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  • Plagiarism in papers

When you decide to pay someone to write a paper for you, it is obvious you need to get a good outcome for the charges you pay. That may be a bit complicated, taking into account a variety of available options. I have identified services that can be problematic at some point. Here you may look through the Papernow review and get more info on is reliable?

What is | Starting Points about the Service

This is an online writing point that offers various academic writing services to customers worldwide. This service has operated for many years already and has collected many reviews, including adverse ones. In this review, I want to draw your attention to certain points you should be aware of while considering this service, such as the quality of service and support. I have revealed certain problematic points in these terms.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

The service can provide you with various types of academic writing. This could be essays, case studies, reports, reviews, annotated bibliographies, etc. The service can cover various disciplines and subjects. Apart from writing, it can also ensure editing and proofreading for the services. I should say that the range of services is quite diversified. Still, while structuring to expand the range of services, the service fails to address all requests properly.

Quality of Writers

Writers who work with Papernow may perform simple tasks for writing mostly. My opinion is that their qualification is obviously not enough for addressing more complex writing tasks. The best suggestions, in this case, are either to improve the procedure for selecting writers or arrange additional training for the existing ones. I presume that the service may involve authors who are not native speakers. 

Still, the most problematic point here is that the service is not likely controlling the performance of its writers. I have identified plenty of Papernow reviews stating about the dissatisfaction of customers in terms of the qualification of writers involved. The main point addressed in their comments is that writers fail to meet their requirements and produce papers of the exact quality needed. So, my opinion is that the service should work better in this aspect to ensure higher standards of writing and the performance of its authors. At the moment, this key aspect is not ensured as it should be.

Website’s Design & Usability

My opinion is that Papernow has a bit outdated website. The interface is not very convenient to use. The content is not placed logically. It took us time to find the exact required information I needed. That is not good, I think. The most important point here, from my point of view, is to place the most important information forward and emphasize it in some way. I saw other writing services who have managed to arrange the information logically and well.

The colors used for arranging the website don’t form its good appearance. It is not very well developed, I think. The service should involve better designers to arrange a picture as it should be. 

Also, it is better to think about a higher level of security for the website to prevent any potential data leaks and bags. At the moment, there can be short-term bags here. I believe the problem should not exist at all.

Ordering Process

Papernow has ensured a quite standard process for making orders. To create a new one, a customer should find their order form and indicate all relevant information there. First of all, it is necessary to indicate the type of order a customer needs, subject, deadline, and also indicate any special comments concerning such an order (if any). If a customer has any special formatting or other requirements concerning such an order, such can also be attached. After the order form has been completed, a customer needs to submit such only and be redirected to a payment page. It is required to enter payment details there and confirm that payment.

Later, the process of searching for an author for a new order will be started. The service promises to find likely the most professional writer for such an order. Papernow enables its customers to control the writing process by using online chat. Later, a paper will be delivered for review to a customer. If any additional corrections are required, the service promises to make such after getting the customer’s request. Unfortunately, I have identified certain Papernow reviews stating certain problems related to these revisions. My opinion is that Papernow should enhance this aspect of its work better.

Prices & Payment Options

This is quite an expensive service. I have compared pricing options of various services, including Papernow prices, and have identified that Papernow charges approximately 15-20% higher than other services. Moreover, in certain cases, specific services managed to deliver even better quality to their customers. My opinion is that the service should consider its price range better.

To pay for services, customers may use any payment card they have. The service luckily cooperates with reliable service providers to ensure the safety of payments. That is a good point. 

Discounts & Special Offers

My opinion is that the service has not ensured the proper discount policy for its customers. All of them are eligible for getting a 10% discount for their first orders. Later, it is promised that the service can assign additional discounts to customers if they order a lot from this service. The service may also introduce occasional offers. But, it is unclear what kind of offers exactly the customers may expect to get. There can be problems with getting a Papernow promo code, according to the reviews of former customers.

Content Quality

The quality of content this service delivers suffers a lot, from my point of view. Papers are not properly organized, and the content may mismatch the main topic. I think that Papernow should improve its standards of quality and performance for delivering truly good papers to its customers. Unfortunately, I have identified negative Papernow reviews that prove that. Customers claim that the service failed to address their requirements that were simple. They fail to follow formatting requirements as this should be. 

Papers are not expanded well. Statements provided in essays may lack clarity and fail to address the main point of view. Texts this service may deliver can suffer from the point t of readability. Obviously, under such circumstances, customers cannot expect to get good grades.

Is plagiarism-free? I cannot be totally sure about that as I have revealed certain negative comments from customers about likely revealed plagiarism in the delivered papers. 

So, while ordering papers here, customers risk getting writers with low qualifications and the same results. My opinion is that the service should work better to create the exact quality standards that can ensure at least sufficient quality in the outcome, without any signs of plagiarism.

