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  • Low quality of papers
  • Slow support response

This Myessaywriter Review is provided for informing a customer about all specifics of cooperation with Myessaywriter service, its ranges of services, prices, quality of writers available, customer support, special offers, and weak points related to the operation of this service customers should be aware of. This review contains conclusions of our assessors made based on the assessment of the publicly available information about the service, including Myessaywriter reviews from former customers.

What Is Myessaywriter? | Brief Comments for the Beginning

Myessaywriter is an online service designated for creating essays and other academic papers per the request of customers worldwide. The service is likely available 24/7, and a customer may refer here for getting the exact help that may be required. I have reviewed this service more precisely, including all aspects of its operation and support, and have revealed certain deficiencies potential customers should be aware of.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

Myessaywriter is not explicit about the range of services it may offer to its potential customers. Basically, this service ensures essay writing, editing, and proofreading. Still, a customer needs to spend time and even start to make an order to find out what kind of services it is possible to order here. This situation is not very good, from our point of view. This is in the interest of the service itself to present its range of services well (this we saw in most of the other considered cases). This service fails to do the same and, from our point of view, this approach is not developed at least basically. So, it is difficult to consider this writing case as a potentially permanent service provider. 

Quality of Writers

In my Myessaywriter review, I want to pay special attention to the aspect of writers involved in the writing procedures by this service. My opinion is that the service involves writers with an average qualification who can address only not too complex inquiries. This may result in a situation when authors are not able to address any complex inquiries. I have identified that in many Myessaywriter reviews from former customers. I presume that the problem is in the point that the service involves authors who are not native speakers and who have insufficient qualifications for completing a paper.

This situation can be easily prevented if the service starts to provide sufficient selection tests for its customers. At the moment, it is possible to arrange additional tests and training for existing writings to improve their qualification and decrease the number of negative comments from customers. Myessaywriter service should apply measures for resolving the problem as the quality of performance of its writers is insufficient at the moment. 

Website’s Design & Usability

Myessaywriter has a quite outdated website that needs to be rearranged, from our point of view. First of all, I experienced short-term technical issues while accessing this website. Consequently, customers may also experience those. This technical issue can be easily eliminated by improving the operation of the website. It loads all elements slowly at the moment.

Another point I was not satisfied with was the manner in which content was organized through the entire website. It is not structured well, from our point of view. This results in the necessity of spending a lot of time finding the exact information about services that interest most of all.

Myessaywriter net website also has a bit weak combination of colors. They are not properly arranged and don’t look pleasant, from my point of view. This results in a quite poor appearance of the website. My opinion is that this aspect of work has to be improved.

Ordering Process

Myessaywriter has ensured quite a standard ordering procedure. To make a new order, a potential customer needs to find their order form and complete all compulsory fields. Precisely, it is basically necessary to indicate the type of assignment a client wants to get, the subject, a deadline, number of pages, and also it may be necessary to include any special information related to this upcoming order, for instance, a client may attach any requirements available or insert special comments related to this order. After that, it is necessary to submit a completed order only.

Prices & Payment Options

In this Myessaywriter review, I especially want to emphasize the fact that the service has failed to develop a sufficient pricing policy. Moreover, Myessaywriter even doesn’t consider making all rates available as a necessary option for its performance. If a customer wants to find out a Myessaywriter pay rate, it is necessary to start making an order. Myessaywriter prices are not available at once. That is a problematic point all customers should consider even while considering an opportunity of cooperation with the service.

According to certain Myessaywriter reviews, customers experienced problems while making orders. These bags should be eliminated at all, from  my point of view. The service should ensure their absence.

Discounts & Special Offers

Myessaywriter fails to develop its loyalty and discount policy. Customers may not expect to get any sufficient discount here. That is a problematic point as this feature is properly ensured by most other writing services. This may naturally result in the customers’ dissatisfaction as they got poor-quality papers for which they paid the entire amount without any discounts available. 

Content Quality

My opinion is that Myessaywriter fails to provide sufficient quality content. Papers provided to customers lack sufficient structuring and are not expanded well. Authors may fail to address the main subject well. They also may fail to make a paper readable. But, this issue is easy to ensure by using at least online available tools that ensure editing and improve the readability of a text. In my Myessaywriter review, we want to emphasize the generally poor quality of statements included in ready papers. I presume that occasionally writers were not very good at addressing all issues correctly. Still, as our searches show, there are many Myessaywriter reviews confirming the poor quality of writing services ordered here. So, my conclusion is that the Myessaywriter has to ensure better standards of writing for providing to customers papers of at least sufficient quality.

If you are also wondering is plagiarism-free, I can tell you that we have not personally faced the signs of plagiarism in papers. But, unfortunately, there are negative feedbacks from its former customers stating about likely plagiarized content in their papers. 

