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  • Plagiarism in papers

Is it easy to be a student? Absolutely not. You have to deal with various assignments all the time, and many of them are really challenging—especially the writing ones. Your professors don’t care if you don’t have time to finish all projects, they don’t care if you have other priorities, and so on. They just want you to deliver all the papers according to specific instructions. That’s why so many students have to pull an all-nighter and forget about personal life.

However, there is a solution that can really help you. You can hire a professional service that will write your paper for you. You need to place an order, provide your requirements, pay for the service, and that’s it. However, all coins have two sides, and we are ready to tell you about them. This is a Payforessay review with the necessary information. It will help you to make the right choice. 

What is

When you understand that you need someone to write your paper, you should find a reliable writing company. Payforessay is one of the companies that provide students with these services. You can place your order, provide requirements, and get an author who will finish this task for you.

However, since such companies are extremely popular these days, it is not easy to understand whether you can trust them. There are scammers who just take your money, sell your personal data, provide you with plagiarized documents, etc. So, if you want to find the best company that knows its onions, you should read various Payforessay reviews like this one.

In this review, I am going to tell you about Payforessay, its services, prices, and guarantees. You will find many aspects that are crucial to making the final decision. Don’t place any orders until you’re absolutely confident in the company’s reliability. 

Types of Assignments Company Provides

A list of services is very important information because it helps you to understand the company’s focus. Is it high-school students oriented? Can it support you when you need to write a dissertation? Always pay attention to this aspect.

When it comes to Payforessay, you should open the Menu and the Services tab to find the list of the following services:

  • essay writing;
  • coursework;
  • dissertation;
  • research paper writing;
  • term paper writing;
  • movie review;
  • proofreading services;
  • lab report;
  • math problem, etc.

Unfortunately, this list doesn’t look pretty informative. We think it is an SEO page. It is used to attract more new visitors who are looking for writing services. If you need more information, you should proceed to the Order page and choose a specific service or contact a customer support manager with your question. According to Payforessay reviews, people don’t really like this since they have to waste a lot of time to find important information. 

Quality of Writers

When you have questions like “is Payforessay legit?”, always check information about the company’s authors. Writers are the biggest asset, and they define the quality of your papers.

I didn’t find any information about specific people who write essays for Payforessay, but I read many reviews that real customers write. Many people believe that Payforessay scam because they worked with non-professional authors. For example, they write about mistakes, typos, and even plagiarism in their papers. Some of the authors are definitely not native speakers. Actually, it looks like the company has hired students who have free time and want to earn some money. I can’t say that Payforessay net is a 100% scam because they still deliver papers. But they don’t have a solid rock workflow, and they are not able to deliver high-quality papers.

If you explore their website, you can find out that there are several stages of the hiring process:

  1. Registration;
  2. Test writing;
  3. Essay testing;
  4. Document verification.

So, this procedure is pretty simple, and maybe authors who are looking for a job know how to compile their applications so that they look well. But this knowledge doesn’t help you when you have a real task to impress your professor. 

Website’s Design & Usability

Don’t think that website’s design and usability don’t matter. When you order a paper, you expect to work with professionals, and it means that the company should be professional in all fields. When the website’s design is very poor and navigation requires improvement, it means that the company is not able to provide you with high-quality services. 

Writing this Payforessay review, we spent a lot of time on its website. Even though, at first sight, it looks good, it is definitely not customer-focused. First of all, it is really very difficult to find the necessary information. You have to scroll pages all the time. They don’t have many important sections, and some pages need you to wait for 30 minutes until they are uploaded.  

Ordering Process

When you click the Order button, you have to wait to fill in the form. The form itself is just average — you can see it everywhere. Provide your requirements, pay for the service, and wait until the company assigns you with the author. 

Whatever company you choose, whether it is Payforessay or not, you should understand that it is very important to provide detailed requirements. They are your guarantee, and you can apply for a revision or a refund only if your instructions are clear. When you provide them, your author can understand your expectations. Moreover, he or she should follow them. When your requirements are vague, you can’t expect a decent paper that meets your needs. 

Prices & Payment Options

Most writing services have a separate page with Prices on their websites. As I was reading some Payforessay reviews, I was surprised by the fact that this company doesn’t have this page. Instead, it just offers you to calculate your price. So, let’s find out what is the lowest one. 

