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Paperwriter Review 9.4/10: Is it Scam And Cheating?


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This Paperwriter review is provided to inform potential customers about all peculiarities of Paperwriter operation, its prices, range of services, customer support, and other matters important for customer satisfaction. This comprehensive review is based on the publicly available information, including Paperwriter reviews, and conclusions from me. This report may be helpful while making your own choice of academic writing provider. 

What is Starting Comments about the Service

Paperwriter is an online writing service that operates all around the globe and renders customers academic writing services related to making various essays, coursework, and papers. The service generally performs well. It ensures good quality of papers, fast and timely operation, and charges good rates for its work compared with other services. In this Paperwriter review, you will find out more about the service and why the service may be good for making a choice in favor of it.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

The service offers to its customers quite an extensive range of writing services that cover various educational levels and levels of complexity. It can complete academic papers for high school, college, and university. Paperwriter also can be helpful with completing academic tasks for many disciplines. The entire list of such you may find while making an order form. If you have any specific request, local specialists are also ready to deal with that. That is a good point signifying its customer-oriented approach, from our point of view. 

Speaking about concrete types of academic papers, this service may be helpful with writing essays (different types), research papers, reports, coursework, homework, and other academic papers. The entire list is also available while making an order. Preliminary, it covers all possible types of papers possible, at least those I am aware of. Still, taking into account the general flexibility of this writing service, I have no doubts about its possibility to develop other specific types of papers.

If a customer needs not the writing itself but wants to get editing and proofreading, this is also possible to arrange. The service offers a bit reduced rates for these types of assignments. 

Quality of Writers

I was satisfied with the standards of selection applied by Paperwriter to its potential writers. Those that enable the service selects and hires qualified professionals who can ensure a good reputation for this service. Such authors are native speakers with degrees and plenty of years of good writing experience. Such writers should be successful in their fields of expertise. This approach is more than workable as we see lots of Paperwriter reviews from satisfied customers.

The service is good at selecting professionals it works with. But, it is also good at controlling their performance further. Its quality control department works well and checks the performance of writers. This ensures Paperwriter provides good outcomes to customers. I was satisfied with this aspect of the service operation.

Website’s Design & Usability

I enjoyed looking through the Paperwriter site. It is convenient to open, look through, and navigate. I have not experienced any problematic points with reviewing this page and were satisfied with the speed of downloads and other aspects of its operation.

First of all, we want to admit that all information is placed logically and split into different segments that are logically connected. It is convenient that all-important points are emphasized in one way or another. It doesn’t take a lot of time to find answers to all potential questions that may interest customers. 

My opinion is that Paperwriter has involved professional developers and content writers to ensure a good appearance for its website. But, it has also made its website pleasant to look at. In this Paperwriter website review, I want to emphasize the appearance of the website. The combination of colors is good and pleasant to look at. That is very important as making an order requires taking time. 

Ordering Process

To get a paper from Paperwriter, it is necessary to create an order only. The procedure is quite standard, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. A potential customer needs only choose an order form and complete all required fields entirely. Namely, it is important to indicate the type of paper required, the subject, deadline, number of pages, and indicate all other information about this order. All other information may be indicated in a special field. This may be some special requirements or preferences, for instance. 

Later, this order form should be submitted, and the price for it will be calculated automatically. A customer will be redirected to the payment page automatically also. That is a simple step of making an order. I have not identified any Paperwriter reviews from dissatisfied customers claiming any problematic points related to making orders.

After this order has been prepaid, a customer will get an author for this paper. By default, this is a writer with the exact qualification required to complete this order successfully. 

After this paper is completed, the service provides the ready sample for review to a customer. If everything works well for a customer, this order is considered to be completed. If a customer sees any discrepancies between the provided requirements and the delivered paper, it is possible to request additional revisions that are included in a price. So, in terms of making and completing orders, I have not identified any problematic points. The process appears to be easy and clear to me.

Prices & Payment Options

Paperwriter charges more than moderate rates for its services. The range of prices starts from $10 only. That is much cheaper compared with other writing services. The price for any writing service requested is always calculated automatically. This is a good feature ensuring good interaction with the customer. 

We have identified many good reviews for Paperwriter prices and quality deliveries. That is a good point, we think.

