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MyPerfectWords Review 2.2/10: Should You Hire This Company For Your Papers?


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It is absolutely normal if you want to order an essay, or any other student paper, from a professional author. Though some professors claim these services are unethical, they can be the only choice when the deadline is so close. However, it doesn’t mean that you should hire the first company you find in Google. There are so many writing companies these days! You should definitely know more about them before you place the order. 

That’s why I am going to provide you with a Myperfectwords review. Is this service reliable? Can you trust your paper to its authors? Are there some pitfalls? Read on, and you’ll find all the answers. 

What is Myperfectwords?

Myperfectwords is a student writing service. It has offices in UAE, USA, United Kingdom, and Australia. Nevertheless, it operates online and works with students from all over the world so that it doesn’t mean where you’re actually located.

To write Myperfectwords reviews and to find out all the truth about this company, I have to analyze all the available data: the company’s website, independent platforms with testimonials, etc. I am going to answer several essential questions like “is myperfectwords legit?” “Should I place my order here?” “Are their services affordable?”, “What are the pros and cons of this company?” When you have enough information about Myperfectwords, you can make the final decision that will be facts-based. So, let’s analyze the most essential aspects that may affect your final choice. 

Types of Assignments Company Provides

First of all, we have to understand what this company offers. There are so many different writing companies with various services, so it would be a mistake to believe that “one-size-fits-all”. Speaking about Myperfectwords, I haven’t found a separate page with Services on their website. However, there is a list — you just need to scroll the page down. They offer:

  • Assignments;
  • Essays;
  • Dissertations;
  • Research papers;
  • Term papers;
  • Other custom writing;
  • Editing&proofreading services;
  • Thesis writing. 

And this is the first disappointment. This list looks pretty poor. I can’t understand what essays and assignments they work with or what their focus is. When you place an order, you can choose the specific service, e.g., the admission essay or critical thinking. But who will go this far if they don’t provide this information in a clear manner?

Quality of Writers

Without any doubt, writers are the main asset of any academic service. You need to have a great team of authors if you want to make your customers happy. So, what are myperfectwords reviews? 

You can find a Writers page on this company’s website and 7 short bios. They include information about the degree and specialization. But why just seven biographies? Do they have seven authors? All academic student writing services have 500+ writers because they need to deal with dozens of assignments daily. Maybe they are their best authors? I didn’t find this information. Besides, these bios look not that natural. Photos are of low quality, and the information is too generic. 

The second way to check if Myperfectwords authors are good is to read their samples. There are some papers on the website, and we checked them. The first thing that we noticed is that these files contain students’ names and universities. So, is myperfectwords safe? Definitely not. And speaking about quality, these samples are not that good. They are just average. Nothing special. They can save you time when you don’t have any other choice, but they won’t guarantee you an A-grade. 

Website’s Design & Usability

You may think that a website’s design is not that important when it comes to writing services. However, it is. Yes, you’re working with authors, not designers, but it is the thing that shows the company’s attitude. 

Firstly, MyPerfectWords’ design is really outdated. They combine red, blue, white, and black colors, and this combination doesn’t look. Besides, you have to scroll a lot when you need to find some information. And when you open different pages, they look even worse than the main one because of different font types and sizes, colors, information blocks, and so on. So, I can’t tell you that this company invests in the usability of its website. 

Ordering Process

Actually, we didn’t think that the ordering process could add much to ьн myperfectwords review. Most companies do their best to simplify this process, to make it very quick and easy. But not this one.

When you open its website, you notice the big Calculate price. Tap it to proceed to the next stage. Now you need to provide your contact information along with the assignment’s details: academic level, document type, deadline, and a number of pages. At the next stage, you have to add more information, e.g., title, citation style, add attachments, and so on. Finally, you have to make a prepayment. 

Prices & Payment Options

I know that myperfectwords prices are extremely important. When you’re looking for a company to outsource your assignments, you want to get value for money. Most students have limited budgets, and they can’t just splurge. So, what about this company?

The final cost depends on your academic level, deadline, and number of pages (one page is approximately 300 words). If you’re a high school student and you need your document to be ready in 8+ days, you have to pay $30 per page. College and university students pay $36, Master’s students pay $41, and Ph.D. students pay $60. These prices are really shocking! We have reviewed so many amazing companies that charge from $10 per page, and their essays are really good. Myperfectwords’ papers are just average, but their prices are extremely high. Besides, most students don’t wait for 8, and even more days, they need their papers as urgently as possible. And these services are even more expensive. 

