out that livepaperhelp is a relatively new website that offers writing services to clients. It has been in this field for only a few years but has already gained a bad reputation on the web. This is due, first of all, to the low quality of the assistance provided and the high prices for custom papers.

The platform’s rating is not high. The average score is 3.3 out of 10, which is quite low.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

The services of this company, in comparison with other trustworthy writing platforms, are not diverse. The writers claim to be ready to complete any academic writing. This includes writing an essay, completing a term paper, and executing a dissertation. In addition, specialists take on projects and solve exercises in mathematics and other natural sciences. They can also take up the execution of your homework. This is where the list of provided services ends.

Of course, other reliable online companies offer a much wider range of services. They also offer:

  • Assistance in writing research papers, Capstone projects;
  • Copywriting services for writing blogs, articles, reviews, content for sites;
  • Creation of portfolio, resume, cover letters;
  • Proofreading and editing services, etc.

So, if you need to write a standard essay, you can contact livepaperhelp for help. But if other types of services are required, then it is better to immediately look for other specialists. Most likely, high school or first-year college students can use the services. According to livepaperhelp reviews, university students and academicians cannot always get help there.

Quality of Writers

The online writing company livepaperhelp employs not only English-speaking authors from the United Kingdom and the United States but also writers from around the world. The process of author selection and employment is not rigorous. To become a writer, you just need to fill out an application on the company’s website. After that, you can start working.

Authors are not trained. They do not study the peculiarities of work, the specifics of the execution of custom papers, etc. According to livepaperhelp reviews, tasks are assigned to writers in random order. This has no connection with the degree and the experience of a specialist.

Based on the above, I can conclude that the group of authors who work in the livepaperhelp company is not professional. There are only a few good writers there who can actually work effectively. However, they are not motivated to do quality work. The service does not encourage its writers and, therefore, they create low-quality papers.

Website’s Design & Usability

In my livepaperhelp review, it is worth analyzing the website design and its usability.

At first glance, the site livepaperhelp looks full. There is a lot of information about how the company works, how to place an order on the website, how to contact writers, etc. In addition, it is not difficult to find such sections as “Services”, “Pricing”, “Warranties”, “FAQ”, “Our Writers”, “Blog”, etc.

Despite a large amount of information presented on the site, it is difficult to find the most important data. Clients often have problems finding the order form, as well as chatting to contact the manager.

In my opinion, the site livepaperhelp should be improved. The design should be updated and the most important information presented in the most prominent parts of the main page. This will allow even novice PC users to successfully navigate the site and find what they need. But today, there is a problem, and not all site visitors can understand its specifics.

Ordering Process

My livepaperhelp com review illustrates that the process of placing an order on the site is somewhat complicated and consists of the following stages:

  1. Filling out the order form and sending it to the manager. The client needs to fill out the order form on the website livepaperhelp as fully as possible, and provide all the requested information. Often, even information that is not directly related to the assignment is requested. For example, place of study, age, etc. The completed form is sent to the manager;
  2. Payment for work. The manager assigns the task to the expert after the client makes the full payment;
  3. Receiving written paper. After completion, the paper is sent to the customer. Livepaperhelp reviews indicate that deadlines for the delivery of papers are often not met.

The ordering process is faster and simpler on other trusted platforms. You can either use chat or contact professional writers by calling the specified phone number. It’s much easier, faster, and more efficient!

Prices & Payment Options

The price for orders is formed taking into account three main factors:

  • Urgency;
  • Number of pages;
  • Academic level.

Thus, a college student will have to pay $ 15 for one page of text if the deadline is 14 days. If a college student places an urgent order and asks writers to complete an assignment in 4 hours, he will have to pay at least $ 50 per page of printed text.

A university student pays $ 65 for one page of text in case of an urgent order, a graduate pays $ 95, and a Ph.D. pays $ 123. If the order is not urgent, but there are about 7 days to complete the task, the high school student will have to pay $ 12 per page of text, the college student – $ 16, the university student – $ 21, the graduate – $ 32, and the Ph.D. – $ 42.

Among the payment methods, only bank cards are available.

Livepaperhelp reviews confirm that prices are unreasonable and significantly overpriced. Thus, it is better to find cheap services and get a low price for a quality paper.

Discounts & Special Offers

The customers can receive certain discounts for livepaperhelp. For example, you can get a small discount on the first and second orders. As a rule, it is 10-15% of the total cost of a paper. Special discounts are not available during the holidays. However, it is possible to get a 5% discount in case of placing several orders at the same time.