Still, in this Paperwriter review, I also want to pay special attention to the lack of payment options this service suggests. At the moment it is possible to use any payment card. But, I would like to see more payment options available. 

Discounts & Special Offers

Paperwriter offers a generous 10% discount for the first order with this service. It can also provide additional discounts taking into account the duration of cooperation and the total number of pages requested. If a customer orders for an amount exceeding $500, a 5% discount becomes available to this customer. If a customer orders for an amount exceeding $1000, a 10% discount may be assigned to such a customer. In certain cases, it is also possible to get a Paperwriter promo code. My opinion is that its discount policy is more than good. But, it has to be clarified a bit more, from our point of view.

Content Quality

Does paperwriter good in terms of quality? My opinion is that Paperwriter ensures high quality of papers provided to customers. The service adheres to formatting and industry standards of writing. It ensures that papers are written in line with topics provided by the customers. Such writings should be structured well, with good statements and examples (where this is necessary). Authors should check the ready papers and ensure they don’t have any errors or omissions. Checking the readability and absence of plagiarism in appears is also compulsory before providing papers to customers.

I have identified lots of Paperwriter reviews on outer services that were related in one way or another to the quality of writings. Customers were very satisfied with the quality of papers they got. I also saw many positive reviews on the Paperwriter page. That is a good indicator for us. Their quality standards work in general.

You may also wonder, is plagiarism-free? The service has strict preventive demands in this case. All authors should cite well and prevent even unintentional plagiarism. These are good rules that ensure the same plagiarism-free writing outcomes.

Timely Delivery

Paperwriter team has created good standards concerning timing for delivering papers. It ensures all papers are provided a bit beforehand of the determined deadline to ensure there is enough time for making any required revisions. This results in good time management for the completion of orders. The single case when a paper may be delivered on time is when it has to be completed within a couple of hours only. 

My opinion is that in terms of deadlines and timely delivery, the service operates more than well. I have not identified any negative Paperwriter reviews stating broken deadlines. That is a good point, from my point of view, that ensures good customer satisfaction. 

Customer Support

My opinion is that Paperwriter has ensured good standards concerning customer support for its clients. The service has its own standards of providing responses. As a consequence, customers should not wait too long to get the right answers. Also, the service contributes to the training of its support professionals. Its agents are able to respond well even to complicated cases.

I have not identified any negative Paperwriter reviews that stated any troubles with the operation of the local support team. The service ensures good standards for its support service and also controls the performance of such. It is good that the interaction of support agents with a customer is monitored. This ensures that all agents adhere to the standards of customer support. The customers are also satisfied with the quality of assistance they get. So, in terms of support and control over its provision, I can provide only positive appraisals.

Extra Features

Paperwriter has a wide range of extra features it is ready to provide to customers. First of all, the service ensures free revisions, editing, and proofreading. It also can provide free title and reference pages to customers. The service is also ready to provide reports confirming the absence of plagiarism in papers. The range of extra offers is wide. Still, we would like to see more

 extra options in this regard additionally to the good prices and discounts offered.

Reputation & Guarantees

Paperwriter has a good reputation. I see that from lots of Paperwriter reviews from customers currently available on the Internet. They are related mostly to the quality of services, timely delivery, and good support of this service. Customers are also satisfied with the rates charged for this service. So, in general, service operates well. Even if it had experienced short-term problems, it managed to overcome those and improve its performance a number of times. Is reliable? From our point of view, it is more than reliable.

Is legal? I have no doubts in this regard, and the service is a legally existing company that follows applicable laws. It also has developed sufficient internal policies to regulate the interaction with customers. So, while answering the question “is Paperwriter legit?” I have no doubts about Paperwriter’s legit nature. I also have not identified any comments from former customers stating about the illegal nature of this service.

Paperwriter refund policy is also very clear, from our point of view. Still, the service operates well in terms of quality and timely delivery. So, refunds are not likely required in this case. Still, such options back up their writing offers. That signifies their customer-oriented approach, from my point of view.


Paperwriter is a kind of service we can recommend to you as a good option for requesting writing assistance. The service ensures a wide range of services, charges good rates for those and guarantees good customer support. 

Based on the result of my internal Paperwriter review and the available Paperwriterpro reviews from customers, I can conclude that the service is a reliable one where customers may order various papers and get quality outcomes in time and well made. So, I suggest you consider this option as your paper provider.

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