Is Mypaperwriter Legit? Detailed and Precise Review

Mypaperwriter Review 2.7/10: Is Mypaperwriter Legit?


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Service highlights

  • Good webbsite design
  • Fast turnaround
  • Too many grammatical mistakes
  • Non-native writers
  • Too much plagiarism

This Mypaperwriter review is aimed at providing comprehensive information about all services offered by this platform, prices for those, discounts, special offers, drawbacks of its performance, reviews from customers, and many other valuable issues. The detailed report is based on the information available on the Internet and the findings of I. 

What Is Brief Initial Points about the Service

Mypaperwriter is an online operating platform that suggests services to customers all over the world and for various subjects. It has been operating for more than 10 years. There were times when this service was good. But, at the moment, I, unfortunately, have revealed deficiencies in its operation. Major ones are related to the quality of writing assistance provided by this platform, the support operation, and rates. I will review in detail all mentioned points in this report.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

Mypaperwriter has made its range of service too extensive to ensure good quality for all of them, I consider. The service can deal with nearly any type of academic writing for any subject. It also promises to cover any level of complexity – from high school to specialized courses. Apart from this, the platform can likely arrange business writing and CV/resume making. It is possible to order here editing and proofreading apart from writing too. I belief is that the platform has expanded the scope of its services too much. In the end, this results in negative Mypaperwriter reviews from customers who dislike the manner of paper preparation this service has. 

Quality of Writers

Mypaperwriter is not very good at selecting and further monitoring the performance of writers. It appears that the service doesn’t select native speakers for the paper creation process for its customers. It declares that writers are likely professionals, but papers contain errors and various omissions, as customers say in their reviews. This is a standard that is far from good, I believe. 

Writers this service involves at the moment simply lack qualification and don’t perform well. They fail to meet the compulsory requirements that customers have. And they also fail to communicate with such customers properly. The service is not reliable in terms of arranging the cooperation between customers and its likely professionals. It fails to monitor at the moment the performance of its authors. So, I think that may be a direct cause of the situation when the service gets plenty of negative comments from customers. I were not satisfied with the quality and performance of authors this platform currently involves. It could select and monitor this aspect a number of times better. 

Website’s Design & Usability

Mypaperwriter has arranged a very good website for selling its services. But, this website may experience failures and bags while loading. Some elements of the website may be downloaded a bit later after the entire page has appeared. The service should enhance its operation and hire more advanced developers for this website. I saw writing platforms that loaded nearly at once.

The design of this website is a bit outdated. It is good in general. But, I have seen better samples of writing websites that looked a number of times more attractive.

I also didn’t find the manner in which the information has been placed suitably. I think the lack of sufficient information exists here. The service should rearrange the information it would like to present to its customers, place more relevant and important pieces of such to spots with good visibility, forward. This will make the appearance of the website more convenient for users, as many good services have already been made. While considering an aspect of website operation, I have not identified any negative Mypaperwriter reviews from its users.

Ordering Process

Mypaperwriter ordering process is more than simple and standard, I should state. If a customer wants to start that process, it is necessary to pick an order placed at the website and complete all fields available there. It is basically necessary to specify the type of paper or document required, choose a field, deadline, indicate special requirements and other possible preferences a new customer may have. A bit later, the price for this newly created order will appear automatically. Later, the website redirects a user to a payment page where such a user should insert its payment details and confirm the transaction. 

After the confirmation of such a payment, the writing service sends a notification and confirmation about this order and passes it to the likely most qualified author. The next writing and editing work will be completed later. The ordering and paper-making procedure appears to be not too burdensome a lot. I also have not identified any adverse Mypaperwriter reviews from its former customers stating about any possible failures while making an order, except for the qualification of authors and the writers’ failures to address all listed requirements correctly.

Prices & Payment Options

Mypaperwriter has created a pricing range that is higher than rates for the writing service of a similar writing platform, I think. The starting price for the writing services of this platform is around $ 17. That is too much for the service of such a kind. And that is more than too much for the quality of services this company delivers at the moment to its customers. This is the cheapest option. The price for the suggested writing services may be increased, taking into account the complexity of a suggested order and its urgency. 

In I Mypaperwriter review, I want to state that the service luckily involves good payment services. They are reliable and ensure the security of payments. A customer may use any credit card available for paying for the ordered paper.

Discounts & Special Offers

If a new customer decides to order a paper here, it is not possible to get any discount for that. Discounts are designated only for those users who order lots of pages. For instance, ordering 25+ pages may likely ensure a 5% discount for a user. Requesting 50+ pages may ensure a 10% discount, and ordering 100+ – can likely guarantee a 15% discount. 

