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Penmypaper Review 5.3/10: Is it Fake or Legit?


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Service highlights

  • Fast turnaround
  • Good website design
  • Fast ordering
  • Missed deadliens for urgent papers
  • No free references page
  • No formatting

To be honest, it was quite challenging to write this review because Penmypaper doesn’t have the best website. Even though it is filled with information, the data is mostly irrelevant and filled with meaningless details. 

However, I did my best to make this article useful, which is why I have studied tons of penmypaper reviews and placed an order of my own. Continue reading to find out if is reliable and whether you can trust them.

About Penmypaper

Don’t expect to find anything about the service at penmypaper site. There is no information on when they were founded or what country they are from. However, you have access to a broad list of provided services, price calculators, testimonials, and much more.

But with my penmypaper review, you don’t have to search the above on your own because I have gathered all the necessary details in one place. I am sure you’ll be surprised to find out the truth!

Types of Assignments

Let us begin my penmypaper website review with the services that they offer. And I should say that the list is more than impressive. It includes all sorts of essays, research papers, dissertations, case studies, presentations, and homework on a variety of topics. For example:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Human resources
  • Statistics
  • Languages
  • Project management 

But I shouldn’t forget that quantity doesn’t mean quality. That is why I have ordered an undergraduate healthcare article writing and are ready to share my experience with you. 

Penmypaper Writers

Unfortunately, a separate page with information about their experts is absent. That is why there is no way you can find out more about the writers, editors, and proofreaders who are going to work on your order. But many writing companies simply make such information up, so even if the page existed, there wouldn’t be a chance to check if penmypaper legit services were true.

As I have already mentioned, I ordered an article to test the company. And let us begin by telling you more about their writers. Unfortunately, my experience is far from being positive. From the very beginning, the writer seemed slow and impolite. She didn’t want to give updates and made excuses all the way. 

She didn’t want to share your background and failed to create a catchy and mistakes-free text. There were lots of errors and typos, but the author didn’t see them. If I was to write such content, we’d surely do better. That is why I came to a bad penmypaper review conclusion – their writers are not writers at all. 

Design and Usability

Penmypaper doesn’t have the best website and if you have never used similar services before, be ready to spend lots of time figuring everything out. The fonts and colors are too plain, and it is obvious that the main page content is not original. It is copied from someone else’s website and contains lots of mistakes. The navigation is also weak, and it’s difficult to find the information you are interested in. I have an impression that the company simply wants to puzzle you.

Penmypaper Ordering Process

If you look at penmypaper reviews, you’ll see many negative comments concerning the order form. I have seen hundreds of such forms and should agree that the one offered at Penmypaper is too complex and outdated. And to complete it, you need to create an account. 

Here are some sections that you should fill in:

  • Paper type
  • Topic
  • Academic level
  • Deadlines
  • Number of pages
  • Discount code (if any)
  • Currency

Then, you should create an account by providing your name, email, phone number, and country of residence. Only after this stage will you be able to give more information about the future assignment. Luckily, there is a separate price calculator that allows evaluating the approximate price of the future order. However, only after registration are you able to indicate all the settings (which significantly influence the price).

Prices and Banking Options

Let us continue my penmypaper review by discussing the available prices. As usual, they depend on numerous factors but to give you a general impression, we’ll make a list of various options:

  • Undergraduate healthcare article writing, 7-days deadline – $10 per page
  • High school economics coursework, 5-days deadline – $11 per page
  • Master’s case study in nursing, 17-hours deadline – $25 per page
  • Project management dissertation abstract, 4-days deadline – $18 per page

Unfortunately, there is no information on the editing and proofreading services, and their prices, or any additional features. That is why you won’t be able to find the necessary data without creating an account.

The available payment methods are standard: debit cards, credit cards, and Paypal. If you have a chance, I recommend choosing PayPal because it is the safest of all. The company can even participate in disputes if the agency tricks you out of money or fails to provide the guarantees.