Timely Delivery

According to certain Myessaywriter net reviews, Myessaywriter may fail to address all inquiries on time. That happens because of additional rounds of editing that papers may require. In this case, customers may get papers after the indicated deadline to naturally miss their own deadlines. My opinion is that the service should work better on defining the exact deadlines that have to be followed. It is possible to arrange by providing a couple of internal deadlines before which a paper should be pre-written and completed to ensure a time for its revising. Most of the other services I assessed ensure such approaches. Customers should review papers before deadlines defined by them and not after, we believe.

Customer Support

My opinion is that Myessaywriter has not ensured the proper operation of its support team. Agents may fail to address simple issues. This can take too long. Other services we assessed ensured faster performance of their support agents. The same thing should do Myessaywriter. Its agents may take additional time to resolve issues they should know about. Customers should not wait too long for a helpful response. Unfortunately, we have identified Myessaywriter reviews from former customers who said about their dissatisfaction with the operation of the support team and the quality of answers provided. Customer support should be helpful and must be ensured in the first turn after the quality of writings, we believe.

Extra Features

In my Myessaywriter review, I can conclude that the service has failed to ensure any good extra features. It promises to ensure free editing for its papers. Still, Myessaywriter should consider that this feature is ensured by most of the services. My opinion is that the service has failed to address this issue properly to attract more customers. From my point of view, the service cannot provide quality deliveries and at least compensate those by providing additional perks to customers. 

Reputation & Guarantees

Myessaywriter has not a very good reputation because of the quality of provided service and customer support operation. According to many available Myessaywriter reviews, customers get papers of insufficient quality that lack clarity and structuring. Such papers don’t develop topics well. The same thing happens with the support team. So, if you are wondering, is reliable? In my opinion, it is not.

Is legal? It declares itself to be a legally existing company. But, I have not identified any sufficient registration details. The good point is that the service has its own policies it promises likely to follow. In general,I have doubts while answering the question, “is Myessaywriter legal?”

If you want to get more precise info on “is myessaywriter a scam?”, I can tell you that our assessors have doubts in this regard. Unfortunately, I have identified negative feedback from its former customers stating that Myessaywriter is a scam. This is a point that worries us. 

The service likely provides guarantees of quality, confidentiality, and timely delivery. If we speak about the guarantee of quality, the service doesn’t operate well in these terms as it provides papers of poor quality. The same thing happens with likely timely delivery, as papers may be delayed because of the editing rounds. The level of confidentiality should be better ensured, from our point of view, by adding extra means of security. At the moment, they are not sufficient.


Based on the results of Myessaywriter reviews, I can conclude that the service is not a reliable place for ordering papers. Myessaywriter lacks qualified writers, and its support function suffers a lot. This results in papers of poor quality and lots of dissatisfied customers. So, the service should ensure its better operation.


Do you want to partner with MyEssayWriter? Then read this section to find out if the company is a scam. You will also find out if you can trust their authors and how quality papers you will receive.

Is MyEssayWriter net legit?

According to, they provide services without breaking the law. However, we did not find a company in the unified register of companies. Moreover, they hide the reallocation. Hence does not pay taxes, and their services are illegal. Therefore, is a digital platform that does not comply with the law and the rules of academic writing.

How much does Myessaywriter cost? has not developed a uniform pricing policy. Managers evaluate the order after placing it. They also did not indicate by what criteria agents estimate the cost of documents. Therefore, if the prices are high for you, you are wasting time – it is better to contact a company with an exact price list.

Is Myessaywriter reliable? is unreliable. In the texts, you can find grammatical, punctuation, spelling errors. Authors miss delivery deadlines, which can negatively impact your academic reputation. Therefore, their authors are non-professionals and non-scientists – they are freelancers who want to earn extra money without paying attention to the quality of the papers.

Is Myessaywriter a scam? is a scam. The website states that you will receive high-quality papers. However, in reality, this is not the case. Their goal is to cash in on you but not to help you with your studies. According to customer feedback, they faced the same issues as us: poor structure, mistakes, and no formatting of quotes. So don’t trust

Is Myessaywriter safe? is not safe. They do not have strong encryption methods for customer data. The developers do not use tools that protect the website from fraudulent attacks. Therefore, you run the risk of losing money by ordering papers here. There is also no guarantee that a fraudster will not be able to steal your data and use it against you.

Is Myessaywriter plagiarism-free? allows authors to copy other people’s papers. Testimonials from clients testify to this. One client reported that the article looked like a template with the addition of data the student requested. Writers do not sort out the rules of the design of quotations, and because of this, you can be accused of plagiarism. Therefore, is another platform without an individual approach to clients.

Are there Myessaywriter discounts? has not developed a discount system. This fact indicates that a large number of students will not be able to afford their services. So don’t overpay on, as there are cheaper alternatives with nice bonuses and great deals.

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