Timely Delivery

Unfortunately, customers may face the risk of missing a deadline because of the service’s failure to address their requests on time. Basically, it is advised to provide all prepared papers beforehand to ensure that a customer is satisfied with the outcomes of writing or could request enhancements to its paper. But, that is not in this case. A customer may get a paper exactly before a deadline. If this paper requires enhancements, this naturally takes time. 

So, a customer may miss one’s deadline. My opinion is that the service again should better think about the standards for delivering papers to its customers. At the moment, I see negative Papernow reviews with dissatisfied customers who tell about their own broken deadlines because of the failure of this service to work better. That is a problematic point, I think. Other services have internal standards for delivering papers beforehand for having time to make any required amendments.

Customer Support

The support team of Papernow exists, but its operation should be improved, from my point of view. The service needs to develop at least its standards of rendering advice to customers. At the moment, addressing these issues may take too long, even non-proportionally, to those questions that have appeared.

Also, support agents may sometimes fail to address certain issues customers refer to. That is a serious point that impacts the customer satisfaction related to the service. Again, strict requirements for support agents are required in this case. If they lack expertise in addressing certain issues, Papernow should think about arranging training for its specialists. At the moment, I noticed negative Papernow reviews stating about the insufficient operation of support agents. These were caused by the delays from the service and its insufficient operation when supporting customers. So, my opinion is that the service should enhance its performance in these terms. At the moment, standards are below the average.

Extra Features

The service fails to provide any extra features to its customers. Basically, the service ensures the provision of plagiarism reports to its customers. Also, it promises to ensure additional editing if a paper requires amendments. Still, such editing is ensured by all other services. That is not surprising. In terms of other offers, the service fails to provide those. Other services I have assessed provided special features that ensured around $40 of savings. This is a good point the considered service also should ensure. 

Reputation & Guarantees

The first point I want to review precisely – is legal? This service declares itself to be a legally existing company. But, the problematic point here is that I have not identified any sufficient details related to the registration of this company. Still, it has its own internal policies and promises to adhere to the applicable legislation. I have doubts about this aspect is Papernow legit entirely.

Unfortunately, I have identified plenty of negative reviews from former customers who were not satisfied with the quality of services obtained here and the support they got. These comments were related to the statements that Papernow is a scam. So, my opinion is that the service should work better to improve the quality of its performance.

Is papernow real? I have no doubts about this at the moment. I have identified lots of reviews that state the real nature of this service, whether it performed well or badly.

The service likely ensures the guarantee of quality, but it is not sufficiently provided as the customers leave negative feedback about the operation of the service. Also, the service likely provides the guarantee of timely delivery. But, this aspect is also suffering as additional editing may require the same additional time that goes after the defined deadline. A refund is also not likely possible here. In terms of guarantees, the service has not appeared to be entirely good, from my point of view.


Papernow is an academic writing service that provides such services worldwide and likely tries to ensure the quality of such. Still, during my review, I have identified that the service fails to address any particular needs customers have and provides papers of poor quality. The service fails to involve professional authors and ensure the good operation of a customer support team. This results in my conclusion that the service is not the best place for placing an order.


Do you doubt the quality of Papernow’s work? Then in these answers, you will receive comprehensive answers to questions about security, fraud, and reliability. You will also find out if the author is copying other people’s papers.

Is Papernow legit?

Papernow is unreliable. If you want to get A +, then here writers will not provide you. There is a lot of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in their papers. The teacher will surely return your text for revision. Even if you ask the author to fix the mistakes, the article will not get better. Therefore, do not trust them with your papers – this is a failure.

How much does Papernow cost?

Papernow has developed a high pricing policy. We compared them with competitors and found that the company asks to pay 15-20% more for their services than other companies. Urgent papers can cost you over $ 100, which is very expensive for the average student. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to cheaper alternatives.

Is Papernow reliable?

Papernow is unreliable. If you want to get A +, then here writers will not provide you. There is a lot of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in their papers. The teacher will surely return your text for revision. Even if you ask the author to fix the mistakes, the article will not get better. Therefore, do not trust them with your papers – this is a failure.

Is Papernow a scam?

Papernow is a scam. Managers assure you that your papers will be perfect, but they are not. They do their best to get your attention and get hold of your money. Their money-back guarantee is also a scam, as they will try to convince you that the paperwork is okay, or they will ignore requests for refunds.

Is Papernow safe?

Papernow has many payment methods. They are all safe. Therefore, when buying papers here, be sure that they will reach the right place.

Is Papernow plagiarism-free?

The authors of Papernow copy other people’s papers. Clients of this company claim this. In some cases, the articles contained more than 50% plagiarism, which contradicts the rules of academic writing. Consequently, the authors try to complete as many tasks as possible, sacrificing their quality.

Are there Papernow discounts?

Papernow provides new customers with a 10% discount. They also have a system of discounts for regular customers. However, their high pricing policy does not significantly reduce the cost of the document. Some clients note that it is difficult to get a discount, as sometimes it is not assigned to orders.

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