Getting Mypaperwriter promo code may likely reduce the price for its services and guarantee more favorable conditions of writing.

Mypaperwriter lacks special offers for its customers. Occasionally, it is likely possible to participate in various campaigns. This service arranges and gets coupons for Mypaperwriter services. But, I, unfortunately, have not detected any cases of such campaigns.

Content Quality

I have revealed that the writing service I am considering at the moment fails to address all compulsory indicated requirements of customers well. This is related in the first turn to the formatting requirements. The final content lacks proper structuring and clarity. Statements are formed a bit vague. Mypaperwriter authors also fail to ensure good readability for the texts prepared by them. So, in the end, customers are not satisfied with the final quality they get from this service. Notably, there are good reviews on the Mypaperwriter website. But, I have revealed negative feedback from customers on other platforms. At the moment, I see Mypaperwriter reviews that are surely very far from very good ones.

In I Mypaperwriter review, I will also cover the matter is plagiarism-free? This service likely tries to ensure the uniqueness of papers it renders to customers, but it may fail to arrange that well sometimes. Its standards concerning citation and plagiarism prevention are not sufficient at the moment, I consider. It is necessary to eliminate the risk of even possibly unintentional plagiarism and deliver good-quality papers as other services do. So, getting partially plagiarized content is possible here. 

Timely Delivery

Mypaperwriter should work better in terms of the timely delivery of writings to their customers. At the moment, I see that its authors may simply delay the delivery of writing outcomes to the interested customers. Even if such papers need to be revised, they should be provided in time. That is a task of service to ensure all writers arrange additional revisions before the deadline specified by a customer. This is how good services do and eliminate the risk of failures in aspects of timely delivery.

Unfortunately, I have revealed Mypaperwriter reviews with the information about broken deadlines because of the authors’ failures to follow original requirements in full. That is not a sufficient standard of providing writing services to customers. This considered writing service should enhance its approach a number of times.

Customer Support

Iviewpoint is that Mypaperwriter should enhance the operation of its support team and arrange training sessions for it. The service should think about determining the standards for providing cautioner support and advice to users. The timeframe for providing such answers should be reduced to the minimum.

The effectiveness of responses should be increased. At the moment, I have identified negative Mypaperwriter reviews from its former customers who were not satisfied with the quality of support this service provided. Its agents were too slow and not helpful sometimes. Other services emphasize the support function in the second turn after the quality of services. This considered service should do the same, I strong point of view. At the moment, its support is organized in an insufficient manner.

Extra Features

Mypaperwriter guarantees free revisions and the options of more advanced writers (the last one will be charged at higher rates, respectively). Also, the service suggests a free outline and title page. The service lacks special offers for its customers to add some bonuses for eliminating the dissatisfaction because of the quality of papers users get.

Reputation & Guarantees

Mypaperwriter has not ensured a good reputation on the Internet. The service gets negative comments from its users that, in most cases, are related to the quality of content provided by this service and the support it likely ensured to customers. This writing platform gets adverse Mypaperwriter reviews at various feedback websites. For instance, the Mypaperwriter Reddit profile is not very good, I should state.

In I Mypaperwriter review, I will also cover important aspects like the legitimacy and scamming signs of this considered service. First of all, I have doubts about the Mypaperwriter legit origin. I have not identified any accurate information about the registration of this writing platform. It also has not very clear policies, from I viewpoint. So, I have doubts is legal?

Some customers, likely not very satisfied with the quality of writing services they got here, state about the likely Mypaperwriter scam. That is a serious point the platform should pay special attention to and improve its performance.

The considered paper-making service likely guarantees the timely delivery and quality of papers. But, these guarantees are not implemented properly, in fact. Also, the service fails to ensure a sufficient degree of confidentiality and secure interaction with users now. The aspect of ensuring guarantees also suffers.

Is reliable? I have not come to the conclusion that this considered writing service is reliable at the moment. 2.7/10 – its current rating. It fails to meet the needs of users concerning the quality and timely delivery of academic papers. So, it cannot be considered reliable at the moment, from I standpoint. Also, the service has a weak support team now. So, I opinion is that too many potential risks exist at the moment.


Mypaperwriter is surely not the best suggestion I can propose to the customers in doubt. I saw more advanced writing services that operated a number of times better and provided a much higher quality of ordered papers. And what is more important – did that in time. So, I consider this service is not entirely reliable for ordering academic writings from here at the moment.

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