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Myhomeworkdone Review 2.6/10: Is it Legal Service?


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  • Bad support
  • Missed deadlines
  • Plagiarism

Myhomeworkdone is one of the writing services that are not among the best options, from my point of view. In this Myhomeworkdone review, I’ll tell you why we think so. I cover for that such matters as the quality of services and writers offered there, prices, time of deliveries, customer feedback, refunds, and many other important points about the service. I’ll answer in this review is Myhomeworkdone legit? Does Myhomeworkdone good? And provide you answers to many other questions about the service that may interest you.

What Is First Comments

Myhomeworkdone is an online resource where students from all around the world can get academic papers from likely professional writers. It operates 24/7, but that doesn’t make it more reliable. During my review, I have identified many problematic points about how this service works. But, I’ll start from the basic things about the platform.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

Myhomeworkdone provides paper-making services for students starting from high school and for other educational levels. Here it is possible to get any type of essay and research paper. The service also ensures preparing reviews, lab reports, coursework, analytical papers, and case studies. Here it is possible to order presentations. The service also provides support with preparing admission documents and dissertations. 

The range of topics for which the service can provide you help is extensive. It is available while making an order form.

My opinion is that the service has made its range of service extensive, but it doesn’t sufficiently ensure the quality of papers provided. Here is what our assessors have identified in this case.

Quality of Writers

Myhomeworkdone declares it involves likely professional writers. The service likely provides thorough checks while selecting such authors. Still, I see that it underperforms a lot in this case as among all writers appear ones that are not very qualified. That results in Myhomeworkdone reviews from dissatisfied customers. My opinion is that the platform doesn’t involve native speakers in all cases. It also fails to ensure sufficient control over the performance of its writers as other services do. This is not good. The service has to ensure stricter procedures for selecting its authors. That is a crucial point of any writing service. 

Based on the results of my Myhomeworkdone review, I can conclude that the service lacks professional writers. Involving this service may result in the risk of assigning not a very good professional for completing a task. Unfortunately, this is so at the moment. And this is not the last aspect of its performance that suffers.

Website’s Design & Usability

Myhomeworkdone site may experience bags. Unfortunately, this is so at the moment. It downloads too slowly, from our point of view, compared with websites of other services. It is possible to experience troubles with accessing the website and further while reviewing it. The service should refer to good technical specialists to make sure everything works well. 

I also was not satisfied with the manner in which the information is arranged there. It is not placed logically. It takes a lot of time to find the right one. That is not very convenient from the point of view of the customer, we think. The service has failed to place all the most important information forward. It takes time to look through the entire website and find the exact one.

The website was not very convenient while using it because of its design too. It is too outdated, from our point of view. It lacks attractive visual elements and doesn’t ensure the good appearance of this website. Myhomeworkdone has chosen not very good colors for arranging its website. Based on the results of my Myhomeworkdone website review, I was not satisfied with how it appears and works. 

Ordering Process

Myhomeworkdone has ensured the standard process of making orders for papers. Still, I have explored negative Myhomeworkdone reviews about getting such. Some delays likely appeared during this process. Basically, it appears in this way.

To launch the process for making an order, a customer should create an account by providing basically one’s email. Later, it is necessary to complete all required fields of an order form. That should be the type of paper required, subject, and requirements. It is likely possible to choose a deadline. But, I have revealed reviews from customers stating that was impossible for some reasons. Perhaps, that was another occasional bag of the website. Still, such things should not appear at all, from our point of view.

The website calculates the price for an order automatically. Later, it redirects the customer to the payment page, where it is possible to choose a payment option that is the most convenient for the customer. The good thing is that the service chooses reliable payment operators.

After the order-making process has been completed, the service should notify a customer about this (still, failures are possible in this case). And the writer has to be assigned a bit later. The writing process is ensured before the deadline, and online chat enables likely performing control over the writing process. Later, a customer may get the ready paper and request revisions if such are necessary. Still, I have identified information that problems with revisions are possible in this case.

Prices & Payment Options

Myhomeworkdone lacks a transparent approach to its pricing. At the moment of making my review, I have experienced troubles with searching for all pricing options this service has. Other services I reviewed had a table with prices, and that was convenient to access and choose the most suitable one. This service doesn’t ensure that at the moment of making my assessment. 

To speak more precisely about the prices, the service charges too much for that quality it offers to customers. I have identified many Myhomeworkdone reviews stating that. Its prices for writing services start from $17 per page, and that is too much, from my point of view. The editing option may be charged starting from $11 per page and proofreading – from $9.

Prices may be increased, taking into account the complexity of an order, its academic level, and urgency. To pay for that order, any credit card or PayPal may be used. The service involves secured payment operators, and I don’t have doubts about that. But, that is not very much important while the prices are extremely high for those services.