The question of whether it is possible to get the livepaperhelp code is often discussed on the net. As practice shows, such codes allow getting good discounts and buy papers at low prices. You can buy the livepaperhelp discount code. However, this offer is not always available.

There are many platforms on the web that provide customers with an unlimited paper revision guarantee. This means that the author who fulfills the order is obliged to make changes to the work at the request of a client. The work will be adjusted until it satisfies the client’s requests. The livepaperhelp website does not provide this option. Changes can be made only once during the warranty period. And this is not always done.

Content Quality

As it is known, the quality of the papers performed directly depends on which experts perform them. If writers do not have experience in a particular area, have not received special training, then they are unlikely to be able to ensure the high quality of custom assignments.

Livepaperhelp reviews confirm that the papers are full of errors and inaccuracies. This is because the service hires authors from around the world and not only collaborates with English-speaking writers. A person with poor knowledge of the English language is not able to write a paper deserving of a high score. Isn’t it?

It should also be noted that livepaperhelp does not have a strict quality policy. Completed works are immediately sent to clients. They are not checked and corrected by the editor. In other services, the opposite is true, and each paper is sent to the editor for review. He checks its structure, formatting, compliance with requirements, uniqueness and only then sends it to the customer.

Timely Delivery

Thinking about the issue “Does livepaperhelp work Reddit?”, you should understand that in cooperation with livepaperhelp, time limits may be violated. The platform does not guarantee that the deadlines will be met. Customers cite this as one of the main disadvantages of the service.

Livepaperhelp review illustrates that if you make a regular order, then your work will be completed at least 7 days. Typically, the term for a regular order is 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, or 1 month. If you place an urgent order, then your paper will be processed in about 4 hours – 1 day.

It would be great if these deadlines were met. But in practice, this is not traced. Deadlines are often violated for both regular and urgent orders.

Thus, in this livepaperhelp review, I should say that it is better to choose those companies that consider a violation of the deadlines unacceptable in the work of writers. Students need to receive essays on time, as this is one of the conditions for receiving a high score for a completed assignment.

Customer Support

Clients are completely unhappy with customer support. Answering the question “Is livepaperhelp a good website?” many people say “No”, just because they don’t like the way customer service works. By contacting you there, you are unlikely to receive a quick answer. You will have to wait a while until someone from managers will help you in solving the problem.

Customers also note in their livepaperhelp reviews that the support service managers are not happy to help in solving problems that arise during the process of ordering and getting help on the site livepaperhelp. So, when seeking help there, you should be ready to independently find answers to your questions and solve difficult situations in the process of cooperation.

Let’s make a comparison with those companies that are trusted by customers. They care about each customer and do their best to provide effective support as soon as possible. This approach deserves respect.

Extra Features

In this livepaperhelp review legit, it seems appropriate to mention that the only additional feature that the livepaperhelp website provides is the presence of an online calculator. It is designed so that the customer can calculate the cost of his work independently and at any convenient time. The feature, of course, is useful and is appreciated by customers.

It is impossible to get the help of two livepaperhelp specialists at the same time. One order is executed exclusively by one expert. In other companies, it is possible to ask 2 or 3 people to work together to ensure the highest possible quality of work.

Livepaperhelp reviews also indicate that changes are available only during the warranty period. Therefore, in cooperation with livepaperhelp, it is impossible to get an unlimited number of edits for free. As for the livepaperhelp refund, it is also not made.

Reputation & Guarantees

Although the livepaperhelp service is legal, it does not offer customers real guarantees of quality. The completed papers are of low quality, full of errors and inaccuracies. There is also no guarantee of making changes. After all, if the client does not have time to contact the service during the warranty period, he will be denied to receive a revision.

The confidentiality of personal data and payment information is not ensured. Surely, the data is not encrypted and can easily get publicly available on the network.

As part of my livepaperhelp review, it is also worth mentioning that the reputation of the service is not good. But it cannot be good, taking into account the unreliability, insecurity, and low quality of the services provided.

Thus, it is better to turn to other services that provide several beneficial guarantees, including:

  • Quality guarantee;
  • Compliance with the requirements guarantee;
  • Price availability guarantee;
  • Deadline guarantee;
  • Guarantee of confidentiality;
  • Guarantee of free edits;
  • Money-back guarantee, etc.


The livepaperhelp review allows us to conclude that the service cannot be called reliable. Moreover, it can be called fraudulent. By contacting them, you may be at serious risk, and you may be deceived, your personal information may become publicly available, etc. It is better to refrain from cooperating with such a company and choose another truly reliable website on the Internet.

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