Speaking about payment methods, there are several options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery. Well, at least this aspect of ьн myperfectwords review is good — these platforms are reliable, so your payment is protected. 

Discounts & Special Offers

Reading different Myperfectwords reviews, I found that they really have discounts from time to time, e.g., 50% off for all services. At first sight, it looks interesting and very attractive. But at the same time, it looks really suspicious. If they are ready to make their high prices so much lower, it means that customers don’t order their papers at real prices. So, they should review their entire pricing policy and not with a temporary myperfectwords discount.

When it comes to special offers, I haven’t found any free options for students. 

Content Quality

I have explored a lot of myperfectwords reviews to understand if this company is able to provide you with high-quality content. So, my answer is no. Many people don’t like their papers, and there is a list of the most common claims:

  • I could make it better.
  • My essay contained plagiarism, and it is absolutely disgusting.
  • It looks like my author is not a native speaker, I’m disappointed. 
  • I ordered an admission essay, and it is just average. It isn’t worth its money.
  • My case study contains mistakes and typos.
  • I don’t know who their authors are, but I’m pretty sure that I can come up with better essays. 

So, as you may understand, most myperfectwords reviews are negative. People don’t like the content quality, and they believe they shouldn’t pay for it. When you buy an essay, you expect it to be amazing. If you need a regular essay, just ask your friend to help you. 

Timely Delivery

Time management is the biggest issue these days. Actually, it is the most common reason why students hire professional writing services. When you have a lot of difficult assignments, you just need someone who will help you with them. Help means not only high-quality services but timely delivery as well. If you’re not able to deliver your paper on time, it will surely affect your grades. So, the writing service should be very punctual.

Working on this Myperfectwords review, I found out that the shortest term for delivery is 12 hours. If you have checked other websites, you know that there are companies that are able to provide their papers in 3 hours. When your deadline is looming, 12 hours is too long to wait. Besides, people write about some delays in myperfectwords reviews, and that’s really bad.

There are assignments when the deadline doesn’t matter, and you can work on them at your own pace. But when it comes to a professional service, when you pay for it, you can expect it to be delivered on time. 

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important feature since it helps you to understand how the company interacts with its customers. Is it friendly enough? Is it ready to solve your problems? What will they do if you run into some issues? Will they be there for you? Good customer service should be available 24\7, and its managers should always be by your side.

So, what about myperfectwords review? The first thing I want to mention is that their customer support is a bit outdated. Secondly, it takes managers some time to respond, and they don’t do it immediately. But I was really shocked when we understood that they are not even real. It is a chatbot that has a base of answers to the most common questions. And its primary task is to make you place an order, not to help you. 

Extra Features

Most writing services provide their customers with something extra. It is an extra mile that a responsible business will go to make the customer experience unforgettable. Writing this myperfectwords review, I tried to find some additional services from this company, but they are absent. The only good thing I detected is a blog with several helpful articles. I can’t say they are amazing, but some students will appreciate this kind of assistance. 

Reputation & Guarantees

You should always check what the company’s online reputation is. This myperfectwords review can be very helpful, but it would be better for you if you also read some testimonials from real people. People, who were in your shoes.

I checked some sites like TrustPilot, SiteJabber, Reddit, etc., to find honest reviews from students. Well, they don’t recommend this company. There are many comments like “It is a total scam”. “I ended up getting something from Kindergarten”, “Their writers lack proper knowledge), and so on. 

The next thing you should always check to make a final decision is a list of guarantees. The writing service should protect your privacy, provide you with a certain level of quality, ensure zero plagiarism, etc. Well, Myperfectwords service doesn’t provide you with a separate page with Guarantees. You need to explore their website to find that they promise 100% original papers, privacy, and timely delivery. Unfortunately, I have no reasons to believe that these guarantees are reliable since they deliver plagiarized papers and don’t meet deadlines. Besides, they use their customers’ names in samples, and it isn’t good for your privacy. 


To wrap things up, my rate for Myperfectwords is only 2.2. out of 10. I don’t recommend you to place your order here because it is an unreliable company with a poor reputation. There are some satisfied customers, but they are not enough to be sure that you will get a perfect paper. Is myperfectwords a good site? It is absolutely not.

When you want to outsource your home task, you need to look for a company with a strong reputation and solid rock guarantees. You don’t hire a bad dentist because you value your teeth. The same works here — you shouldn’t hire a bad author if you value your academic performance, time, and money. Check other myperfectwords reviews if you still have some doubts. And remember that there are many good companies to choose from. I can help you along this way!

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