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Trustmypaper Review 2.2/10: Is Trustmypaper Fraud or Safe?


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  • Calculator on the homescreen
  • Convenient ordering
  • Low quality papers
  • Bad structure
  • Non-responsive support

Trustmypaper is an online writing platform that renders services to customers worldwide and 24/7. This is a service that appears to be good at first glance. But, during my assessment, my reviewers revealed certain information that makes us doubt the quality of services customers may get here. In this Trustmypaper review, I will focus on the range of services it renders, prices for those, customer support, and other matters that may be relevant and important while making final choices. I considered publicly available information about the services, including Trustmypaper com reviews.

What is Basic Remarks

Trustmypaper is an online writing website that delivers various academic writing services to its customers and is reachable 24/7. This service provides all services online only and is based on the prepayment for such services. During my assessment, reviewers revealed certain deficiencies related to the quality of services and support operation. Also, I have doubts about the security measures the service likely ensures.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

Trustmypaper provides a quite narrow range of services. In fact, it is limited, from my point of view to other simplest and popular ones. Precisely, the service provides writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading of essays in most disciplines. The service also may likely prepare CVs and resumes upon the requests of customers. Still, the range of such professional writing options is limited – the service doesn’t provide writing for more complicated cases, like federal or military ones. My opinion is that if you want to get a permanent writing provider where you want to get various services of good quality, this service is not the best one. It specialized in the simplest types of writing and editing at the moment only.

Quality of Writers

According to certain Trustmypaper reviews, customers were not satisfied with the performance of writers they got after ordering the services. These likely specialists delivered papers of poor quality to them.

During making this Trustmypaper review, I came to a conclusion that the service doesn’t apply sufficient measures to find good writers and control their performance later. As a consequence, Trustmypaper gets negative feedback from customers. 

Other services I reviewed approached the matter to ensure the selection of the best writers. I check the qualifications of writers thoroughly to make sure I choose the most qualified specialists. Later the performance of such writers is monitored. This ensures that customers are satisfied with the interaction and results of writing. Unfortunately, I have not identified the application of similar measures from the side of Trustmypaper.

Website’s Design & Usability

Website Trustmypaper com has an outdated design, from my point of view. I saw examples of websites that were developed a number of times better. My opinion is that the combination of colors is far from winning. I am not looking well, I should say. The overall appearance looks a bit distracting, from my point of view. 

Apart from this appearance, my opinion is that Trustmypaper should think better on how to improve the technical characteristics of its website. At the moment, it operates with short-term delays. I experienced those while reviewing the website. While resolving this issue, the service should also enhance its security measures. At the moment, I have not identified any sufficient security measures that were related to ensuring sufficient security for this website to prevent any possible data leaks and bags.

Ordering Process

Trustmypaper has created a quite standard process for making orders there. In my Ttrustmypaper review, I will describe that shortly. To launch the process, it is required to create an order. There is an order form that customers should fill with the order-related details. This is the information about the subject for which a paper is required, type of a paper, deadline, format, and number of pages. If a customer has any special preferences or comments concerning this paper, those should be included too in the special field. Requirements concerning the order are also attached there. When the order form has been completed, a customer should submit it only and pay for that request for writing.

After this order form has been submitted, a customer gets confirmation in this regard and later – a notification that the service has already identified the right author for this new order. The writing should likely start instantly after arranging this assignment. This process may be delayed, as I have revealed from Trustmypaper reviews available on the Internet. I will pay special attention to this matter later. 

Prices & Payment Options

Trustmypaper offers various ranges of prices depending on the urgency and complexity of an incoming order. The cheapest price starts from $12 per page for a simple essay that will be prepared in 14 days. Taking into account the quality of rendered service, that is quite a lot for the service of such kind. I have reviewed many other services and compared with its competitors, this service charges too much (other services deliver better quality even for less money sometimes). The highest rates are around $40 per page – this is about a simple essay that has to be completed within 3 hours only. My opinion is that the quality can be even worse in this case. If a service may fail to address the standard-time issue properly, I don’t believe it can do this quality with an order that has to be completed within a couple of hours only. So, my opinion is that Trustmypaper prices are higher than similar ones of its competitors. And I also don’t correspond to the quality of services rendered.

