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Wr1ter Review 2.9/10: Is This Company Good?


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Service highlights

  • Good live chat
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Missed deadlines
  • Bad website navigation
  • Inconvinietnt ordering

This wr1ter review is presented to provide information on the main features of the Wr1ter service and possible risks related to making orders with this service.My report covers various aspects related to the range of services, prices, quality of support, time for deliveries, and other aspects about which customers should be aware. My overview is based on the publicly available information about the considered service, including wr1ter reviews from former customers. 

What is Brief Starting Comments

Wr1ter is an academic writing service that renders related academic writing services worldwide and 24/7 upon the requests of customers. Based on the information that was available to me (+ Wr1ter reviews from customers), I can shortlist these conclusions about the potential service customers should be aware of, from my point of view.

Types of Assignments Company Provides

Wr1ter can likely provide a quite wide range of writing services that start from ordinary essays (any type). Also, it is possible to order research papers, coursework papers, case studies, admission documents, lab reports, term papers, a thesis of any type, and other services that customers may require. The service also likely ensures the preparation of samples of creative writing, editing, and proofreading.

The range of service is comparatively wide. Still, the service may fail to address certain requirements and produce poor-quality paper. Here is what I can say in these terms. 

Quality of Writers

In this Wr1ter review, I want to draw special attention to the quality of the authors involved. My opinion is that the service should involve authors with higher qualifications if it wants to get good feedback from its customers. At the moment, unfortunately, I see lots of negative Wr1ter reviews stating the dissatisfaction about the qualification of writers.

The service should involve native speakers only who have expertise in certain fields required for completing papers well. At the moment, the service likely doesn’t ensure the standards for completing papers by its writers and also fails to control their performance. This option is ensured by many reliable writing services.

Wr1ter should also think about training for its writers to ensure they have enough expertise for completing papers. From my point of view, the service doesn’t ensure a severe selection process to select truly qualified writers only. Its operation should be improved in these terms.

Website’s Design & Usability

Wr1ter com website has a quite outdated design, our assessors think. We saw examples of websites that looked amazing. The same work should be ensured here too, from our point of view. First of all, it is necessary to improve the color scheme for this website. It should be more pleasant to look at. Another point that should be taken into account is the arrangement of information provided there. Developers should better think about the logical arrangement of the information placed there. Customers should not look through the entire website for the exact information they need. 

While using this website, I have experienced short-term problems related to its operation. I was mostly related to downloading elements of the website. Sometimes the website failed to do this on time. These inconveniences were not serious. Still, that is not good, from our point of view. Wr1ter should ensure better operation of its website. 

Ordering Process

Getting a paper from Wr1ter theoretically should not take a lot of time. To start the process, a customer should find their order form and complete all required fields entirely, like information about the subject, type of paper, deadline, number of pages required, and other information. If a customer has any special preferences and requirements concerning this order, it is also possible to include those in special fields of this order form. Later, it should be submitted. 

A customer likely should get a confirmation from the service and a notification that a writer has been already assigned. A customer may communicate with the assigned specialist by using their chat. After the writing work has been completed, a customer may download and review that provided paper. If any amendments are required, these could be inserted likely easily. 

The process of ordering a paper appears to be easy. But, as the experience of certain customers show, this is not always possible. 

Prices & Payment Options

My opinion is that Wr1ter prices are quite expensive compared with the similar ones of competitors. For instance, an ordinary essay with the same parameters may be charged 15% higher than the similar one from the other service. Wr1ter should think better on ensuring the sufficient quality of its deliveries also. Some dissatisfied customers stated they had paid too much for the quality of papers they got in the outcome. 

The service enables you to use any payment card to complete a payment for an upcoming order. Luckily, it involves trustworthy payment operators, so the customer should not worry about that. That is what we find out at the moment of making this review. 

Discounts & Special Offers

Wr1ter doesn’t have any sufficiently developed discount and loyalty policy for its customers. The service fails to provide such discounts, in fact, on a permanent basis. For instance, the service may launch certain campaigns, like offering a 20% discount for summer offers. 

The Wr1ter discount code is likely assigned automatically. This is a code that decreases the charge for the writing service ordered – the price will be reflected automatically. It can be problematic to get a Wr1ter coupon, from our point of view.

The service also doesn’t provide any special offers to its customers. My opinion is that in these terms, the service more than underperforms.

Content Quality

In my Wr1ter review, I want to draw special attention to the quality of content delivered by this service, and it should be improved from my point of view because, at the moment, there are plenty of wr1ter reviews that are far from positive. They state the insufficient quality of the content delivered by the local authors.

To be more precise, papers provided by Wr1ter fail to address the main subject. These texts are not structured well and are not readable enough. These are serious points that result in negative comments from the customers.

Is plagiarism-free? I cannot be sure about that. I have identified likely guarantees and statements that the service will deliver non-plagiarized content only. But, at the same time, some customers say they have faced problems in this aspect. My opinion is that the service should work better to enhance the same better quality of services.