Penmypaper Discounts and Special Offers

One of the biggest complaints that I have found in penmypaper reviews concerned discounts. The only valid offer I have found was a 20% penmypaper discount code. However, when adding it to the price calculator, nothing happens, and you need to contact the support team to solve the issue individually. This may take days!

There is also a separate penmypaper discount section, but it is not working. You are simply redirected to an Error page. There are no ongoing promotions, freebies, or any other offers that would help you spend less. 

Quality of Papers

Is plagiarism free? Do they follow the guidelines? Are there no mistakes in the text? One answer at a time!

First of all, penmypaper scam users when they say they create original texts. My independent plagiarism check proved that the company had copied three paragraphs of my article on the Internet. Secondly, the guidelines weren’t followed at all. I had an impression that the writer didn’t even open the file with instructions.

Finally, Penmypaper papers are filled with mistakes: from simple typos and misprints to poor transitions and unprofessional language. Actually, it was one of the worst academic assignments I have ever received! Should I say more?

Meeting the Deadlines

My penmypaper review will be incomplete if I don’t discuss the speed of paper delivery. When opening the order form, you can choose from different deadlines that start at a few hours and reach eternity. As you probably know, the later the delivery date is, the cheaper your paper becomes.

But what you don’t know is the fact that Penmypaper systematically misses deadlines. I have found numerous reviews and users who were late with submission just because the company failed to meet their guarantees.

I also had such a negative experience because the writer was two hours late. You might say that two hours don’t count, but I disagree. And no one bears responsibility for breaking the rules and policies. If you face such a problem, most likely, you won’t even get a refund.

Penmypaper Customer Support

If you look at penmypaper reviews on the Internet, the most positive feedback you will probably find concerns their support team. I have also spent some time talking to them, clarifying order details, and asking questions about the writers. And my experience was rather positive. Yes, there were minor misunderstandings like late replies and a few typos in replies. But in general, their support agents are quite good.

And if you are asking is penmypaper legit or not, you should pay attention to this section because managers are the ones to solve the problems. To contact them, you can send a message by email and live chat or make a phone call. There are separate numbers for US, UK, and Australian customers. But be ready to spend a small fortune if you are from abroad.


Most writing companies don’t offer many extras because they are not willing to earn less.  Penmypaper is not an exception, so you shouldn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. Yes, there is an informative blog and FAQ section, but the rest is rather mediocre. 

According to penmypaper reviews, such an approach is disappointing, and many customers are not planning to place more orders. If in the future something changes, I will happily update my review and tell you about the new extras and promotions.

Reputation and Policies

The next issue I am willing to discuss is Penmypaper guarantees. They are the pillars of any writing company because they give customers confidence and establish trusting relationships. However, you should expect much here because the company doesn’t offer anything beyond a regular list of promises. They include:

  • No plagiarism. This is achieved by scanning documents on plagiarism software.
  • Timely delivery by meeting the deadlines.
  • Complaint resolution: personalized approach and anonymity.
  • Privacy policy. The way the company operates.
  • Refund and free revisions. You can expect unlimited revisions if there are mistakes in the text. Penmypaper refund policy means that you can return the money if something goes wrong.

The list seems impressive, but after scanning penmypaper reviews I came to a conclusion that the service doesn’t provide anything but words. No matter how much the customers struggle to get a refund or plagiarism report, the agency remains silent.

I want to say a few words about online reputation because it often becomes a decisive factor. Unfortunately, there are not many positive comments about Penmypaper on the Internet. Students complain that the service is slow and outdated, the policies are unclear, the writers are rude, and the papers are filled with mistakes.

Penmypaper Conclusion

Penmypaper is a writing company that may seem quite reliable at first glance. They know how to hook customers and make them want to stay. However, this doesn’t mean that you will get first-class services and individual treatment.

The page with a  penmypaper code was absent, and there were many issues with the content quality and writer. And unfortunately, it is not a one-time problem because hundreds of penmypaper reviews indicate that this company shouldn’t be considered as an academic helper.

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