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Let’s be honest: most students hate their colleges or universities. Yes, years of studies bring you new friends and experiences, gain valuable knowledge, and start your career. At the same time, it is the period when you need to study all the time. If you have some difficulties with your home tasks, you have to cope with them, and your professors expect you to provide the best results only.

So, if you’re pretty tired of pulling an all-nighter, don’t think that you should drop out of your college. There is a better solution that can even be a life-saver. You can order your paper online! It is absolutely legal and ethical when you choose the right company. The point is that you place your order, provide requirements, and receive a ready paper before your deadline so that you can submit it on time. 

Is Myperfectpaper of the reliable companies that you can trust? In this Myperfectpaper review, you can find all the answers. 

What is

The first thing you should know is that Myperfectpaper is a writing service with a focus on academic papers. It means that if you’re a high school student, student of a college or university, pursuing a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree, you can order the paper and make your life easier.

Such companies have several important goals:

  1. To save your time. Forget about procrastination or sleepless nights, and you can just hire a professional author who will help you with your paper.
  2. To provide you with high-quality writing. It is a perfect opportunity to boost your grades when you lack the writing skills to come up with a flawless essay.
  3. To support you. The level of stress is extremely high these days, and you deserve to take a pause from time to time.

At the same time, there are many companies that act like writing services, but in fact, they are scammers. That’s why many students ask us: “is Myperfectpaper real?” If you want to achieve your goals, you should always check facts and read Myperfectpaper reviews before you place the order. 

Types of Assignments Company Provides

So, I am going to start this Myperfectpaper review with a list of services. It will help you to understand how actually this company can help you. They don’t have a separate page with services, but if you scroll the landing page down, you can find the list that includes:

  • Assignments;
  • Essays;
  • Dissertations;
  • Research papers;
  • Term papers;
  • Other custom writing;
  • Editing&proofreading;
  • Thesis writing. 

Honestly, this list looks very poor. It doesn’t contain enough information to understand their services. What do they mean with “other custom writing”? Can they provide you with a case study? With a lab report? With a book review? You should contact them with your questions and waste your time. It will be really faster to find another company that doesn’t hide this information. They don’t write what types of essays they work with, and they don’t mention any specific academic levels. If you read some other Myperfectpaper reviews, you can ensure that other students don’t like this fact as well.

Quality of Writers

Well, the list of services is important, but it is not crucial. What about the quality of writers? They have a page with biographies of 7 authors. However, it is still unclear if these seven are their best authors. Or maybe it is the entire team? Not that good for a writing service that should help students from all over the world. However, it is not enough to understand whether these (or other) authors are of high quality. To find this information for our Myperfectpaper review, I placed an order and received a paper.

So, what is my verdict? The quality is really disappearing. It looks like our paper was written by an average student. Besides, it surely was an ESL student. It is impossible to get an A-grade when you submit such a paper, and a C-grade is your maximum. Of course, it is impossible to check all their authors (it would be really devastating). But when you place your order, you don’t choose a writer as well, and you want to receive the professional, not the student with some writing skills. 

Website’s Design & Usability 

I know that some people don’t pay much attention to this aspect, but it is really important. Why? Because it shows the company’s attitude. Besides, it can define how much time you spend on the company’s website to find the necessary information and place the order.

Speaking about Myperfectpaper, I have no reasons to tell you that we’re satisfied with its website. First of all, it is really outdated. There are so many free website constructors these days, and we really don’t know why they don’t use them. Some pages take too much time to load, and the content is written with different font types and font sizes. So, it is not really readable. 

Ordering Process

The ordering process is quite regular. However, I don’t like the fact that you should register before you place the order. You even don’t know if you’re ready to order from Myperfectpaper, and they ask you to provide your personal information. Is Myperfectpaper legit? Even though they claim they are 100% private and confidential, I can’t be sure.

Please pay enough attention to the ordering process if you still decide to make a try. Make your requirements as clear as possible because they are your only guarantee whatever company you choose. For example, when you’re not happy with your paper (whether it is Myperfectpaper net or any other company), and you apply for a money refund, you need your instructions to prove that you’ve received the unexpected result. 

So, when you place an order, don’t do it quickly. Even the best companies don’t work with mediums that are able to predict your expectations. 

Prices & Payment Options

The pricing policy is of great importance for all students. Yes, you pay for a service, but it doesn’t mean that you should pay too much. So, what about the Myperfectpaper review? If you’re a high school student and you need your paper to be ready in 8+ days, it will cost you $30 per page. Undoubtedly, if your academic level is higher, you should pay more. This price is really too high for academic papers. 