Let’s say you want to order a high school essay that should be ready in 20 days. It will cost you $10.52 per page. Not that bad. But who needs a paper in 20 days? If your deadline is tomorrow, the same essay will cost you $23.11. If you’re a college student, you should pay $25.08. These prices are not very low. And if you need an urgent paper, it will cost you even more. So, if your budget is limited, Payforessay doesn’t have good offers for you.

Speaking about payment methods, this company works with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX. These are reliable platforms, so you shouldn’t worry about your payments. 

Discounts & Special Offers

If you have a Payforessay promo code, you can reduce the final cost. Many companies provide discounts for new and loyal customers to establish good relationships. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any information about Payforessay discounts, and it looks like they don’t have any. Well, maybe there is an option to subscribe to their news, but it takes time, and it doesn’t guarantee that you will receive what you want. 

Actually, when you calculate the price, you can see that they can lower the price by a couple of dollars, but this sum is not significant even for students. 

Content Quality

There are some free samples on the website so that you can read them as soon as you finish this Payforessay net review. There are several essays on different disciplines. Well, at least they have more than 3 samples. At the same time, these papers are not amazing. They are not bad as well, but you can write such a paper yourself. When you pay money for some service, you expect it to be outstanding. When it comes to Payforessay, their samples will not make you happy. 

Timely Delivery

Writing companies should deliver their papers on time. It is not a benefit, and it is a must. Most students order papers when they lack several hours and when their deadlines are looming. If you submit your assignment with a deadline, your professor won’t wait. It can even affect your overall performance. Besides, remember that you have to proofread the text before delivery. So, you need even more time.

Unfortunately, Payforessay is not very responsible. I have found many reviews where students claimed that they are not happy with their deadlines. Even one hour of delay is very crucial, so when you understand that your deadline is important, it is better to avoid this company. 

Customer Support

When you have some questions about the company’s services, e.g., about prices, discounts, guarantees, authors, etc., it is amazing to have someone who can help you—for example, a customer manager. Good writing companies have support managers to always be there for their customers. And what about the Payforessay review? Can you rely on its managers?

Firstly, it is not that easy to find live chat. You need to visit the Contact menu with the company’s phone and address. Here you find a Live Chat button and a Facebook chat. Tap one of them, and…Nothing happens. I don’t know why this function doesn’t work. You still can leave a message via the website, but it definitely is not the live chat where you can get an instant response. Besides, it requires you to provide your email, so it is not pretty confidential.

Extra Features

There are no extra features like title page maker, plagiarism checker, thesis statement generator, etc. The only thing that you can benefit from is the blog with articles for students. The interesting fact is that these articles have authors (but we don’t know whether they work for Payforessay, they can be freelancers). And these articles look more interesting than samples. So, maybe it is better to use them and to write your own essay instead of ordering a paper here?


Online reputation is something that you should always check before you place an order. Payforessay verified or not? You won’t understand the answer when you don’t know what other students think about this company. Even if the website is very bright and promising, don’t trust the services with a negative reputation.

Of course, most companies take care of this aspect. Some of them even write positive testimonials themselves. That’s why it is so important to check platforms like SiteJabber where it is impossible to delete or edit someone else’s reviews.

So, what do people think? There are reviews like:

  • It has terrible support and writers, and it’s expensive;
  • I then had my essay redone at another company;
  • The person doing the essay does not read the pdf files and does the whole report wrong. 
  • I ended up paying $250 for an essay that was not even high school level. 

Positive reviews don’t matter pretty much when there are comments like these ones. 


According to the Payforessay website, they have the following guarantees:

  • quality;
  • zero plagiarism;
  • on-time delivery;
  • confidentiality;
  • money-back;
  • 24\7 support.

Unfortunately, I can doubt all of these guarantees. 


Summing up this Payforessay review, our rate is 3.1 out of 10. Is Payforessay real? It is. Unfortunately, it is real but not brilliant. It depends on your expectations, though. If you want to receive an A-level essay (or any other academic paper) on time, you should choose another option. If you’re ready to waste your time and money and you don’t need any guarantees, you can place your order here. There are some positive Payforessay reviews, and you can take the risk. In any case, I don’t recommend this company.

The good news is that it is not the only one. There are many trustworthy writing services, and I can share them with you. Read our other reviews, and you’ll find your perfect match!

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