Timely Delivery

It is possible in the case of Wr1ter to delay the delivery of results ordered by the customers. The service fails to address these issues because of additional editing that customers may request. Other writing services arrange that editing before a deadline. So, they provide a paper for reviews beforehand. As a result, failed deadlines result in negative feedback Wr1ter reviews from customers who have missed their deadlines. 

The aspects of timely deliveries should be ensured better, from my point of view. At the moment, the service fails to determine its internal standards for providing papers beforehand and meeting all deadlines as this should be.

Customer Support

My opinion is that Wr1ter should ensure the better operation of its support team. At the moment, its agents may fail to address specific issues customers refer to. According to available Wr1ter reviews, these issues were related to simple questions or matters that customers didn’t know how to resolve. The time for providing answers to all those questions was too long, and, in a certain case, agents even failed to address all issues correctly.

This is a negative thing, our assessors think. The service should ensure higher standards for its support agents so they could really perform sufficiently. All delays should be prevented, and problems customers refer to have to be resolved properly. Internal standards and training could cope with those tasks. 

Extra Features

Wr1ter fails to provide additional features to its customers. The service promises to render plagiarism reports to all interested customers. And also, it suggests free revisions for all papers. Still, such revisions are included in the prices of all writing services. I have reviewed other writing services that suggested to customers lots of features included in the charged rates. The total savings could reach $40-50. Those are considerable offers Wr1ter should also provide to its customers. 

Reputation & Guarantees

Wr1ter review has more negative reputation than positive. The service fails to address customers’ requests properly and gets negative feedback from them. The aspects of poor quality and support operation result in such dissatisfaction. 

Is legal? It has its internal policies and declares to be a legally existing company. But, I have not identified sufficient information about the registration of this service. So, I have doubts about is Wr1ter legit.

Wr1ter scam signs make customers worry. I have identified problematic points related to the likely scamming nature of this service—some of the Wr1ter reviews at Reddit state about that. My opinion is that the service should work better to prevent the appearance of such comments at all. 

Is reliable? I cannot consider this service as reliable – that is for sure. It fails to address all requirements properly and does this on time. The service also fails to arrange at least sufficient operation of its customer services. So, at the moment, I cannot consider this service as reliable. 

Wr1ter promises to ensure the guarantees of security, quality, and also timely deliveries. Still, as my assessment shows, as well as Wr1ter reviews that the service fails to provide all these guarantees as this should be. This results in the dissatisfaction of customers and their negative comments about the service.


Wr1ter is a writing service we cannot recommend based on the results of my assessment, and Wr1ter com reviews available at the moment of our assessment. Among certain problems, potential customers of this service may face the quality of papers delivered and support and failed deadlines. From my point of view, this writing point is far from reliable and secure. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend you Wr1ter as a potential service provider.


Do you want to collaborate with Wr1ter? This section will prove to you that you shouldn’t. We will answer questions about security, fraud, and reliability. We will also talk about the quality of papers and plagiarism.

Is Wr1ter legit?

Wr1ter is not legal. We have not found any information that would indicate their real location. Moreover, we did not find Wr1ter in the unified register of companies. Consequently, the company provides services on illegal grounds and does not pay taxes like others.

How much does Wr1ter cost?

Wr1ter has developed a high pricing policy. We compared them to other writing companies and found them priced 15% higher than the competition. For example, a 2-page high school essay for 14 days can cost you over $ 50. If you need urgent paper, the price can go up to $ 150 – it’s insanely expensive. Therefore, we recommend looking for cheaper alternatives.

Is Wr1ter reliable?

Wr1ter is completely unreliable. The authors miss the deadlines for submitting documents, make gross errors in the texts, and poorly edit customer comments. Therefore, with the help of the authors of Wr1ter, you risk worsening your academic reputation, relationships with teachers, and wasting money.

Is Wr1ter a scam?

Wr1ter is a scam. They have a money-back guarantee, but these are just empty promises. One client said he was not refunded when he discovered the poor quality of the article. Rather than honestly refunding the money, the company ignored the student’s requests for refunds.

Is Wr1ter safe?

Wr1ter has many payment methods. The company works with trusted platforms to ensure that your money is delivered to the right place without anyone knowing about it.

Is Wr1ter plagiarism-free?

Wr1ter ensures that the papers are free of plagiarism. However, most of the students complained about a high percentage of plagiarism, which caused outrage in the teachers. Therefore, the authors of Wr1ter do not think about the quality of the papers. Instead, they try to earn as much as possible.

Are there Wr1ter discounts?

Wr1ter offers a 20% discount only during the summer, as there are fewer orders during this period. Nevertheless, the discount does not significantly reduce the cost of documents. Wr1ter fixes this discount automatically. For regular customers, Wr1ter has not developed a system of discounts. Therefore, their position in terms of bonuses and promotional codes is terrible.

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