Discounts & Special Offers

Myhomeworkdone has failed to develop a good loyalty program, from our point of view. The service can assign a 5% discount for making the first order. Also, the more a customer requests – the higher discounts it is likely possible to get. If more than 25 pages are ordered, the extra discount can be 5%; if the number of pages exceeds 50, the discount available for that quantity is 10%. If a customer decides to request more than 100 pages, that can likely ensure 15%. These ordered pages have to be prepaid. Still, it was unclear to us how that discount system worked. And if the quality of papers may suffer, discounts may not be very helpful. The service has rather good discounts, but it needs to clarify the local discount policy for sure. Unfortunately, I have found reviews for Myhomeworkdone customers where they said about difficulties with getting discounts and Myhomeworkdone promo code.

Content Quality

With this aspect, Myhomeworkdone underperforms for sure. It fails to provide papers of sufficient quality to its customers according to certain Myhomeworkdone reviews from dissatisfied ones. The service is one that has failed to ensure the exact quality standards, from my point of view. The most common points its customers complain about are the poor structuring of papers, quality (as papers are prepared below the requested level of quality), and exciting grammar mistakes in papers.

Based on the results of my Myhomeworkdone review, I can conclude that the service has failed to provide quality papers to its customers. The standards for writing are insufficient. Papers lack clarity and readability; they are prepared below the requested level and cannot ensure good grades as a consequence. At the point of quality, the service should improve its performance, from my point of view.

Is plagiarism-free? The service cannot ensure the absence of plagiarism in its papers that we have identified in certain reviews on the Myhomeworkdone page at various platforms with customer feedback.

Timely Delivery

Unfortunately, I have identified that Myhomeworkdone may fail to provide papers on time. According to certain Myhomeworkdone reviews, the service failed to address the requirements of customers and broke their own deadlines. The main cause was likely related to the revisions of papers that were provided after the determined deadline. That is a point that has to be improved, from my point of view. 

Other services I have reviewed managed to provide papers beforehand to ensure they could be provided in time if any extra revisions were necessary. This considered service has failed to ensure the standard of timely delivery and got negative comments from customers. That is not a very good point, from my point of view.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, in certain Myhomeworkdone reviews, I have identified negative comments from customers who stated about the failures of the local support operation. The service fails to address all matters customers refer to correctly. It also may take unreasonable time to complete all requests as it should be. The service doesn’t have its own standard of time or providing responses, from my point of view. This may naturally result in customer dissatisfaction. Also, it is problematic when any non-standard matters arise. Myhomeworkdone may fail to address such correctly. So, my opinion is that the service should substantially enhance the operation of its support team at the moment and provide training for its agents to prevent the number of negative comments from customers.

Extra Features

Myhomeworkdone fails to ensure a good number of extra features to its customers. It is likely possible to get the free title and reference pages. Also, the service promises to provide a plagiarism report confirming the absence of plagiarism in a delivered paper. The service also promises to provide extra revisions for a customer who is not satisfied with the quality of the completed paper. Still, that is an ordinary option ensured by many writing services. 

The one point we have identified is that the service promises to provide a writer with extra qualifications for its papers. Still, this extra option cannot ensure sufficient quality for 100% at the moment, unfortunately.

Reputation & Guarantees

Myhomeworkdone has failed to build a good reputation, from my point of view. At the moment of making our assessment, I have identified negative Myhomeworkdone reviews from customers stating about the likely Myhomeworkdone scam service (presumably because of the poor quality the service provides).

The service likely offers guarantees of quality and timely deliveries. However, as we stated before, such points are not ensured properly. Unfortunately, at the moment, the service fails to provide such guarantees in full. It also provides a guarantee of confidentiality. I am more or less confident about this aspect; it doesn’t appear to us that the service will intentionally share any personal data of its users. Still, any occasional data leaks are possible.

Myhomeworkdone refund policy is not clear. It appears to be problematic requesting and getting refunds if something goes wrong. And it will likely go wrong as the service fails to provide good-quality papers. 

Is legal? I have not identified sufficient information about the legal registration of this company. Still, it gets feedback from customers – this means it is an existing one. The service lacks clarity in its policies. So, I have doubts about whether Myhomeworkdone legit aspect is ensured enough. 

After the assessment of its reputation, I can conclude the service should work better to enhance it. Is reliable? My conclusion in this Myhomeworkdonereview is that the service is not reliable at the moment.


Myhomeworkdone is a service that has to ensure its better performance, from my point of view. It fails to render good-quality papers, ensure the same support and may break the deadlines of its customers. That is a problematic point that has to be ensured as at the moment there are negative comments from former customers of this service. So, I cannot recommend you consider this service a possible option for making your order.

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