Discounts & Special Offers

The good news is that you can use the Myperfectpaper promo code to make your price lower. This company provides discounts like 50%, and it should look very positive, but it doesn’t. Why would a successful business offer that big discount? Maybe because nobody is ready to pay $30 for a page? High school students don’t have this money! And when they see $15, they think it is an attractive offer. So, it is just a hook to attract more people, and it doesn’t boost the company’s reputation. 

Content Quality

I ordered an essay from Myperfectpaper to understand the content quality. As you already understand, I am really disappointed with the author. It is better to trust Myperfectpaper reviews because they were written to predict you about:

  • typos and mistakes;
  • odd word choice;
  • plagiarized sentences;
  • poor structure;
  • sentences that don’t sound native. 

The content quality is not really good. Besides, I didn’t find any samples to show you. Maybe they are not ready to share their bad content because it will scare away all the customers. So, if you really expect to receive the A-level paper, you definitely should hire another company. I write such reviews for many services, so just check them, and you’ll find your perfect match. 

Timely Delivery

Deadlines are very important for students. I’d even say they are incredibly important. When you miss your deadline, you shouldn’t expect an A-grade. Many professors don’t accept such papers at all. 

So, it is one of the most popular reasons why students hire companies like Myperfectpaper. When they struggle with procrastination, when they have to work and earn money, when they are extremely tired and need a pause, they are looking for someone who will help them. It means that if you hire a company that delivers papers with delays, it makes no sense. You pay money, and you receive an essay that can’t help you. 

Unfortunately, many Myperfectpaper reviews include information about their delays. Many customers write about this fact, so I wouldn’t recommend you to place your order here. Of course, if it is urgent. If you have enough time to go, you can do it but remember that the quality is also questionable. Besides, if the company is not able to be punctual, it can disappoint you in many other ways as well. 

Customer Support

Customer support is your chance to ask some questions and to apply for a money refund. The good news is that Myperfectpaper has a live chat, and you can contact the manager, who will respond to you instantly. The bad news is that their managers are very annoying. They are extremely annoying. Well, I tried to reach some of them for this Myperfectpaper review, and it was a very, very bad experience. We got new messages all the time. They send you messages as if it can make you place the order faster. It is just nonsense. And, of course, the sense of these messages is not to help you; they don’t even answer your questions. They write to you because they want your money. Well, a pretty interesting kind of support. 

Extra Features

Honestly, I didn’t expect any extra features from the company like Myperfectpaper. It doesn’t look like it is a customer-focused business, and therefore it isn’t ready to go the extra mile for you. They have a blog with 9 articles, but I can’t say that they are helpful. I bet they created it just to attract more users who are looking for some helpful information in Google and find this site. In other words, for SEO purposes. 

If you explore Myperfectpaper’s website, you can find out that they have some benefits like free proofreading, unlimited revisions, formatting, title page, bibliography. In fact, these are not benefits. All companies provide these services for free. Don’t let them fool you. We hope this Myperfectpaper net review is a good reason to look for another option. 


Always check the company’s testimonials if you want to know the truth and to have Myperfectpaper verified. These are comments that are written by other students, i.e., by real people. When you open the Testimonials section on any company website, the chances are that they are edited by moderators. Who will post negative reviews about themselves?

So, what are Myperfectpaper reviews? Customers write things like:

  • Don’t use this service unless it’s a last resort;
  • They didn’t read my description of the format for the paper;
  • The draft I received had spelling and grammar errors;
  • Do not believe the positive reviews. 

If you check sites like SiteJabber, etc., you can easily find that there are very many negative reviews. So, it is not the best way for you to get an A-grade. 


Actually, I didn’t find a separate page with Guarantees, so I had to study the website and detect some promises. What are they?

  • premium quality;
  • on-time delivery;
  • unlimited revisions;
  • privacy&confidentiality;
  • friendly customer support.

So, as you may understand, they don’t meet their own guarantees. 


To summarize this Myperfectpaper review, I want to tell you that my rate is 1.6 out of 10. Though there are some positive aspects, they are not enough to decide that this company is a good choice. Yes, it doesn’t go about the best choice; it is not even the best one. If you want to save your time, money, and energy, please choose another company.

Many customers believe that Myperfectpaper scam, and it is enough to ask yourself: “Am I ready to trust my paper to such a company?” If you have some reasons to do it, you can take risks. But remember that you don’t have any guarantees of a happy end.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that all writing companies are like that. Just compare Myperfectpaper reviews with reviews of other companies to understand that there are many better solutions. I am always here to help you! Make the right choice and enjoy your college years!

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