Discounts & Special Offers

My opinion is that Trustmypaper doesn’t have any sufficient discount and loyalty policy. It is possible to get a discount for the first order and likely possible to get discounts for the next order. Still, it is unclear when each discount will be assigned to customers. The Trustmypaper discount code has to be assigned automatically. That is a problematic point, from my point of view. Getting a Trustmypaper coupon is very problematic, I should say. 

Content Quality

The quality of content produced by this service is far from excellent, I should say. According to certain Trustmypaper reviews from its former customers, the service failed to provide quality services to its customers. Their writers failed to expand topics of papers well, ensure at least proper structuring of such texts, and wrote them poorly. 

In my Trustmypaper review, I want to emphasize that the service doesn’t have any sufficient quality standards that result in poor quality of services rendered. Other services I assessed managed to ensure customer satisfaction exactly thanks to those standards. Trustmypaper has not ensured that yet. 

Is plagiarism-free? Unfortunately, I cannot be sure about that. According to certain Trustmypaper Reddit reviews, this issue may be. That happens because of the poor standards of performance the service has. So, customers should consider this matter while evaluating this service. 

Timely Delivery

Trustmypaper may fail to provide papers on time, as customers requested. According to certain Trustmypaper reviews, clients didn’t get papers of sufficient quality they expected to get on time, and this resulted in the necessity to amend such papers. Exactly, these amendments caused, in most cases, delays with delivering papers to clients. As a consequence, they missed their own deadlines for providing papers to teachers or professors.

From my point of view, this situation happens because of the absence of standards related to the performance of writers. Other services I reviewed ensured the rule of providing paper to a customer for review beforehand. So, a customer has time to review this paper and provide feedback. The time is enough to make any necessary corrections. This results in the timely provision of ordered papers to customers. Still, the considered service has not applied any steps for ensuring the same results.

Customer Support

My opinion is that Trustmypaper has not a very well-organized support team. According to Trustmypaper reviews, customers were not satisfied with the quality of services rendered by this team. Agents likely failed to address all requests they got from customers and do this on time. That is not an issue for a support team of any service. I assessed other examples where higher standards for the performance of a support team were established.

In the considered case, it is necessary to ensure sufficient control over the performance of support agents. At the moment, such control is not arranged properly, which results in negative feedback from customers.

Extra Features

Trustmypaper provides additional editing if this is required to improve a paper. In fact, the service may simply fail to address basic requirements, and that requires amendments. Also, it likely promises its customers an option of getting the so-called TOP-writer for an extra 35% of the order price. I have serious doubts about this aspect. Also, a customer may get an attractive discount of 17% for their first order. In other aspects, I have not revealed any extra features or options that deserve attention. 

Reputation & Guarantees

Trustmypaper has not a very good reputation in the writing market. The service fails to provide quality writing services and does this on time, as certain Trustmypaper reviews state. Poor quality of services and support operation are two of the most important aspects that result in customer dissatisfaction and negative feedback from customers.

Is reliable? If the service may fail to provide the requested papers on time, I cannot consider it and recommend them as reliable. My opinion is that the service simply fails to address all issues due to the weak standards of its operation.

Is legal? I have doubts about that. The service states that it likely follows all applicable laws and has its own internal writing and operation policies. Still, I have not revealed sufficient information related to its registration. Unfortunately, some reviews state that Trustmypaper is a scam. So, I have doubts that Trustmypaper is legit.

The service likely provides guarantees of quality deliveries, confidentiality, and also timely deliveries. I was more or less confident about the guarantee of confidentiality. My opinion is that the services will not likely share with third parties details of customers intentionally. Still, speaking about the guarantees of quality and timely deliveries, such are not ensured properly, from my perspective. Also, the service fails to provide refunds to customers when they are not satisfied with the quality of writings. It makes circles of additional communications with dissatisfied customers, and that results in their negative comments. And this is confirmed by the publicly available reviews from previous customers.


Based on the results of my internal review and available Trustmypaper reviews, I can conclude that Trustmypaper is not a totally reliable service in terms of quality and timely deliveries. This service may fail to address all requirements and provide papers on time. Its support operation is weak too, from my point of view. Thus, I cannot recommend this service like the one you may rely on.

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